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As explained on my last post, I am studying and learning the skills to be a blockchain developer.

The thing was I didn't know where to start. So I just googled it!
I came across a lot of posts of people having the same doubts as me and a lot of people advising on how to get started.

Some advices were more common than others. Here are some:

  • Read Satoshi Nakamoto's original paper and Mastering Bitcoin, by Andreas Antonopolous
  • Learn some languages used on Blockchain projects, like Solidity, C++, Javascript, Python...
  • Study a lot of Github codes

As I was researching, I was saving in a .txt file all links that may come useful, without ordering them.
Decided today to compile them by topic to be easier to follow.

Here it is!

So if anyone has the same doubt I had on how to get started, here is the content I am studying:
Yoda's guide to become a Blockchain master.

Great YouTube channel to help

I also would like to recommend a channel on YouTube I'm following.
This dude is a software developer and talks about a lot of stuff about the Bitcoin/cryptos world.
The first contact I had on blockchain coding I got from a series of videos he made about making a simple coin.
He is on Steemit as well: @ivanli

Where I am now

At the moment I'm reading Mastering Bitcoin, learning Solidity and coding some dumbcoins on and studying a lot of Github codes and projects mentioned on the link above.
Every single day I study more and can't wait to be working on something Blockchain related.
I decided to learn everything possible about the technology and become an expert at it.
I don't care how much time it is gonna take, I'll make it! :)

So, if you are on the same quest as I am or want to share anything, leave a comment.
You can reach me as well by sending me an e-mail at [email protected]



I´m on a similar quest. I am studying Python instead of Solidity. Why Solidity? What are the differences between both? Being mainly at Steemit, I came to believe Python was the language to learn.

Python is a good language to learn. Lots of great projects in it and I've seen that a lot of bots are programmed with Python. I'm focusing on #javascript and hope to interface using some of the javascript libraries for Steem.

I will be avoiding Solidity for a while, as I see some limitations with Ethereum and I only have so much time. I'll probably stick with Javascript for quite a while.

Good to connect with other people on this quest!

I also recently started to learn Python. I've always want to learn programming but gave up on it in Uni because I thought it was too difficult and pursued another major (stupid me!) So here I am using online resources and self teaching on my free time learning Python.

Also, thanks for all the resources OP! After getting into the crypto space a few years ago I've been meaning to see what it takes to work in the field. Upvoted and following! :)

You are usin codecademy, right?
What is resources OP?

I have an old Arduino I´d like to use. But here the choice for this type of hardware is Raspberry.

I really do not know why these little motherboards are used in this context. Maybe just a matter of cost and space. I wonder if the Raspberry (or Arduino) is just a smaller or cheaper substitute for a computer. I have 3 computers and only use one, so I have a long way to go before arriving to the Arduino stage!

Excellent! Good work and thanks for sharing your progress.

I did some #javascript learning this evening, but feel that I'm making slow progress. But I am making progress and my ability as a programmer is much better now than it was just two months ago.

I appreciate your posts on this topic and look forward to learning along with you. Hope we both can be part of building great things in the near future!

Great library of information, thanks for sharing.

There is a YouTube channel called, blockchain university. It's a few years old, but still has some good stuff on it.

I just started researching about Blockchain and Ethereum last December 2017. I tried to read stuff and watch a lot of videos on Youtube. I have already setup my development environment for blockchain. I now have VSCode, Truffle, Garnache. Still trying to learn the concepts. I now have baaic understanding of smart contracts, gas, merkle tree, genesis node, setting up ethereum on azure and some really basic stuff. I managed to write my first smart contract called guess what... Hello World. 😁😁😁. I am yet to create a smart contract deployed on azure with a web interface.

So.. how far have you gone as of the moment? Any tips advice for guys like me who's starting to join the blockchain revolution? Thanks a lot!

Great to see some crypto padawans around here!

I'm more of an artist myself. But seeing the potential of crypto going forward I couldn't resist fullfilling this old time dream of mine. Learn code.

Always fascinated me but didn't think I was capable.

I started learning web development in general in November (with freecodecamp). I'm starting javascript and plan on learning python after that. I hope to get skilled enough to lend a job in the field. My plan is to work on Steemit/crypto related project on the side. Post css art and animation on Steemit. So much to do. Very exciting times.

Thanks for sharing your journey! Hope we can motivate eachother and follow our progression as we go. See you around ;-)

Ps: Any Developer discord I can join?

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