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How to get there?


So, I'm a crypto enthusiast and I'm fascinated about the concept of Blockchain and all the possibilities this new technology can give to the world.
I really believe in the future of it and I think Bitcoin (or other coin) will be the future of money.

I'm a software developer gratuated in Computer Science by the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG).
I acumulated a good knowledge on Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, advanced trading, investments. Also the technical part of it. I keep learning more and more every day. Can't get enough of it :)
I'm writing small articles on all of these trading subjects and I want to share what I learned. I'll be posting it here.

I'm at the moment:

  • watching videos and reading articles every single day about the technical part
  • learning Solidity and studying tons of codes on github
  • reading the Bitcoin Developer Guide
  • reading Andreas Antonopolous's book
  • reading courses on Blockchain programming
  • starting to mess around with some small applications
  • amongst other things

I live in Belo Horizonte - Brazil and I want to work on something or some project Blockchain-related.
My english level is advanced. Spanish intermediate, German and French basic.
I'm willing to move to any city in the world to work with the best people on this technology.

I created a channel on YouTube and will post videos soon talking about Bitcoin, Blockchain and cryptos.

Is there any steemer who is already a Blockchain developer and can give me some advice?
My e-mail is [email protected]

Thanks in advance for your help, guys :)


I've now contributed to a couple of different blockchain projects, and I will say the MAJORITY of it is using existing development languages and frameworks. For example, underneath Golem you will find a codebase written in Python, and their bugs and issues are largely related to implementing business logic and integrating with 3rd party software like Blender which are not blockchain-specific problems. Then you have ones like Stratis which is effectively (at this phase) a port of the Bitcoin C++ codebase into C#. This requires more of an understanding of the functional adaptation between C++ and C# than it has to do with blockchain or encryption. I would guess that these kinds of problems make up over 80% of the needs of blockchain software development. Hope this helps!

Golem is integrating with Blender the 3D software? Why?

Brass Golem, the first release will use 3d rendering as its first use case

Thanks, man! I'll check out these languages and frameworks!

Hi Daniel,

I also have similar goals, in that I'd like to work in something blockchain related as a programmer. I'm focusing on #javascript right now and will be documenting my progress.

There may be opportunities to get work through Steemit. I'm interested to know what books on blockchain tech you recommend. As you finish some of the books in the list, it'd be great if you wrote a post on a few of the things you learned from that book. I'd appreciate that. Do what works for you, though.

I followed you, as I think we have similar interests and goals.

Hi, Matthew! So good to hear from someone who has the same interests and goals!

I find out there's a lot of knowledge to get before searching for a job or a Blockchain project.
For now I'm reading "Mastering Bitcoin" to get more technical knowledge. I want to read the whole book.

These are some links I found interesting to get started.
There's a lot, I'm taking a look at them all. So much content to read!

Also, take a look at these Steemit posts:
https://steemit.com/steem-dev/@edges/how-do-i-become-an-employable-blockchain-app-developer (comments)

In case you want to stay in touch for us to learn and share our knowledge, you can contact me on my e-mail or on whatsapp +5531993140951.

Reading all of these sources, I'm focusing now on:
learning Solidity, Mastering Bitcoin book, github codes, javascript...

How is it going for you?

Do you have a mighty beard

Nah, just an ordinary one :)

Grande iniciativa. Vou te mandar um email para conversar a respeito da ideia de desenvolver no Blockchain. Abs

Fala, Eduardo! Manda sim, abração!

Não sou programador mas aqui no Brasil já vi a divulgação de alguns cursos da Blockchain Academy (sobre Ethereum e Smart Contracts) e do ITS Rio (fundado por Ronaldo Lemos, colunista da Folha e entusiasta do blockchain). Não sei se são bons mas pode ser um começo, vc conhece? Sucesso e boa sorte mais uma vez!

Olá, Wagner! Dei uma olhada no curso da Blockchain academy. Já começou, não vai dar pra fazê-lo. Estou estudando em casa por conta própria por enquanto. Longo caminho a seguir hehe
Muito obrigado pelas sugestões! :)

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You can get experience setting up your very own blockchain with multichain.com. Open source. Setup a Virtual machine for your 2nd node. Generate your very first genesis block. Create assets and send transactions etc

Wow, so much possibilities! I'll definately check it out!
Thanks, man! =)

Demand for talent substantially exceeding supply for talent in this area; meanwhile, developer community has contributed and collaborated on open source code at an unprecedented scale so a lot of growth opportunity. I would consider contributing to the dev community with large consortiums since they represent the movers and shakers like Hyperledger: https://github.com/hyperledger

Hi @martins87,
Awesome post, man. I've been going through a similar road myself but coming more from an analytics background, rather than computer science. It's great to have some guys such as yourself sharing their knowledge. After all, there is so much to be done as a developer in this space. And for the moment, there is no equivalent of Stack Overflow for Solidity (as far as I know!). So, knowledge sharing on posts, YouTube, etc is really great.

In that same month, I created a website to post articles, experiments and some applications related to the technology. Feel free to take a look at http://operationblockchain.org, Steemers! :D

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