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RE: "Victory's Price" (poem-article) ... @theycallmedan's 20,000 STEEM Delegation

This post reeks of "Elitist Prickliness"... I love it.

After a few days cooling off from what can only be described as a s__tshow here, I came searching for @quillfire posts to instil some hope after the lengthy conversations we've had.

So I decided to let the bid bots have their wicked way with me, I don't give a rats. What I do care about is the #powerhousecreatives @steemitbloggers and that means more than some crypto which may or may not amount to anything.

I'm going to be giving my full resteem and upvote support on as many PHC posts on steem as I can find until the poll ends and then we'll tear this place a new one.

What do you say compadre?



Nicky's ... ON FIRE!

You're on, brother. No one decides this thing but us. Sooner or later, people will choose ... Merit over Manipulation. They may test the patience of Job in the process, but people will eventually get there.

In any event, we'll make PHC a Legend ... and sail for fairer waters if the need arises.


I've already worked on the back up plans should we choose to move to other chains - de-risk and all that. No power down just yet, my Twitter feed is dominated by EMA and PHC posts and there may be life (albeit potentially dwindling) in this poisoned body just yet.

Let's hope folks start to choose Merit for the sake of platform

So glad you are back @nickyhavey. I also got hit on my post about this contest - go and have a look. I just put on my big girl panties and ignored them*. They are bots after all.
*there is a much more expressive phrase in the local vernacular but a) it's potty language and b) you wouldn't understand it - lost in translation! Lol

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I just had a look @fionashavourites - they will be the downfall of this platform and stop new users staying but as I said to Quilly, I'm hedging my bets and the PHC are my friends so I will do what I can to support them. Even if that means wading through the s__t to get here :)

And your comment got voted, I think 4 times by a bot. I am shaking my head. I wonder what can be done about this? I agree that it's chasing people away. And it's childish. I guess someone - a whale witness with b*lls will have to nail his/her colours to the mast so to speak. I guess most fear that by doing so s/he will be hoist on his/her own petard. Don't know why I included "she"...

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5 times @fionasfavourites. I've been chased away from this platform and have seen enough - job done.

Catch you on another site with the PHC :)

I am sorry about that. I now see that Bernie has changed his tack but is being flagged. I am staying here - I don't want to be on multiple platforms and build a new profile - too much work. I wish I could spend more time on line but can't. Anyhow, I am sorry and hope that perhaps you will come back.

I'm in the "yo-yo" phase at the moment. Every time I log in and want to show support to the PHC, some other nonsense comes up that makes me want to stay away.

And I know the focus and most of my blogging friends are on this platform so I am torn really haha!

I could just reinstall steempress and flag any spam/whale s___ that appears on my blogs (because those also appear on my website with that plug-in) - think it hides them if the author flags it right?

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