Directory of Geographic Communities for Countries, Regions & Cities - is yours listed? [25 February 2020]

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Following my post yesterday about the marketing potential of Geographic Communities, I have now found around 50 such communities around the world.

The majority are set up at a country level, a few at regional or city level. Activity levels and subscriber numbers vary. Only three communities so far - STEEM CN, Korea • 한국 • KR • KO and Deutsch D-A-CH - have more than 100 subscribers.

The listings below show the community name, number of subscribers, activity status, community hive address, admins and (after //) the mods.

If you are involved in a geographically identified community that is not on the list please comment below or message me on Discord (Pennsif#9921).

I am not planning to include purely language focused communities where the languages are commonly used across many countries (Spanish being the main example).



Steem Naija [4] [no posts yet]


Steem South Africa [7] [no posts yet]
@steemsouthafrica // @jaynie



BDCommunity [96] [active]
@bdcommunity // @reazuliqbal, @zaku


STEEM CN [166] [active]


IndiaUnited [8] [active]
@bobinson // @sayee, @inuke, @bala41288

INDIA [5] [active]

STEEM INDIA [8] [active]

India [3] [no posts yet]
@hungryharish // @hungryhustle, @steemer-sayu907

Steem India [3] [no posts yet]
@hungryharish // @hungryhustle

Steem Malayalam [4] [active]
@sathyasankar // @elsaenroute, @dexterdev, @sayee, @dijin,


Indonesia [93] [active]

Team Indonesia [4] [no posts yet]

Aceh Peace [2] [no posts yet]


Steem JP [22] [active]
@shogo // @kinakomochi, @yasu, @argon, @fusan, @ramengirl, @danielsaori, @djynn, @yoshiko


Korea • 한국 • KR • KO [278] [active]
@ukk, @jaydih // @fur2002ks, @laylador, @machellin, @wonsama, @ayogom, @morning, @rokyupjung, @ramengirl, @maikuraki, @hyokhyok, @loveecho, @coreabeforekorea, @donekim, @ioioioioi, @mustard-seed, @glory7, @jayplayco, @bluengel


Team Malaysia [99] [active]
@bitrocker2020 // @littlenewthings, @simonpang, @johnsonlai


Myanmar [3] [active]

Burmese [2] [no posts yet]


Nepal [2] [active]


Pakistan [5] [no posts yet]


Philippines [19] [active]
@chrisrice, @jancharlest, @nathansenn, @steem-ph, @jemmanuel // @guruvaj, @markjason, @ankarlie, @hiddenblade, @jacuzzi

Davao City [3] [no posts yet]
@steem-net-ph, @jemmanuel, @jancharlest, @nathansenn


Thailand [2] [active]


Vietnam [2] [active]
@joeyarnoldvn // @oatmealjoey, @oatmealenglish, @oatmealhealth



Team Australia [29] [active]
@ausbitbank // @mattclarke, @choogirl, @scooter77

South Australia [21] [active]

Adelaide Photography [2] [active]

Adelaide Photography [2] [active]



Steem Austria [5] [active]
@mammasitta // @vikisecrets, @mundharmonika, @manncpt

Wien [6] [active]


Belgium [9] [no posts yet]


Bulgaria [3] [active]
@calisthenicsdrop // @penyoivanov


Croatia [4] [active]


France [5] [active]
@heimindanger // @siavach, @hightouch


Deutsch D-A-CH [193] [active]
@jedigeiss // @twinner, @uwelang, @bearded-benjamin, @louis88

Made in German(y) [2] [active]

Berlin [3] [active]

Berlin City [3] [active]


GREECE [3] [no posts yet]


SteemPostItalia [92] [active]
@steempostitalia // @thenightflier, @heidi71, @bhuz


LITHUANIA [8] [active]


Nederlands [2] [active]

Dutchland [2] [no posts yet]


Steem Portugal [26] [active]
@steemitportugal // @aleister, @tixinhacapitinha, @portugalcoin, @warnas


SteemRomania [8] [active]
@alexvan, @gadrian, @steemromania


USSR [3] [no posts yet]


Team Serbia [23] [active]
@svemirac // @alcibiades, @teofilex11, @hidden84


Catalans on Steem [7] [active]

Valencia, Spain [2] [no posts yet]


Switzerland [6] [active]


Türkiye [7] [active]
@kendinyap // @rezept, @ajiba, @oyun, @ayakkabi, @tatil


Scotland [3] [no posts yet]

London [14] [active]


Team Ukraine [13] [active]
@rollie1212 // @gengua, @teamukraine



Canada [1] [no posts yet]

Canadian Steemians [7] [active]

We Are Canadian, Eh! [14] [active]

Steem Quebec [8] [active]
@steemquebec // @darsico, @philodendron

First Nations Canada [2] [active]


Team México [50] [active]
@team-mexico // @cristo, @yonnathang, @alfarofranudy, @randomz, @acido1120, @bonzopoe


Alaska [2] [no posts yet]

Delaware Valley Life [12] [not active]

detroit [3] [not active]
@maitland // @test-safari, @extratest4

Los Angeles [2] [no posts yet]

Midwesteemians [7] [not active]

Minneapolis [4] [no posts yet]

SoCal Steemit [38] [active]
@derekrichardson // @socalsteemit, @mariannewest, @csusbgeochem1, @alaqrab



Brasil [6] [active]
@fernandosoder, @perfilbrasil


Salvemos_Chile [4] [active]


Venezuela [20] [active]

MercadoSteem Vzla [5] [active]

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I like your initiative of making Directory of Geographic Communities for Countries, Regions & Cities this go well with my initiative of branding communities I started few years ago when members of the community created logos and I made video for them.
Maybe you will find this video useful.

That would be good for these communities to have their own intro videos.

You should make an offer to them...

@pennsif I think that Geographic Communities have a lot of potential.

There is also a new feature by SteemPeak that offers profile Badges and a few of them that I have seen are geographically specific. You can view the currently available Badges here:

You can learn about creating badges here:

I think that the combination of communities and badges could be a very good synergy.

Hi Jacob, yes not sure about the badges yet.

It will be interesting to see if the Badges also become Communities.

They make a single feed of all those that hold the Badge and people can easily subscribe to it which I think could be very awesome for keeping up with all the users in a geographic area regardless of if they are a Community member.

Below is an example of the Homesteaders Badge page found here:
As you can see the 'Accounts Feed' is created by folks that are recipients of the Badge and the Subscribe button lets anyone subscribe to that feed.


I will look more closely at the Badges when I have all the Communities connected in.

:) Right now they are doing the first fifty free. You may want to expedite your research.

Thanks for this awesome post you've made.
Cheers, @penyoivanov #bulgaria

Thank you.

YOu're doing a great job. I thin it's time that #steemnews become a DApp on its own as we have Newspaper where others can make direct submissions. Think!

Posted via Steemleo

That would be an interesting idea - but it would need a lot of support from big account holders...

I think you have all it takes to get that done.

Posted via Steemleo

I wrote to you in discord - read

Posted via Steemleo

Now added your USSR community, thank you.

Steem Naija 🇳🇬

Great man. We've got to start building our Nigerian community.

Posted via Steemleo

Good luck with growing the community.

Thanks Pens. I'm doing my best.

Nice post :)
If there is any Bulgarians readings that please join our Bulgarian community;)

@bobydimitrov and @bghandmade are from Bulgaria - do you know them?

Ohh yaah mine is listed, go Korea 대한민국파이팅! 🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷

What a great idea and post. I was actually thinking of launching a Greek community but still need some time to see how things work. Shall I let you know about it?

Posted using Partiko Android

Hi @katerinaramm, please do let me know if you set up a Greek Community. I haven't found an existing one yet.

Yours would be the first.

Hopefully this list will help prevent too many duplicates, and strengthen existing ones.

I have just created a new community -
In this post I explain the process if anyone wishes to create one but do not know how

Thanks for the inspiration :)

That's great.

Now added your community to the list.

Exciting developments - I can see a lot of great potential in this!
I am a member of several communities - also theme-oriented ones.
I test-posted my first one in the Steem Austria Community about my early art student years. It worked good - I posted to community and then shared it to my blog (to make it available to everyone).

That's great.

We do not consider Mexico to be part of Central America (it is north America). I know I sound picky but it bugs me as a mexican.

Thank you very much for the correction on that.

Now moved Mexico into the North America block.

Greet article! Resteem!
@cranium - Ukraine, Cherkassy

Thank you.

Hi @pennsif, thank you so much for listing the SoCal Steemit community. We very much appreciate you including us in your posts about communities and/or meetups.

You are welcome.

Keep me posted on new meetups.

@techslut no Israeli community here! Why don't you start one?

I did. Long story. I can probably somehow get the keys to the Steem-il account and wake up some old friends.

Hi Ilana, let me know if you set up an Israel Hive Community and I will add to list.

Still no Israel communities set up that I have spotted.

Honestly? I haven't the time or energy to manage one. I'll ask around, though.

I couldn’t message you on Discord, we’re running an italian based community called ‘Olio di Balena’ :)

Thanks for this. Is it a community for Italian speakers, or is it a community about Italy?

This list is covering geographic location based communities rather than language based communities.

FYI, there is Polish Community too :)

Hello dear @pennsif.

Please check this:

Project Hope - Venezuela + Poland (Southamerica + Europe)

Reggaesteem - Jamaica

c.c: @crypto.piotr
c.c: @dmilliz, @donald.porter

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