Thanks mate.

You two should be in this group. It's not like the others. Perfect, no. But a damned cite better than most, if not all. We're trying to "be something." Something "real," not just chest-thumping rhetoric and empty platitudes. And, we're trying to inspire the rest of the blockchain to do the same. It's not easy ... but nothing worth having in life, is.

And, I have a sneaking suspicion ... that the sentiment is becoming contagious.

DM me if you'd like to chat in private.


What’s the deal with the certification process over at narrative? Do you know if anyone that’s done that?

Hi @dandays, pleased to meet you. I've been active on Narrative for a couple of weeks (joined in August last year). I just went through the certification process, and it's a doozy. If you don't do it right the first time, it will cost you an extra $5. A huge loop to jump through, but it could be worth it in the long run.

There is an initial and natural resistance to it, I think. Who wants to shell out $10 to prove you're human? Well, there are several benefits to doing so.

  1. The promise of minimizing the damage that bots can do (as they do on #Steemit)
  2. The promise of earning future rewards that will offset the cost and potentially earn some semi-passive income
  3. Being able to trust that the people you're interacting with on the platform are actually human
  4. If you do become active on Narrative, you'll be able to hold Niche moderator positions (and thereby earn potentially more rewards for the effort)

As I see it, there are only three downsides to certification on Narrative (and probably more than 4 upsides).

  1. The cost (though $10 is quite minimal; if you wait too long, it will cost $15)
  2. The possibility that paying for certification will serve as a barrier to entry for some potential Narrators. However, it's not mandatory. Someone who just wants to post content and isn't interested in any of the other promised benefits can just show up and start posting without getting certified. On the other hand, if they earn more than $600, they'll have to do it anyway (in which case, I defer to benefit #2 and a positive ROI).
  3. If Narrative fails, you're out $10.

In my opinion, these three downsides are negligible compared to the upsides. In other words, potential benefits far outweigh the expense. It's a risk, but it's a very small risk.

The biggest issue for me is the process. Two forms of ID, which you have to scan or take a picture of, then you have to take a selfie with some arbitrary message written on a piece of paper. That's silly to me, but since biometrics aren't advanced enough to make that simpler and easier to implement for startups like Narrative, I guess I could stomach the time constraint.

All of that said, you'll have to make up your own mind. That's just the way I think about it.

@blockurator. Thank you so much for this valuable information, I appreciate you taking the timw to tell spell it out for me. I’m a big fan of the things I’ve heard over there, I’m also very opposed to many things we’re experiencing here.

I appreciate all of your knowledge blockurator and I’ll get over there soon to finish my registration. Both my wife and I have began the registration process, you see, I’m a chess player, I practice patience all of the time. Her, not so much, she’s pretty much had enough of this community pooping in her lap! On her walking path... behind her.... that one round of applause sounds good every once in awhile but there’s a lot of piles of poop to avoid.

Hope to see you there.

Add this as a benefit. When your reputation hits 85, you'll be eligible to be on The Tribunal. That's a huge position of influence. Those who are active on Narrative right now will be pioneers as the first Tribunal election is in September. My reputation jumped from 23 to 53 after getting certified.

53 reputation score.PNG

From here on out, it's three things:

  1. Keep suggesting Niches that don't get rejected
  2. Create valuable content
  3. Be on my best behavior


Hey Dan. I don't know much ... but I think it's an excellent idea. Many months ago I wrote in my Reform Articles that Steemit would have to adopt a similar measure. My source for all things "Narrative" is my PHC brother, @blockurator. He's pretty involved, is smart and thinks strategically (ex-military officer). He has also written a bunch of Narrative articles including a recent one about the ID Certification.

Head on over and tell him your Quill's mate.



Do join #PowerHouseCreatives (@steemitbloggers). @quillfire is right. Don't let him know I said so. We can both put in a good word. Helps to know people....

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You’re too kind @fionasfavourites, I appreciate the encouragement. Happy Sunday!

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