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"No one alive at that time (2019) could have foreseen the events leading to the transformation of humanity. No one now alive (2198) doubts we live in an interactive Cosmos." Sabat Shay, Council of Elders


The following text is from my great great grandfathers journal. He was 15 years old in 2019, but wrote this from his recollections of those early years as an older adult.

In the beginning it was a novelty to see volcanic activity in the State of Hawaii, and then came the volcanic eruption of Volcan de Fuego in Guatamala and Mt. Agung in Indonesia. But we still really did not think much of it. Shortly thereafter Mt. Fugi in Japan erupted killing some 10 million souls. By then there was no doubt that all the eruptions were related. There were various theories put out but the one that comes to mind speculated that we live in an electric universe and that long cyclical solar patterns and other powerful cosmic energies influenced the earth in ways no one had yet been able to thoroughly document; and it was these patterns that caused the eruptions.


Mt. Fugi, Japan, towering over a population of some 25 million within 63 miles.

And then the super volcano at Yellowstone blew. That changed everything.

During those first days of utter chaos after the Yellowstone eruption the Chinese took advantage of the situation and invaded Taiwan, and when the US threatened to retaliate China responded with the detonation of EMP'S over the continental United States. From that moment on all news of the world ceased, and all semblance of civilization began it's rapid and inevitable collapse.

The massive amounts of air borne particulate from all these eruptions led to a 5 year global winter that threatened to wipe out humanity. There were, however, some parts of the earth that saw enough sunshine to sustain minimal crops. These were located around the equator and in some parts of the southern hemisphere. But nearly all humans in the northern hemisphere perished. Had there been electricity perhaps things would have been different but the EMP's assured near total devastation of the populations of North America, Europe, Russia, China, and most of India along with lesser nations above the Tropic of Cancer.

We are fortunate in the extreme to have had the Colony to flee to in those first days. Our family was already on site at the Smokey Valley location and had been there several month prior to the eruption of the Yellowstone volcano. I remember those first days after the eruption and the EMP attack were very frightening for all of us as volcanic ash continued to fall silently out of the sky like some deadly grey snow. I recall, too, how my father was so calm and assuring. He was like a rock for all of us assuring us the ash would soon stop falling and that we would be just fine. And it did stop, leaving only a few inches on the ground. But we knew the world had changed, that we could never go back to what was, that we would be tested in ways we could never have foreseen. And yet, we survived, which thing I've always considered to be a miracle.

It's strange the things I remember of those first days and months. In particular I recall how quiet it was. The fallen ash seemed to muffle all sounds. But the world was silent. The sounds that had always been in the background were gone. There was no sound of traffic, or airplanes, or phones. It was dead quiet once you walked away from the compound. I remember climbing a hill behind our camp and looking down at my footprints in the grey powdery ash and thinking, of all things, that someone might find my fossilized footprints in the ash a million years in the future and wonder who I was and what I was doing. I was trying to stay alive. I was trying not to cry. That's what I was doing.

"We know that individuals on a path of transformation often experience harrowing events and deeply challenging circumstances that lead to said transformation, and that without these catalysts of soul, change will not occur. So is it with humanity. Events and circumstances led to our collective transformation. And though the price was dear, we are grateful." Sabat Shay, Council of Elders


Smokey Valley Hot Springs, in the former State of Nevada, USA.

It is commonly acknowledged that the Founders of the Colony, Christopher Calvert, Miah Garcia, and Terrance McKensie were either very prescient, incredibly lucky or both. By the summer of 2018 they had plans in place to create a colony in the upper Smokey Valley some 275 miles north of Las Vegas in the event of a natural or man made catastrophe.

The Founders recruited essential personnel and their families who had agreed to join together in a cooperative effort to prepare for potential catastrophic events. There was an electrical engineer specializing in geothermal electric generation, permaculturists, an herbalist, dentist, physician, mid wife, carpenters, plumbers, specialists in greenhouse agriculture, aqua culture, cooks, and numerous multi-talented people who could work and assist in many areas. Of course there were also numerous individuals with military or police training. The final count of those in the original Colony came to 104 souls, but in those first months others found their way to the compound raising the total to nearly 130 people.

The Colony survived because of three things: First there was careful planning down to the smallest detail that had been going on since 2016. Secondly all personnel and their families had to go through rigorous training sessions in the summer and fall of 2018, and they had all agreed to be responsible to provide for their families individual needs for up to a year. This included medications, food, clothing, shelter, and assorted survival gear and weapons. And lastly the people who committed to the Colony believed in a greater vision and purpose beyond survival. They believed in a better future for humanity and that they could help create that future. A quote from Calvert's memoirs speaks to that vision:

      "We had come to believe that a paradigm shift was necessary if 
       humanity was to survive.We held a common belief that we could 
       practice what we called Cooperative Abundance, a voluntary system
       of working together in community to insure the general success of 
       the community and each individual.  We realized that if humanity
       was to prosper and thrive it had to undergo a rise in consciousness. 
       We were prepared to work together to bring that shift in 
       consciousness to pass. We had a vision of peace, abundance, 
       vibrant health, and joy for each individual and for the community.
       It was our belief that if we could accomplish this as a small 
       community it would be possibl to replicate this in the larger 


The fascinating story of the Smokey Valley Colony will continue. We'll see the construction of greenhouses, the development of geothermal energy to power all their needs. We'll learn how they managed to grow food sufficient for the community. Most importantly we'll observe them raise their consciousness in most trying circumstances. And finally we'll dance with joy when the day comes that the Sun breaks through the gloom to once again nurture the hopes and needs of humanity.

May we live in peace and abundance. Blessings,

Mister Mercury


This was a captivating read. Amidst the destruction a small group with eyes to see prepared and were able to adapt/overcome (according to the journal). I can't wait to read more my friend.

Thanks. Yes, there will be more and soon. Blessings.

This story was great. Excited to read more.

Thanks, I appreciate that. I plan on writing a few more installments. Should be fun. Blessings.

Gorgeous my friend, I'm interested in reading this

Thanks. More to come soon. In the meantime I'm going fishing!

Oh my, this is fantastic. I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Should be ready to go in the next few days. Chapter II begins with this: Some families, some individuals didn't make it to Smokey Valley. There may have been many reasons, but perhaps the greatest stumbling block for those few who did not arrive was that it was so very difficult to leave their homes. Home meant security, and safety and comfort and an investment of years of time and care. In the end to leave home was too much of an obstacle. Or perhaps those who stayed behind were overcome with gloom and despair and gave up before making the effort. Whatever the cause, it was with great sadness that I finally struck their names from the list of the colony some two months after the EMP, for I knew they were either dead or soon would be.

Nice, this could basically be from any parallel universe to our own. Or maybe even be our future, as EMP is the most likely weapon to be used against U.S. Hopefully, we will be able to avoid such carnage or at least get the grid prepared for it.

It is only a matter of time before a CME (coronal mass ejection) strong enough to paralyze the earths electric grid will appear. Will any nation be prepared? I doubt it. As for EMP's, testimony in US Congressional hearings projected a 90% population loss in the first year. Indeed, it would be a very challenging time.

In such a scenario you'd basically have to treat it like a zombie apocalypse. Shelter within the safety of armed groups or hidden bunkers stocked full of food. If the bunker is hidden and supplied well enough to last a year, one might be able to ride out the die off and evade the cannibals just long enough to poke their heads out when the supplies are low to see what is what. The remaining 10% of the population will either be road warrior mad maxesque villains or folks that were well prepared. Beware of those who have shaky hands, especially if they offer you food as kuru may be a sign that you do not want to accept any hospitality from that particular stranger.

great writing

Thanks. Appreciate it.

So, this sounds a lot like something you're actually planning to do. :)

Very nice. A lot of detail. Sounds like there's even more detail to come. I like the use of the great great grandfather's journal to bridge the gap between now and then. Life is going to be totally different in 180 years (with or without EMPs and mass eruptions). I'm sad to say odds are I won't be around to see it.

I do hope to see what the next 32 years bring, though. :)

It would be easy to make a book out of this. I see creation of it in my mind. Perhaps reading about permaculture from @erikaharris got me headed in that direction

And who knows what the next 20 years will bring let alone 180. Will it be a brave new world or a brain dead world? It's up to you and I don't ya know. The entire cosmos pivots upon what we write here. I suppose it does in a way.

If the entire cosmos pivots around what we write, I better start working on some seriously good stuff, then, so it can all become reality. :)

Well, the last 20 years brought us primarily the internet as we know it, smartphones, tablets, the information/experience/anonymous/complain age, and a whole host of other technological advances. Are we better for them? In some ways. In many ways, not really.

So, I would imagine that the next 20 years will bring a lot more of the same kinds of things—amoral technology that some will do great good with but others will find a way to make the world worse with, continuing the reasons why we can't have nice things. :)

If you are on your way to that colony, let me know. I will join you.

I suppose were I younger I might follow some of the folks headed down to Belize or Costa Rica in the meantime I'm hanging pretty close to all my kids and grandkids who all live pretty close. I try and tell the things MAY get dicey in the future. They have learned to stare me down without rolling their eyes. MY plans are not nearly so elaborate as the Smokey Valley Compound but I do have emergency plans. Perhaps we'll just slip further and further into a Socialist paradise and we'll all be just fine. Barf.

If by some twist of fate Smokey Valley becomes reality, I'll keep you informed. really.

My favorite kind of story! I was reading about the huge global extinction 450 million years ago, I thought of the volcanoes going off today and how tense the global war hawks are right now. No more silly gossip and bickering through social media when everyone is striving to survive😏

I think this theme is one we all have lodged in our collective subconscious memories. And we relate to it very strongly. I call in an "energy band", but there are other names for it. I imagine that before long the concept of energy bands will be common knowledge. Maybe I'll write about it.

Please write about energy bands @mistermercury; I have memories of riding dinosaurs...hahaha (j/k about the dinosaurs.). I am interested in how memories are stored within the field of energy we live in; I saw this in meditation.

@mistermercury, don't you think that it could also be stored in water? I have researched about the information storing abilities of water and found it fascinating but I don't know enough about these subjects. I have started digging into the Torus energy field and the structure of the our sun and the universe and how it ties into this field. It is however difficult the shrug aside the BS hammered into our heads from a small age and I still have some work to do to.

Good point. Hadn't thought about water memory for a while. Will have to include that. Yes, once you begin the dive into energy and vibrations everything changes. This after all is the key to the cosmos according to Tesla.

I've been thinking of writing about this for several days now. So should be hot off the press here in the next day or two. Anything for @reddust!

I will be patiently waiting❤️

Oh, I got a notification from Hermes Trismegistus that he wanted to give me an interview. He suggested one of the topics might be energy banks, etc. Perhaps he'll be available for that today/tonight.

@mistermercury, I hope you can give us a post with date and time of your interview so we can listen too!

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if we were alive at that time it was so horrible, I was not close to the Karo Sinabung, but the recent eruption had a bad impact on us as well, whether economic or environmental,