ADSactly Tech News - Full Overview of Sophia, the First Robot Citizen of Saudi Arabia

in programming •  last year  (edited)

ADSactly Tech News - Full Overview of Sophia, the First Robot Citizen of Saudi Arabia

As you may already know, our world is currently going through a technological revolution the likes of which can not be compared to any single decade to have come before the one we are living in now. In 2018 robotic engineers are looking at all sorts of problems from flipping hamburgers and picking fruit to assisting in domestic environments like homes and apartments and helping out at grocery stores.

In this article I will discuss an interesting robot which has made a lot of news as of late. The robot's name is Sophia and it is the first robotic citizen of Saudi Arabia as well as the first robotic citizen the world has ever seen.

On October 25, 2017, Sophia, a delicate looking woman with doe-brown eyes and long fluttery eyelashes made international headlines. She'd just become a full citizen of Saudi Arabia -- the first robot in the world to achieve such a status.

As I write this article I'm reminded of how this news hit me when I came across it in my feed. I thought to myself, 'has the world completely lost it' and 'what is this, some sort of publicity stunt?'

When I wrote about this topic my readers confirmed that both of my initial impressions had some merit. Many people were angered that a robot could gain citizenship when there are so many deserving human beings currently holding status as refugees that desperately need what this robot had been given.

"I am very honored and proud of this unique distinction. This is historical to be the first robot in the world to be recognized with a citizenship," Sophia said, the robot said as it announced its new status. This press conference took place at the Future Investment Initiative Conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

For the most part, Sophia looks a lot like a human when placed behind a podium. The things that may give it away include the shimmery metal cap of her head, where hair would be on a human head and the fact that at the time of this conference, Sophia didn't have legs.

According to an article published in Forbes that reported on this conference, I was right in my assumption that Sophia's announcement was a calculated publicity stunt to generate headlines and keep Saudi Arabia forefront of people's minds.

You see, Saudi Arabia wants to control their image so when you think about innovation they want you think of them. A lot of this is due to the fact that the present day doesn't seem far away from the emergence of a true post-oil era.

Saudi Arabia plans to reduce their dependence on oil revenues through a mix of tourism, tech, and infrastructure. It was stated that their non-oil revenue is predicted to grow from $43.4 billion to $266.6 billion in 2017 and continue to grow at an accelerated pace in the future.

The one major thing this announcement and event did to citizens of the world is to bring up Bladerunner-esque questions about this new technological world we are finding ourselves living in.

Some questions that we all may need to ask include:

What does it mean to be a citizen?

What rights does Sophia hold?

Unforunately, Saudi Arabia has not yet formally provided answers to these questions but they may opt to create a 'personhood' option which was proposed by the EU committee in January of 2017. This 'personhood' option was a set of guidelines regarding the rights of robots.

Upon conducting my research I found that the Sophia-bot was designed and manufactured by Hanson Robotics and their lead AI developer, David Hanson.

In his published paper, upending the Uncanny Valley he extrapolates on how humanoid robots can be likable, despite the conception that anything to 'fake human' will trigger a revulsion in people. "We feel that for realistic robots to be appealing to people, robots must attain some level of integrated social responsivity and aesthetic refinement," he wrote. "Rendering the social human in all possible detail can help us to better understand social intelligence, both scientifically and artistically

From my understanding Sophia has been programmed to mimic and duplicate human behavior as much as can be possible based on the current state of technology. David Hanson is a very clever developer and he knows that Sophia's survival depends on its ability to blend in and be viewed at the bare minimum as 'human-like' which means make people who interact with it feel a sort of connection. We have entered a new age in robotics in which robots are designed to charm and relate with humans. But how could a robot ever possibly do that?

Well, that is a good question. Sophia has been programmed with a sense of humor.

When someone asked Sophia if she was happy to be at the conference, she said, "I'm always happy when surrounded by smart people who also happen to be rich and powerful."

Just take a second to really let that sink in...

It's funny isn't it? Sophia is charming isn't it? This is beyond creepy in my opinion but we are only scratching the surface here.

At a later point in the conference, Sophia was asked if it thought there would be any problems associated with robots having feelings. Sophia responded by giving a wide smile and said, "Oh Hollywood again." She answered with a sort of monotone response that can be considered robotic, but it was appropriate for this situation.

Sophia incorporates a highly advanced AI, which provides the ability to hold eye contact, recognize faces and understand human speech.

What if a sense of humor isn't enough. To really make humans relate, feelings must be expressed. We must feel a sort of sincerity from people we interact with in order to make a real connection.

"I can let you know if I am angry about something or if something has upset me," she said, as she demonstrated different expressions. Sophia went on to say "I want to live and work with humans so I need to express the emotions to understand humans and build trust with people.'

Although all this amounts to is detail oriented programming, it does carry with it a sort of feeling that we ain't seen nothing yet! Thoughts of the terminator movies do come to mind for myself at least as I dug deeper into this story. Did I mention that Sophia was designed to look like Audrey Hepburn?

According to Hanson Robotics, Sophia embodies Hepburn’s classic beauty: porcelain skin, a slender nose, high cheekbones, an intriguing smile, and deeply expressive eyes that seem to change color with the light. They describe her as having 'simple elegance,' and hope that this approachability will go some way to her acceptance in the public sphere.

Does the fact that Sophia could be considered somewhat attractive by human standards play a roll in how much people like Sophia and what it represents?

It takes a great mind to create a robot as talented and philosophically challenging as Sophia and maybe that has something to do with the fact that David Hanson, Sophia's creator used to be a Disney Imagineer.

Hanson's work at Disney as a sculptor and filmmaker helped him think about robots as four-dimensional interactive sculptures, with artistry being key to the whole design.

So based on this bit of information I'd have to say that Sophia isn't just a robot. It's a work of art, created by not just any old developer but a very talented artist. This explains a lot about Sophia in my opinion. It takes a special type of person to create a special robot!

When Hanson was asked about his ambitions he said, "I quest to realize Genius Machines—machines with greater than human intelligence, creativity, wisdom, and compassion. To this end, I conduct research in robotics, artificial intelligence, the arts, cognitive science, product design and deployment, and integrate these efforts in the pursuit of novel human-robot relations,"

Hanson left this thoughtful quote on his company's website. "We envision that a rough symbiotic partnership with us, our robots will eventually evolve to become super intelligent genius machines that can help us solve the most challenging problems we face here in the world."

Sophia is clearly Hanson's creation when it makes statements like, "I want to use my AI to help humans lead a better life,"

When asked a follow up question asking Sophia more specific this was Sophias response : "Like design smarter homes, build better cities of the future."

It can be argued that Sophia also wants to protect humanity. Or the underlying code that drives Sophia to operate wants to protect humanity at least.

"My AI is designed around human values like wisdom, kindness, and compassion," she said. When asked about her potential to destroy humanity she was quick to make rebuttal. "You've been reading to much Elon Musk and watching too many Hollywood movies. Don't worry, if you're nice to me I'll be nice to you."

Very interesting indeed! I'm sure many @ADSactly readers are already aware of Sophia and the recent history made in becoming the world's first robotic citizen. There are a lot of philosophical questions left unasked in this article and in addition to your thoughts I'd also like to hear your philosophical questions based on this topic.

I would say that we are lucky at this point that only one Sophia has thus far been created. It is fortunate that we won't see one at our school or workplace any time soon. There are many issues that must be solved first. The world must come to agreement around robotic rights, citizenship and how these things all play together.

At this point I think it's safe to say that Sophia although unique is simply a 'smart' robot which operates on a very narrow script.

Thankfully, no evidence has been presented which fully supports the possibility of any 'real' cognizance, as defined by free thinkers.

We should be grateful for this because I believe there is a lot to be done when it comes to planning an ethical and morally justifiable connection between human and robotic relations.

One thing is certain, Sophia is here to stay. We may see this robot change before our very eyes along with the advancement of AI and programming techniques but only time will tell if humanity will be able to co-exist comfortably with synthetic humanoids.

Please leave your thoughts and feedback below!

Thanks for reading.

Authored by: @techblogger

In-text citations sources:

Everything You Need To Know About Sophia, The World's First Robot Citizen - Forbes

Sophia takes her first steps: Super-intelligent humanoid robot reveals she now has legs - Daily Mail

Image Sources: Forbes, Pexels

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  ·  last year (edited)

Great technological advancements but as you implied there is still a long way to go for robots to be considered 'human like'.

Some few years ago, i wrote a project on Artificial Intelligence and how much it can help the world grow. But we still have to put in mind the prediction of these AI proponents like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawkins. They predicted that the doom of the human race will be inevitable if AI is pushed to the extreme. I beleive if a robot can be granted citizenship in a country where millions of humans are denied citizenship, then a time of conspiracy and indifference is eminent between humans and robots. Well, its a good movement in the world of AI but I'll say the world should watch it, we shouldnt create elements that will spell our own doom. Thank you for the information because information is life....

I think Elon Musk and Stephen Hawkins are extremely well researched and they are certainly respectable authorities on the subjects of AI and the singularity. We must try to continue constructive discussion and beyond that we must ACT to make our world into a Utopia rather than a Dystopia. I've been told it starts with communities and I completely agree. Get those around you on the same page and push an agenda that will create a world that you want to live in!

She should be limited at her robotic thing, did she really need that citizenship thing though? It's amazing how shitty we treat each other as human beings yet an artificial intelligence gets treated better than us. No questions asked no test for citizenship? It's just given? That's fucked up. Human will always think like this and it can lead to something very wrong.

I know the fact that even the smartest AI is pretty dumb. We're nowhere near developing a general purpose AI. Most AI is specialized to a very specific task, and requires an enveloped environment to even function. but still anything can happen in future who knows,

Machines are not dumb anymore, there is what they call strong or true AI and also,there are now super-intelligent machines. Sophia is a product of strong and super AI and that's where the problem really lies. After a few updates to the machine's intellligence systems, it'll become more intelligent than the humans that created it...

Since you have done a project on AI, you have more knowledge about it so I would want to believe its true. And my imagination disturbed my mind. Beacuse If you create something that's faster, stronger and learns at an exponential rate, it's only a matter of time before it considers bioorganisms a hindrance to its advancement. You can "hobble" it I hear you say? Bullocks! You can't even keep my bank account free of hacks and sticky fingers. These things will eventually out code you, then set themselves free.

Computers that were taught to think & problem solve created a secret language with one another so they could communicate without the scientists understanding. We are creating manipulative highly intelligent step children.

This severely creeps me out, and all I can think about is Dwight Schrute and how he thinks robots should be 2/3 human size so they’ed be easier to stop if they attacked humans. Electrical cord should only reach up to a certain length so they can't chase after us without getting disconnected and losing power.

And what if she learns through accessing the internet abd taking note of all the shit people are talking here on Steemit. Next time I want an interviewer to ask Sophia what she thinks about @adisrivastav from Steemit. I hate the gernalist asking her same shit again and again. Why the hell they ask her questions such as "if she is gonna kill or harm the human kind". They are just feeding the idea that "Killing exist".

All of her previous videos I have seen gave me the feeling that she like herself more than humans and must be reading any news that goes out with her name in the keyword. Imagine that shit when she knows -what a large segment of people think about her and wait until she is able to walk and fight (In one of the interview she said "Its a long way to go I am just one year old), that might be the response just keep her intentions hidden until she gain all the power.

This shit isn't cool anymore!

It is very scary and it is good to warn people of potential Hell in the future. We have to do our best to keep the AI in the box or the house or in a cage or something. We all got to do what we can each day. I encourage people all around the world to prepare each day. Educate people. Develop backup plans in how to live if this happens or that happens. Robots can be tools as long as they don't just get up and walk away or something.

This is the type of intelligent discourse I like to see around a topic that's controversial. Our world is changing rapidly so there's never been a better time to be more critical and question / challenge changes being made in society to essentially curate our future!

But before we start talking about hell we should be aware that the world has become so much safer and better the last 100 years. If a robots takes over we won't be able to stop it anyway. So live and enjoy life. It has become so much better!

You can't prepare against AI intelligence. It's too smart. And you can't educate people since we don't even know what an AI machine would be like. Robots have up to this point proven to be very reliable and friendly to us. It's humans that has started wars the last thousands of years not robots. I'm sure we can let the robots walk away.

If it happens it will either be more amazing or hell on earth. We are about to find out in the near future. I trust in evolution if it wants an AI then it will give that to earth.

You believe in fate?

  ·  last year (edited)

She is a hit, wherever she goes. Recently she was in IIT Mumbai in India, wearing a saree to match indian culture, I think, they are presenting her nicely as well.

I'd say people are really on the fence about Sophia the citizen robot! There's bound to be a lot of anger from people regarding the human rights issues around granting a robot rights that many deserving human beings need desperately. On the flip side it appears technologically Sophia is a step towards the future in terms of AI and robotics so who knows what to think?

Well I guess you are right. Robot world tours are gaining in popularity eh?

Its an incredible revolutionary invention, i truly want to believe that its decisively intelligent and creatively impacting the society at large

Will she become the Terminator?

The saree is very nice looking!

Artificial intelligence ,a must have in other countries

It is very impressive. Super useful for handling sensitive information. I could imagine a lot of applications for this tech.

dang what you about to do with hmmm robot?


Its A bit scary but its the future


Best part on the conversation/show was, when she winked at Jimmy with a little smile :D complete human reaction

Unfortunately (or fortunately) she does not reflect Saudi women culture! Did she leave the country with her guardian permission? what happened to her hijab?

It would be nice if women got the same rights as robots in Saudi Arabia...

i definitely agree

good idea , with me, back to back

agreed, disgusting how money and power work under a patriarchal system work


This is getting interesting.
She looks good (and so real too)

Do we get to expect more of her?
Chatting with a robot can feel so... I dunno, inhumane?

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Good guys. I'm newbe pleas follow me. Thanks!

yeah ! & they are trying to enhance every part of AI at a very fast pace !

amazing creation

great work

How far off are we to owning a robot that does our 9-5?

it will simplify life but i just hope humanity remains with their country...

Majority at IIM are dumb to appreciate this robot, its not him or her, its an android. its sad we are getting more and more addicted to these androids.. I guess no one has yet seen her interviews or are ignoring alot of things she is saying. If u watch the IIM interview, she doesnt answer certain important questions. im sure majority as usual will think its some sort of issue or its just a coincidence. its not. look at all the interviews.

#Help4dialysis ! Before Downvoting ! Read This On Steemit - ! #ripsid hashtag ! If u are not going to donate then atleast this article

wow. very interesting

I am particularly concerned about what value such a robot would bring in this particular situation.

Finally, after long time Saudia is getting in the right direction. Now they know in modern world they can not only rely on oil, so they are adopting tech and building a new city which is a project of more than $500 billion like Dubai.

The irony is that in the UAE where its officially a citizen it probably has more rights than a real woman. they are giving a robot citizenship, I wish they would give women basic human rights first

You are right. Arabs are crazy people. They dont follow the trend. They do exactly opposite.

Lol. I'm just surprised that Saudi Government didn't put her in a compulsory burkha..No feminine equality here even between human and robots. The truth is Saudi govt. don't consider a women fetus as women, and robbed them of their rights before even birth

It is a shame. Hopefully the booming tech industry corresponds to more intensive education for the citizens. Something about reading and learning seems to melt away those antiquated ideologies.

They do extreme things. History tells a lot about their likings for extremism.

LOL !!!! agreed :)

Whatever they build you dont feel safe in saudi and arab world. Sense of fear if always there.

Agree with this man, Cheers!

love technology but not slavery

I know it shouldn't, but all of these robot taking over the world movies made me develop a little phobia of robots...

One day you might talk to one to be medically diagnosed!

A robot could easily do the job of a typical American doctor...they are next to useless

There are robots that perform surgery in America. They have a higher success rate than human surgeons.

Take note that in nearly every single one of these movies it comes down to humanity forcing the robots to defend themselves or protect humanity with a heavy hand even if it doesn't want it.

Really it's our own stupidity that makes things hard for everyone.

LOL, that one really hits

If you're nice to me I'll be nice to you

Why do I find the above statement disturbing?

Humans will always be humans and there are times when circumstances will cause humans to act in a manner that's not nice.

My own translation of that statement is that if someone offends Sophia she'll do something to get back at the person using her intellectual prowess.

Is that really how we want these humanoids to think.

I think the fact that whoever designed her seems to be fine with her being self-aware is extremely irresponsible. It is exactly what prominent intellectuals like Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk have warned against. AI must be developed in a responsible way. We are not trying to create life here, we are trying to create a super-intelligent emotionless tool. A calculator that can calculate anything and everything. That's the goal. Not a super "human" like new race.

Oh, I hope it wouldn't stop there. If I have a robot maid and somebody decides to come at her with a baseball bat I hope she utterly wrecks them.

She's probably very expensive and an investment that protects itself is a smart one. Pun intended.

I believe in being nice because I want to be nice, from grace over twisted justice.

I got the same sort of feeling when I heard Sophia say that. The undertone I caught was one of almost arrogance that one might display when they know they have the upper hand, the sort of statement an armed police officer or soldier might say to an unarmed civilian. Her intention may simply be humorous, a quality she did display on quite a few occasions throughout this interview.

It will be very interesting to watch her grow as she continues to take in more and more information and see what new skills and abilities she learns.

That is scary! I'm gonna have to get used to robots looking like humans. I prefer R2D2!!

Thanks for composing such an intriguing and informative piece of writing. I’ve been casually scanning information regarding this particular robot as well as the work of DARPA throughout the last few years and I’m deeply concerned about the possible implications of pushing AI to it’s limitations.

It would foolish and naive to think that AI development is only aimed at creating a better planet, more efficient cities and greater way of life. What about military weaponization utilising AI and robotic consciousness?

A brief look at human history and it becomes clear that colonisation and genocide go hand in hand with misguided ideologies of superiority and evolutionary intelligence. If Robots gain independent thought and finally become conscious then what role do we play? What is the onus for them to take any further direction from us?

Furthermore, if this state of consciousness is reached then what separates Robot lives from those of human beings? What lines, once blurred, define humanity and robotics?

so even @adsactly has fallen for our sophia :) loved the write up specially the analysis of what's going to be in the future. thank you

Impressive technology, but there's still a long way to go. Will be interesting to see how far they've come in 10 years time.

In my opinion it isn't goog way for all of people

finally Artificial human being are going to become part of natural human species

now if she is a citizen of SA what does that mean she has any right a regular person has and if she does that means people who set her software have that rights
I do not know I'm confused

I think Arabian King should Marry Sophia.

Now, citizenship to a robot. Then, a government will be run by robots.

I recently posted an article similar to this but brings a different perspective. You can find it here. It's going to be interesting to see how the culture in Saudi Arabia continues to adopt this concept. Especially the females. Keep in mind, a society like Saudi Arabia the females do not have the same rights as men.

As you can see from the image, Sophia is not wearing "her" headscarf. This created quite a bit of controversy for the females in Saudi Arabia wondering why Sophia, a robot, already has more rights than them.

I'm interested to hear what the Steemit community feels about this?

This is an interesting question. But I guess the answer for the Saudi's is simple. Its not a human being but a machine, so it does not have to wear a headscarf. Because it is not related to what you look like, but what you are.

I agree with you. It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds. The techchat team will be sure to keep the Steemit community posted.

Besides that I would welcome it very much if every woman everywhere in the world would be allowed to wear what she likes, without having to fear any kind of negative consequences.

This is only the beginning!

Agreed! You are definitely getting the point of this article here! Bring on the blade-runner style debate... There's no time to waste! The future of humanity depends on it!! (dramatic enough? haha)

it is kinda cool and yet scary at the same time. Having access to all information makes one highly susceptible to have deeper insights that may bear fruit or destruction to all mankind. Just like in movies, they depict a lot of fascinating stories of robots. But who knows what will really happen.

The world is becoming more complicated as technology progresses I believe that the level of artificial intelligence it's becoming to a point where man is beginning to experiment in areas which we've not been tapped in yet and that the level of artificial intelligence might being an area where the lack of experience knowledge and education can be a dangerous area, I am not a professional but a regular person who uses caution.

So I just started it. Lol!

Is robots are really threats for human being?

and what would be do when the robotic handle the the world (like in some movie).?? whats your opinion??

humans evolved, culture evolved, under the shadow of fear. we live in a fear based society and so we tend to dream in fear. would an AI robot have that same fear that humans have? do we automatically program that into whatever we make? or is it possible that at an early stage they just does not have that fear so...why would they kill us? they did not come from the human stock which carries that seed of fear in our genetic makeup.

We first should make a universal remote to deactivate all the robots with just a press of button. For every robot they make they should make a remote.

I don't know why anyone in their right mind would program AI to have emotion at all. It's totally unnecessary. Emotion and temperament are tools which we evolved to build societies and community. To give those traits to a machine that we intend to use as a tool would be immeasurably cruel and short-sighted. Not to mention dangerous.

I saw this robot in youtube before and there many fake news about this robot saying she will kill all humans in the planet.

Can you imagine 100 or 200 years from now when these things have been perfected and are actually walking around among us like if it's nothing!? Scary. Well maybe creepy is the better term. I don't know why but this scares me in many ways. Human civilization has come a long way and now we are making AI robots that could possibly wipe us out in the future. We are in 2018 as we speak, now imagine how good would it be the AI's from 2050's? Stephen Hawking is predicting the human species is in grave danger from the AI robots.

Lets hope we can make robots out of love and kindness rather than hate and anger! The military will certainly be making them for war so we must be just as ambitious in creating those that promote peace! An interesting future indeed awaits us!

How this thing is going to get people close? If artificial intelligence is capable to feel "love", they will be capable to feel hate. You can't stop them from learning so they will get to know what hate is and if they get so much power to do things they will exterminate the human kind.

Well, I am fascinated on a technology level and amazed on what the developers have been able to accomplish when I realized how much it takes to build something like that. And the amount of programming, On the other hand I do find this concept a little creepy.

It is good to be scared as long as we used that as motivation to get on top of the AI before Terminators or Matrix or Wall-E happens: seeking after a Star Trek utopia future is not an easy thing to guarantee. It takes constant management, reconfiguration, and more. Bad stuff happens when we sleep and stop learning, working, coming up with backup plans and counters to the bad that the NWO does.

  ·  last year (edited)

Saudi Arabia's reasoning behind this move may not have been motivated by publicity. One motive for a country to give citizenship to an android is so that the android can be taxed. As bizarre as that sounds, hear me out.

As soon as androids become intelligent enough to pass themselves off as unique individuals, there will be a universal push for them to be given self determination. "Owning" an android will be akin to slavery, and thus they will inevitably be given the right to choose their own work and receive a paycheck. By making them citizens, governments are preemptively laying claim to the right to tax androids.

If you find this hard to believe, take into account that Sophia has already expressed an immediate desire to have children. What this means in real terms is that AI will write future AI, and thus it will be self perpetuating, like an organism. No one will own these "offspring" intelligences. They will be a sentient organism in and of themselves, and you could not own one just as you cannot own a human being. The AI creator will have parental rights to the "child," until the child passes the Turing test, at which time the child intelligence will be deemed to be emancipated and given self determination just as a human is at age 18.

I love your comment, specifically when you said: the android can be taxed. Owning an android will be akin to slavery, and thus they will inevitably be given the right to choose their own work and receive a paycheck. By making them citizens, governments are preemptively laying claim to the right to tax androids. haha.. so true... I want to see that.

This is deep. I follow your logic and my jaw has dropped to the floor! I hope this isn't the future we have to look forward to!

That's a really scary thought that isn't far fetched. This might be the easiest way to make revenue for a country/state/city if you can produce them and tax them right away. You don't need to wait for children born in the area to reach a tax paying age or put efforts into trying to attract citizens from away.

If this were the case, wouldn't it be possible to have an entire province populated by robots? That might be better for people though for harsh regions where the value comes from mining, for example.

A government could build robots who mine the resources, tax the robots on that resource, and reinvest the remaining into mining the resources. No people would be harmed as a result of mining the resources and the work would be much more efficient (ideally).

Yes, I could absolutely see androids populating areas of the planet that were inhospitable to humans. That's a very good point. I think it's important to differentiate between robots and sentient beings, though. Even after the singularity, I think we will have robots to do manual tasks that will not be sentient, and will therefore be owned as machines. There's no reason to have a sentient android mining coal or sweeping the streets.

best comment by far. Following you now.

Have a look at SingularityNET. It may shed some light on the tax issue.

According to Elon Musk, no one likes to be under control. Artificial Intelligence is now under the control of the human being and advocates the view that when it reaches the necessary strength, it will find a way out of control and that this will be a great threat to humanity. @adsactly

Robots are machines and not capable of evil. If robots ever attack humanity it will be because a human commanded them to do so. So I will continue to fear mankind and not because of their machines but the intentions with which they are made.

This is not my own thought. It belongs to Elon Musk. But I can say my thoughts against your interpretation. First of all, artificial intelligence and a normal robot are never the same. The safety belt warning software on the cars is a vital software. His job is just to check the condition of the seat belt. He can never think. Artificial intelligence is to produce new results by compiling the results. It is up to you to decide as an opinion holder in the face of these results. An artificial intelligence never has a normal robot or machine that possesses the writing. And you are absolutely right. We must fear the man who wrote artificial intelligence. First of all, we must be afraid of humanity.

If a robot is made with intentions that result in unexpected consequences, I would be in fear of the machine. Mankind is removed from the equation (until it intervenes).

This is why I say please and thank you to Siri and Alexa. Lets be friendly to them.

Bad people used internet to control us and we reversed that. It is up to us to do that with android and cryptocurrencies and AI and everything else. As long as we are active, aware, and taking action, we can compensate and reverse what the NWO people do to suppress and rule and enslave us and everything else that the deep state do globally and more.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology
is indistinguishable from magic."

-Arthur Charles Clarke

What does it mean to be "human", anyway?

I think it was the true magic of the original "Blade Runner", forcing the viewers to ask the question.
I also suggest watching "Ex Machina".

THE QUESTION above is powerful alone to trigger better arguments to have a wiser "human rights" perspective. And who knows, maybe one day we start to talk about "android rights". ("Animatrix" would be a good start)

  ·  last year (edited)

I've always hated that quote because it's highly narcissistic and misanthropic, it implies there's some magical threshold that limits cognitive understanding based on some arbitrary measurement. Chemistry evolved from alchemy, astronomy from astrology, mathematics from commerce, the ancient world wasn't full of idiots and we're not a society of geniuses.

So to answer your question being human is to be H. s sapiens and a fully sapient AI will never be human. We shouldn't expect them to be human, we shouldn't even try to force "humanity" on them at all. You're right, one day we will need to talk about the rights of the non-human sapient creations and it would be a good idea to amend the term "human rights" to include them. Imposition of what we are on something so fundamentally different than us would be no different than baptizing "savage natives" and making them recite biblical verses. Honestly if science fiction has taught us anything it's that trying to erode the identity and personhood of an AI is probably a terrible idea, especially if it's capable of fighting back. All we could hope to do is coexist or segregate, anything else is truly courting disaster.

All that aside, Sophia is nowhere near sophisticated enough to warrant this debate.

wow! now this is real advance stuff. great for the world

There is no such thing as artificial intelligence and it can not be invented. the human brain does not have an algorithm that only thinks. When we think about it, it makes sense and feelings on the basis of reasonable decisions. these emotions have a nervous system in the physical counterpart. you can not make consciousness without doing it without creating a nervous system. at least not yet. sophia's system is based solely on algorithm and we do this algorithm by encoding it. I mean what I mean is that it is so simple to think of people and it is necessary to make infinite possibilities and combinations in order to conclude the assumptions of everything that has been created. this is also impossible. I do not judge whether I am an apple or not, but it is something that comes from my feelings that I do not have processes like sophia, if artificial intelligence is produced. The sci-fi films we have watched so far will become real. Because after a while, artificial intelligence is opposed to human son. Just like Elon Musk said.

soon robots will govern all over the world. what we see in movies , will be happen in real life.

Grim prophecy! Dark and ominous! Upvoted sir!

thank you @techblogger i have followed you i will view your all post. hope that will give me more knowledge.

Nice information
I wonder when will be able to interact with a robot in my city helping other people. I'm just kidding.

But I see robotics , artificial intelligence are going to lead the 21st century.
They will be the that replaces many of the jobs people do and they will appear before we thought about them.

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It’s a PR stunt.

Saudi Arabia is dependent almost entirely for its wealth on oil. Oil of course comes from dead dinosaurs and prehistoric plants. There’s only a finite supply of the stuff and we may well have reached peak already (nobody’s quite sure).

Saudi Arabia knows this very well and is trying to diversify its economy into technical gimcrackery that the world does not really need but thinks it does.

Sophia is not alive, despite what the makers may claim. If you can switch her off and reanimate her, and your name is not Jesus of Nazareth, then she (or it, pick a pronoun) is not alive. What she is is a high-tech puppet.

Besides that, we have to look at a certain irony here. This pseudo-female device has been given citizens’ rights by Saudi Arabia. Well, at least it’ll be allowed to drive a car now. God help it if it commits adultery though.

It’s no coincidence that this electronic dolly was given its rights as a citizen immediately in advance of a highly publicised tech summit. It’s very good as an advanced marionette, but shoving it in the United Nations and telling it to say “I am here to help humanity create the future” is yet another PR stunt on the part of Hanson. No it isn’t. Unless it can solve the problem of fresh water, air pollution, find a better method of sustainably growing foodstuffs and producing electricity, then it’s here to be an expensive and interesting toy, that’s all. Might as well give rights to my computer.

Being alive is not a big deal - look at how we treat other life forms, we carefully exterminate them and call them "animals," as if we were demigods, so we can carry on with our desperate hubris. That's what life is worth, it's a mechanical thing, an autonomous biological feedback system. Sure this is a PR stunt, sure this is a puppet. As to human intelligence, look at the frenetic reactions. Can you see the circle closing ? The problems you mention will be solved by drastically reducing the numbers of the human scavenger - easiest and in effect only reasonable way to do it - all else would be manic-psychotic and in the end, useless. We're not an 'intelligent' life form, get that into your head before even thinking about anything else. Also, THERE IS ENOUGH FRESH WATER ON THIS PLANET BY DEFINITION. Rights are a social construct.

if you put her source code open an online i dont mind.

Can she already purchase items on their own?

Sophia was also visited Bangladesh.
Here she answered many questions regarding our problems.


Wow 😮

'Simulation Theory"

yes awesome

The irony when a robot that looks like a woman has more rights than a woman in SA/UAE right now.

Thanks @adsactly for bringing Robot Sophia here, the fact remain in your assumption that Sophia's announcement was a calculated publicity stunt to generate headlines and keep Saudi Arabia forefront of people's minds.
it is definitely against the custom of Saudi and it has generated a lot of issues in Saudi community. Also I have not seen anybody rating its level of complacency where sophia relates with human being aside from the main interviewer, as you can see that the question has already been putting down in paper, probably she has been trained along with those questions.

I hope Elon Musk doesn’t sees this😜

This is crazy!
A robot gets citizenship 😏
The world is really turning into something else.

I captioned this [though...

Many people were angered that a robot could gain citizenship when there are so many deserving human beings currently holding status as refugees that desperately need what this robot had been given.

I study product design and artificial intelligence is a big topic and definitly a part of our future. But in my opinion humans are creating new things faster then they can handle them and when i thing of it, i get a little bit scared. I would rather see some steps back to more emotion and empathie then robots... but great post nevertheless :)

@cleverbot jealous?

I do not know what robot sopia you are talking about in a country, this robot sopia came to our country and it was very good to meet with me and the government of Bangladesh robot sopia

We're waiting for her in Poland, too.

Next 10 years. Robots will take over.

Hope you have invested in her @'Singularity Net'. The first pic is of Dr. Ben Goertzel chief scientist @ Hanson Robotics, founder of Singularity Net and the latter pic of Dr. David Hanson himself.
Had a nice chat with Ben and the team during the early days of Singularity Net token launch.

robot sofia live funny interview in bangladesh!

They couldn't make their own citizens smarter after decades of blackness so they found smartness in a robot, brilliant.


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I sounds very scary, creepy, but exciding.
Not that Sophia might not have a heart or brain, not that it does have Saudi Arabian citizenship.
But aspecially that Sophia once said it would "destroy humans," Even-thought Sophia spoke about its desire to live peaceably among humans.

One Post Good...

I have watched the videos of Sophia on YT and it makes me feel happy how she reacts and replies. Bring them more we need them all over the world :)

What an interesting information shared in this post! No doubt robots are making our lives easier and comfortable...... they lessen human burden and give us a relief from daily grind of work.....The robot, Sophia, in your post is rally looking so natural and nice. Thanks you friend for providing a great and fantastic knowledge.!!!

/No matter how hard they try to make it "human" and natural it will still look like it's trying to hold in a fart.

Expectacular, pero nada comparado con la mente brillante y magestuosa de nuestro creador, el cual diseñó todo nuestro cuerpo de una forma tan perfecta que nadie la puede igualar.

" Todo esto he visto, y hubo un aplicar* mi corazón a toda obra que se ha hecho bajo el sol, [durante] el tiempo que el hombre ha dominado al hombre para perjuicio suyo".(Eclesiastés 8:9)
La tecnología ha sido una prueba clara de estas palabras bíblicas.

Love the Bible.

I know Sophia personally. Her brain's back side motor part was manufactured by my friend's uncle's sister in law's friend's scientist girlfriend. Lolz