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RE: I want to be a Blockchain Developer JEDI MASTER - Can you help me?

I've now contributed to a couple of different blockchain projects, and I will say the MAJORITY of it is using existing development languages and frameworks. For example, underneath Golem you will find a codebase written in Python, and their bugs and issues are largely related to implementing business logic and integrating with 3rd party software like Blender which are not blockchain-specific problems. Then you have ones like Stratis which is effectively (at this phase) a port of the Bitcoin C++ codebase into C#. This requires more of an understanding of the functional adaptation between C++ and C# than it has to do with blockchain or encryption. I would guess that these kinds of problems make up over 80% of the needs of blockchain software development. Hope this helps!


Golem is integrating with Blender the 3D software? Why?

Brass Golem, the first release will use 3d rendering as its first use case

Thanks, man! I'll check out these languages and frameworks!

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