"Victory's Price" (poem-article) ... @theycallmedan's 20,000 STEEM Delegation

Poem by @QuillFire
Member, The Power House Creatives

Victory's Price

This single thing to which you cling, 
One thing that you’d do well, 
No compromise for it the prize, 
This single thing, excel.   

For it you’d stand, you’d clench your hand, 
For it, you’d make a fist, 
You’d not back down, you’d hold your ground, 
Persevere, persist.   

You’d take the pain to make the gain, 
Your eyes, you’d fill with tears, 
Your stomach churns, your muscles burn, 
The agony, it sears.   

You’d risk derision for things envisioned, 
A laughing stock become, 
The jeers and sneers of them your peers, 
You’d risk, yet not succumb.  

Of it possessed, you are obsessed, 
“Unhealthy,” the healthy opine,  
“Contusion, confusion; illusion, delusion,” 
In thousands of ways, malign.   

The human tale is a thing on sale, 
Most pay the lowest price, 
The thing most free is what they’ll be, 
If good enough, suffice.    

Ordinary … extraordinary, 
In ‘extra’ lies the clue, 
To go beyond does correspond, 
With which they will not do.   

Heed not the words of Men in herds, 
For Greatness works alone, 
What’s Victory’s price … but the price paid twice, 
The thrifty, will not it condone.  

How much do you want it?

The Japanese call it, "otaku" ... a passion beyond reason. A thing to which one dedicates the fire of one's soul. 

Everybody says they do. But talk is cheap. 

Indeed, we've become meme-machines, the purveyors of pithy cliches and high-minded platitudes. But it has been my experience that one only begins to be defined at the point where everyone else has given up. That the "extraordinary-minded" intuitively understand that anything in life worth having, will require the paying of a price to obtain it.

"Extraordinary" means "extra" (beyond) the "ordinary" (the common) and what people are willing to do in order to obtain the "extraordinary results" they desire, is very much dependent upon the person. Some will attempt to earn it, others ... to steal it. 

Steemit is but a microcosm of life and the rules of humanity are not rewritten because someone composes a bit of code. And so, inevitably, these two mindsets come into conflict. One will win ... and the other lose. I will leave it to your speculation about the consequences for the blockchain in the case of either. 

I am a member of the former group, the earners. But I am not alone. Indeed, some number of months ago I was invited to join a Steemit organization called @steemitbloggers, which has since been rebranded as the Power House Creatives.     

In less august circles, the Power House Creatives are referred to as "Elitist Pricks." 

Personally, it's a moniker I wear well. 

But for most of my teammates, only the adjective applies. They're good, honest people working hard to build the communities and cohesion upon which the blockchain depends. But they also produce content of which the blockchain can be proud, perhaps ferociously so. Content that actually has a chance of attracting audiences and increasing Steemit's user-base. 

They are the "elite." 

The best writers, poets, painters and musicians. The best photographers, videographers and world-class chefs. While the group has approximately 100 members, they hail from more than 24 countries and speak close to two dozen languages. And, they possess IQ's not trivially above the norm.   

But for all that diversity, there is a tie that binds: A shared creed. 

A desire to be "extraordinary" and a willingness to perform whatever Herculean tasks are required in order to achieve it. Of course, it's not just the Power House Creatives that embody this spirit. There are many other Steemians as well ... fellow travelers and, hopefully, future Members.

In the present @theycallmedan @20,000 STEEM Delegation Contest (God Bless His Soul), the Power House Creatives will go up against competitors many times their size and possessing far greater resources with which to wage war. We do not, for example, have the ability (nor the inclination) to trade upvotes for poll-votes. Such were our circumstance during the original 10,000 STEEM Delegation contest and we still managed to come in second ... and damn near first.  

This contest's STEEM Delegation is, in-and-of-itself, insignificant. What is significant is what it empowers: An ideal that stipulates that Content Shall Be Compensated Commensurate With Its Quality. Admittedly, the Power House Creatives would be beneficiaries of the adoption of such an ideal. But, so too, would be all those who share our ethos. Those who would elevate Merit over Manipulation. While this is but the first step of a 1,000 mile journey, a journey to reform the blockchain, it is singular in its distinction - for inherent in that step ... is the intent to begin. 

We, the Members of the Power House Creatives, humbly ask for your support ... and your vote.             


How To Vote

  1. Click this Link 
  2. When asked, Login to steemconnect
  3. Select "steemitbloggers"


An elitist would discard a piece of work on the personal whim about a tiny detail that is not tho said elitist's taste. Alright I am saying this, coming from a place where everybody deems oneself the elite while the others are, obviously, quite the profane bunch. And I would appreciate each tiny spark of creativity, even in works not polished. At least those I can find.


Hey mate.

The "elitist prick" comment is something of an inside joke between @jaynie and I. There are those who think we're "too snotty" because we insist that Hot and Trending ought to reflect honest curation and that the content therein ought to be the Best of the Blockchain.

Personally, I am "inclusive" of anyone who's willing to try ... hard. I have mentored many on writing both poetry and prose and am happy to do so. But the desire to "create greatness" is not universal. Many are happy with striving to "not be bad." But that's not enough if one aspires to legitimately earn ovation. The Greats pay a great price for their greatness.


Excellent piece of poetry, and well chosen for this epic battle for Steem Delegation.

"the thrifty will not it condone", very true, and I hope people are not too thrifty with their vote placing. Good luck to the @steemitbloggers, I feel you really deserve this win after all the work put into the last poll.

#thealliance #witness


Thanks mate.

And "all the work in the last poll" ... will pale in comparison to this one.

We're not asking anyone to give it to us ... we'll earn it.


You sure did write this well, @quillfire. I know why they like you so much. 👍🏿


Thanks mate.

You two should be in this group. It's not like the others. Perfect, no. But a damned cite better than most, if not all. We're trying to "be something." Something "real," not just chest-thumping rhetoric and empty platitudes. And, we're trying to inspire the rest of the blockchain to do the same. It's not easy ... but nothing worth having in life, is.

And, I have a sneaking suspicion ... that the sentiment is becoming contagious.

DM me if you'd like to chat in private.


What’s the deal with the certification process over at narrative? Do you know if anyone that’s done that?

Hi @dandays, pleased to meet you. I've been active on Narrative for a couple of weeks (joined in August last year). I just went through the certification process, and it's a doozy. If you don't do it right the first time, it will cost you an extra $5. A huge loop to jump through, but it could be worth it in the long run.

There is an initial and natural resistance to it, I think. Who wants to shell out $10 to prove you're human? Well, there are several benefits to doing so.

  1. The promise of minimizing the damage that bots can do (as they do on #Steemit)
  2. The promise of earning future rewards that will offset the cost and potentially earn some semi-passive income
  3. Being able to trust that the people you're interacting with on the platform are actually human
  4. If you do become active on Narrative, you'll be able to hold Niche moderator positions (and thereby earn potentially more rewards for the effort)

As I see it, there are only three downsides to certification on Narrative (and probably more than 4 upsides).

  1. The cost (though $10 is quite minimal; if you wait too long, it will cost $15)
  2. The possibility that paying for certification will serve as a barrier to entry for some potential Narrators. However, it's not mandatory. Someone who just wants to post content and isn't interested in any of the other promised benefits can just show up and start posting without getting certified. On the other hand, if they earn more than $600, they'll have to do it anyway (in which case, I defer to benefit #2 and a positive ROI).
  3. If Narrative fails, you're out $10.

In my opinion, these three downsides are negligible compared to the upsides. In other words, potential benefits far outweigh the expense. It's a risk, but it's a very small risk.

The biggest issue for me is the process. Two forms of ID, which you have to scan or take a picture of, then you have to take a selfie with some arbitrary message written on a piece of paper. That's silly to me, but since biometrics aren't advanced enough to make that simpler and easier to implement for startups like Narrative, I guess I could stomach the time constraint.

All of that said, you'll have to make up your own mind. That's just the way I think about it.

@blockurator. Thank you so much for this valuable information, I appreciate you taking the timw to tell spell it out for me. I’m a big fan of the things I’ve heard over there, I’m also very opposed to many things we’re experiencing here.

I appreciate all of your knowledge blockurator and I’ll get over there soon to finish my registration. Both my wife and I have began the registration process, you see, I’m a chess player, I practice patience all of the time. Her, not so much, she’s pretty much had enough of this community pooping in her lap! On her walking path... behind her.... that one round of applause sounds good every once in awhile but there’s a lot of piles of poop to avoid.

Hope to see you there.

Add this as a benefit. When your reputation hits 85, you'll be eligible to be on The Tribunal. That's a huge position of influence. Those who are active on Narrative right now will be pioneers as the first Tribunal election is in September. My reputation jumped from 23 to 53 after getting certified.

53 reputation score.PNG

From here on out, it's three things:

  1. Keep suggesting Niches that don't get rejected
  2. Create valuable content
  3. Be on my best behavior


Hey Dan. I don't know much ... but I think it's an excellent idea. Many months ago I wrote in my Reform Articles that Steemit would have to adopt a similar measure. My source for all things "Narrative" is my PHC brother, @blockurator. He's pretty involved, is smart and thinks strategically (ex-military officer). He has also written a bunch of Narrative articles including a recent one about the ID Certification.

Head on over and tell him your Quill's mate.



Do join #PowerHouseCreatives (@steemitbloggers). @quillfire is right. Don't let him know I said so. We can both put in a good word. Helps to know people....

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You’re too kind @fionasfavourites, I appreciate the encouragement. Happy Sunday!

As always, Quill, your post is packed full of more things than I can find time to comment on! But this - I have to highlight this asap:
The Japanese call it, "otaku" ... a passion beyond reason. A thing to which one dedicates the fire of one's soul. Everybody says they do. But talk is cheap. Indeed, we've become meme-machines, the purveyors of pithy cliches and high-minded platitudes.


Hi Carol.

The blockchain is at an inflection point ... we have to choose what we'll be, Merit or Manipulation, for the one thing negates the other.

It's always nice to have "erudite-appreciating" commenters. :-) Thankfully for me, there's a ton in the Power House Creatives. :-)


This post reeks of "Elitist Prickliness"... I love it.

After a few days cooling off from what can only be described as a s__tshow here, I came searching for @quillfire posts to instil some hope after the lengthy conversations we've had.

So I decided to let the bid bots have their wicked way with me, I don't give a rats. What I do care about is the #powerhousecreatives @steemitbloggers and that means more than some crypto which may or may not amount to anything.

I'm going to be giving my full resteem and upvote support on as many PHC posts on steem as I can find until the poll ends and then we'll tear this place a new one.

What do you say compadre?


Nicky's ... ON FIRE!

You're on, brother. No one decides this thing but us. Sooner or later, people will choose ... Merit over Manipulation. They may test the patience of Job in the process, but people will eventually get there.

In any event, we'll make PHC a Legend ... and sail for fairer waters if the need arises.


I've already worked on the back up plans should we choose to move to other chains - de-risk and all that. No power down just yet, my Twitter feed is dominated by EMA and PHC posts and there may be life (albeit potentially dwindling) in this poisoned body just yet.

Let's hope folks start to choose Merit for the sake of platform

So glad you are back @nickyhavey. I also got hit on my post about this contest - go and have a look. I just put on my big girl panties and ignored them*. They are bots after all.
*there is a much more expressive phrase in the local vernacular but a) it's potty language and b) you wouldn't understand it - lost in translation! Lol

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I just had a look @fionashavourites - they will be the downfall of this platform and stop new users staying but as I said to Quilly, I'm hedging my bets and the PHC are my friends so I will do what I can to support them. Even if that means wading through the s__t to get here :)

And your comment got voted, I think 4 times by a bot. I am shaking my head. I wonder what can be done about this? I agree that it's chasing people away. And it's childish. I guess someone - a whale witness with b*lls will have to nail his/her colours to the mast so to speak. I guess most fear that by doing so s/he will be hoist on his/her own petard. Don't know why I included "she"...

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5 times @fionasfavourites. I've been chased away from this platform and have seen enough - job done.

Catch you on another site with the PHC :)

I am sorry about that. I now see that Bernie has changed his tack but is being flagged. I am staying here - I don't want to be on multiple platforms and build a new profile - too much work. I wish I could spend more time on line but can't. Anyhow, I am sorry and hope that perhaps you will come back.

I'm in the "yo-yo" phase at the moment. Every time I log in and want to show support to the PHC, some other nonsense comes up that makes me want to stay away.

And I know the focus and most of my blogging friends are on this platform so I am torn really haha!

I could just reinstall steempress and flag any spam/whale s___ that appears on my blogs (because those also appear on my website with that plug-in) - think it hides them if the author flags it right?

Quill!!! You are an absolute legend and a complete MASTER! Thank you for this! I am nothing short of BURSTING with pride after reading this - and simultaneously holding a (private) smirk that we have you on our team ;) heheheh!!!!

I could not agree more

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Here's to you ... my fellow elitist prick. :-)

Thanks Jaynie ... and there's a lot more to come! We sleep when this is over.



Applause! Applause!
...the Power House Creatives will go up against competitors many times their size and possessing far greater resources with which to wage war. We do not, for example, have the ability (nor the inclination) to trade upvotes for poll-votes.

Fabulous verse, packed with a wonderful message, and the extra bit about "otaku" was icing on the cake! Well-done post! Gladly resteemed!


Thanks Kitty.

I've got another coming out today.


Well said!
Thank you for bringing to our attention this phenomena of the human condition with the Japanese term,

"otaku" ... a passion beyond reason
How many of us really possess this and are willing to put the effort forward? Time will tell.
You give a fine representation of the Power House Creatives Community and I thank you very much!


You control your destiny or it controls you.

Steel sharpens steel ... this is the great potential of the Power House Creatives. Smart people, make other smart people ... smarter.


We are on the top of the list @quillfire


Excellent News!

That said, we were "first for a time" the last time too. Complacency in War is the precursor to defeat. We become the Victors ONLY after the Poll closes.

As One my friend.


So much here: poetry which I admire but don't do, but more than this, reflections of what @steemitbloggers aka #PowerHouseCreatives are: extra-ordinary, elite, ethical in a world where those qualities are rare. So happy to be a part of this.

And yes, a microcosm of the world. We would all do well to bear that in mind.

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You all are doing well so far...


Thanks Ol' Guy. There are some "voting filters" this time which will cut down on "gaming the system" shenanigans.

It's all still too early for anything to be meaningful. It's not over 'til it's over, and hence, we will work our tails off until the very last moment.


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Thank you for spreading the news about @steemitbloggers. 💕 You rock 👍👍


Thanks mate.

BTW ... I tried to upvote and resteem your post yesterday. I couldn't despite a dozen attempts. I'm not an IT guy but I wonder if those animated icons are creating problems. It seems unlikely that I'd be the only one having the problem.


That's interesting. I wonder what's going on. Thank you for trying. We need to win this dPoll for sure.

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@quillfire Resteemed! I LOVE your poem - it gives me extra spur to go the EXTRA mile and be EXTRAordinary! ((:

Ordinary … extraordinary,
In ‘extra’ lies the clue,
To go beyond does correspond,
With which they will not do.

I've been inspired by you to do something creative to support the dpoll delegation. But I'm rusty in my poetry, so I wrote a microfiction piece! 😂


That was a pretty good stanza if I say so myself. Strangely, poets are as much affected by their own poems as anyone else. It's like a "different person" writes it from the person who reads it. :-)

I've been inspired by you to do something creative to support the dpoll delegation. But I'm rusty in my poetry, so I wrote a microfiction piece!

That's music to my ears. We are creatives. What could be more appropriate in our efforts to convince others to vote for us on the basis of our ethos, that Quality Content Matters, than to demonstrate that we do as we say?

When one of us does a "Great Thing," it inspires (forces, pressures, coerces) the rest of us to respond in kind. Steel sharpens steel. That is the transcedent power of the Power House Creatives ... we strive to become part of something larger than ourselves. And that scales.

I will check out your piece before noon.


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