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So, this is it #STEEM peeps! The end of the @theycallmedan #dpoll delegation road is near. Our 118 members from 30 countries, involved in countless Steem communities and projects - have shared their enthusiasm, passion, thoughts, dedication and confidence with ALL of you throughout the 6+ days of this race - so there is little left to say, other than - to share the above quote and sentiment - applicable not only to us as a community but also to those of you that have not yet voted ;)

So - if you have not yet voted and would still like to show support to a community which TRULY embraces and embodies the POSITIVE SUSTAINABILITY of #steem - then PLEASE go and vote for us


And no matter the outcome of this poll - I share one last quote and sentiment that I know RESONATES with EVERY SINGLE member within our Power House!



Power House Creatives Logos FINAL_float.png

And a HUGE thank you to ALL of the FANTASTIC people that played a part in getting us this far! You guys are AMAZING!!!!!!!




It is an honour and a pleasure to be part of this community. Well played @jaynie and @zord189.

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Let's hope we can scrap work tomorrow and POP the champagne!!!!!


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It's been another interesting week! What an I going to write about this coming week?

My emotional and psychological scars from too much dpolling...

hehehhe ;)

I so admire the dedication and such strong leadership shown at @steemitbloggers!
A community well worth fighting for!

Thank you honey!!!! THAT - is PRECISELY what sets us apart!!!!

Wow. 30 different countries! Who would have thought ;)

Brilliant job all the way through this @jaynie. You are our inspiration. And uncle Zord of course. #gophc

Upvoted and resteemed.


apparently not me @cheese4ead hehehhe :P

And thank you! People may "think" I feel nothing, when in truth - the complete opposite is true, which is why I fight so hard. YOU, were one of the FIRST people as a member of our community - to EVER "dm me" and thank me for what I do, acknowledging the "loneliness" attached to the role. I will NEVER forget that!

Thank you!!!

We could easily assume that you get fan mail and appreciation messages coming out of your ears but I guess that's just nonsense. You deserve all the credit and whether you get it from them or not, the vast majority of PHC's appreciate you and the constant work you put in. It isn't PHC without you and that's the truth.

It's hard work but you're winning. Keep it up and we will follow.

Gaz (The CEO of the @Jaynie fan club) 😁

and it is moments like THIS that keep me around instead of hitting that "delete server" button... hehehe KIDDING!!!! (mostly! lol :P)

Good luck and keep on steemin!


MWAH x infinity!

thanks my friend @dswigle

Always a pleasure!

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Thank you so much @rebeccabe !!

That's a lonnnnnng list of amazing ;). Thank you for including me! Include yourself on the list, cuz you are awesomesauce with icing on top 😊

I'm happy to report my support this vote, plus a few who aren't on here enough to belong to any group but would choose SB/PHC because of its inclusion and community mindset. Not to mention ENERGY!

Thank you sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course hun 😁

Victory shall be ours.💪💪💪💪

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We sure hope so! Thank you for the support!!!! :)

Steemit is platform that's make a human great, because we are all here to support each other and i just hardly believe that, without support each it is quite impossible to success in life and for steemit platform this thing is very effective. Here i'm just love @steemitbloggers community huge, so i feel this my duty to support them from my best, and i do the same thing.

There have reality in our life, we can't help any one, the only creator can help us, we just play a rule for supporting.

Hoping that Creator will make this community huge, because they are really dedicated.

Thank you all for mentioning my name.

I voted represented two countries Portugal were I was born and Brazil were I live.

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AWESOME! Thank you VERY MUCH!!!!! REALLY appreciate the support!

I have upvoted ~~

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8 more hours on the clock — we're not done yet! It has been an interesting week... and maybe after tonight we can actually sleep a little again!

Oh, wait... I'm prepping for a leaving on a 3-day conference Friday! Nevermind...

haha SHAAAME!!!! my goodness I am looking forward to my boring daily life lol ;)

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happy to do good deeds ✅

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Glad to be able to help.

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I know I'm in a great place with you!

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Thanks for your mention. I was taking update on dpoll and waiting for the good outcome of all positive effort. It's important time if few hours left yet . Keep going :)

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Another awesome heartfelt post. I don't know where you are drawing your strength from. This has been another epic effort, right on the heels of the last one. You and @zord189 can never be given the proper amount of credit. You are like a lioness protecting her cubs - and we all appreciate it.

Both of you are awasome @jaynie & @zord189..!!!
Keep it up..!!
We will support you..!!


whatever happens it has been fun! :)

I used to believe that:

STEEM is a technological tool to empower people to build human networks.

From time to time I'm reminded that it is true, when people joins together and acts as humans!

I'm rooting for you, this time! Good luck!

Appreciate the shout out!!

I've been here since 2017, but not so active due to health issues. I do know however, the importance of positivity, honor, and "strength in numbers"...

Continue your path; seems many are on board!!

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I am glad to.be a part of the community and to be able to pay role in its success. More power to the community and we can still do it. Good luck everyone, get more and more people to vote for us and celebrate

Holy cow look at all those awesome people!

One of the coolest things I have seen is the groups coming together to support us and the alliances form between other dolphin creating and supporting groups!

Go @steemitbloggers!

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