Steem Dapps Added to Stateofthedapps - Now Let's Focus on Getting Them Added to

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Thanks to the coordinated effort of the community, we've gotten Steem dApps added to Special thanks to @soyrosa & @oracle-d for sending that first tweet and getting everyone together in support of adding Steem dApps to State of the Dapps.

Now, I think that we should just keep going, since there are many other websites that list dApps of many different blockchains. One such website is and looking at their front page, it seems that Steem-based dApps have more active users than all the Dapps listed on there have combined!

Look at Steem Monsters for example, according to it has 2.199 daily active users, while the top game dApp on Dappradar only boasts around 580 daily active users. That fact alone shows me that Steem-based dApps deserve a place on their website.

I'm starting this campaign off with a simple tweet to Dappradar:

Link to tweet

I hope that we can also get Steem-based dApps listed on


Wh00p! I'm glad my initiative is now becoming contagious :D I was planning on getting in touch with the other dApp sites myself today, but it's even better if we spread the efforts :D Thanks @daan!

Oh yeah, there are many more to go ;-) Let's check them all off!

Yes, but I don't know how many are relevant. Just looking at twitter:

  • Stateofthedapps has almost 10.000 followers
  • Dappradar has about 4500
  • I see a few others, but they don't even get to 1000 followers

Not that it matters, we can be on all the sites, just looking at what will add the most value :D

Yeah, I picked Dappradar, just because they rank pretty high in the Google search results for different Dapp-related keywords.

Smaller websites might not be worth a lot of effort, but can't hurt to just ask either :)

Exactly :D In the end, they are the ones missing out if they're not adding Steem ;-)

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Wow... it is great that the community is stepping up and doing what needs to be done! Just having them on the dapps listings will show the crypto ecosystem which chain is seeing real use right now!

This would be awesome. Anything we can do to give more recognition to Steem is a good thing. Thanks for highlighting what they accomplished and doing what you can to move it forward!

@daan this is awesome. Let's be number one on this one as well :)

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Should be the case if we're added!

Great to see it. There has been a bit of momentum building from the whole community since the prices crashed and everything helps the blockchain. Especially when prices pick up and the next wave of people start looking into the different options have STEEM sitting at the front of the queue can only be a good thing.

THis is a greta idea the more visibility for Steem the better so I went and added a reply to your tweet

Thanks man, really appreciate that! I hope Steem gets added soon :)

Me to the more places people can see and here about it the better

Hey we would love to get all the steem dapps you want to see on , a global directory of blockchain decentralized applications (DApps) for All blockchain platforms in multiple languages. Please contact me at [email protected]

This looks like something for @therealwolf
If he has time at least, otherwise I'll definitely send you an e-mail :)

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