The workshop in Lhokseumawe is open to the public, let's sign up

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Greetings, today I will update the progress of the workshop I have ever talked about. I and some friends finally decided
the workshops not only talk about steemit abuse but also about the basic understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

We agreed after a businessman from Aceh who was willing to support and donate the event. Interestingly, he was interested in studying cryptocurrency and blockchain.

It is possible that he will invest in steam, I do not know how much he will invest because I have not spoken to other investors in steemit about some of the possibilities.

Workshop activities will be carried out

DateSaturday 24 March 2018
Hours20:00 (UTC +7)
ThemesSteemit, writing and digital investment opportunities
Registration limitMarch 23, 2018

Even some local media have announced about this workshop, the workshop is open for public and free of charge.

To register, you only need to send a message to (+62) 823 6113 8155 with the format, name, address, occupation, and name of the steemit account (if any).

Photos when I was discussing with the event's donors, [From left to right: Pak Ulis (Event donors), me (@kharrazi), Mr. Dayat (former chairman of the North Aceh electoral commission) and some friends who have supported our event]

I will also help the participants to find lodging if you are coming from out of town.

If you have questions and need information about the activities, you can cover me on discord channels.

Also present some other speakers who get ready to extorted knowledge by the participants of the workshop :)

Since registration opened, yesterday it has been confirmed by 80-90 people who have signed up for this workshop, oh keep in mind, we do not limit the number of participants.

The event we plan is not too formal, and since many of the participants are still laymen of steemit, steemit abuse, crypto, and blockchain, we will try to provide an understanding as easy as possible in order to be easily digested.

well, thank for your support and hopefully this event successful.

Best regards @kharrazi


I think it's a good opportunity for us beginners in steemit to gain an in-depth knowledge of the this platform, especially about writing and choosing a good theme. In essence, how to write well and correctly, and what themes should we focus on sharing information through steemit. And, that's the main motivation I want to attend a seminar or workshop that will be held by @kharrazi and friends.

In my opinion, this understanding is important, because every article we share with audiences through steemit is expected to benefit many people. If each of us can provide useful information to just one person, just imagine how many people will be happy, and so on.

In addition to the matter of writing, I think through this activity later we can also know the investment opportunities in this field. Maybe someone wants to invest in this platform, but he does not know about the prospect of steemit forward, so still feel doubt. That's why I say that this activity is an opportunity to get the right information.

Hopefully positive this seminars or workshops run smoothly and successfully. Please correct me if my view is wrong. Thanks.

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good post, brather @kharrazi

Insyaallah hadir @kharrazi

well done buddy. Keep promoting steemit !

Thank for your support brother ;)

Good ,, this is a beautiful concept ..
I think I need to register ...
Because I was fascinated ..

Bereh that... loen jeut hade kon..

Khusus keu droeneuh, lon peu wajeeb hadir :P
Kamoe preeh bak uroe H tgk @my451r

Siap siap... insya Allah loen akan hadir..

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