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RE: Steem Dapps Added to Stateofthedapps - Now Let's Focus on Getting Them Added to

in #promo-steem2 years ago

Wh00p! I'm glad my initiative is now becoming contagious :D I was planning on getting in touch with the other dApp sites myself today, but it's even better if we spread the efforts :D Thanks @daan!


Oh yeah, there are many more to go ;-) Let's check them all off!

Yes, but I don't know how many are relevant. Just looking at twitter:

  • Stateofthedapps has almost 10.000 followers
  • Dappradar has about 4500
  • I see a few others, but they don't even get to 1000 followers

Not that it matters, we can be on all the sites, just looking at what will add the most value :D

Yeah, I picked Dappradar, just because they rank pretty high in the Google search results for different Dapp-related keywords.

Smaller websites might not be worth a lot of effort, but can't hurt to just ask either :)

Exactly :D In the end, they are the ones missing out if they're not adding Steem ;-)