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Cayenne Peppers!

Take a look at the hot and spicy treats we received when my daughter visited a couple of weeks ago. They enjoyed quite a harvest this year so she decided to share the bounty!

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I love cooking with fresh herbs, and having the opportunity to dry and grind my own is such a blessing. Did you know, cayenne pepper isn’t just used as a seasoning for cooking?

Yes, it's true!

Cayenne Peppers also include ingredients which have great health benefits. Considered by many as the “king” of medicinal herbs, humans have been using cayenne peppers to treat many health issues for many, many years. Originally grown in South and Central America, Cayenne peppers were brought to Europe in the 15th century by Christopher Columbus? Kudos to Mr. Columbus!

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What are the potential health benefits you ask? Well…

Cayenne peppers contain capsaicin which has shown to provide several health benefits:

  • Helps boost your metabolism! As a result, you may burn more calories when you use cayenne!
  • May reduce hunger! You may feel fuller for longer periods too!
  • Studies have shown long term consumption of capsaicin can help reduce high blood pressure. Wow!
  • Actually contains potent pain relieving properties! When used in a cream its great for sore joints, pain after surgery, lower back pain.
  • Currently scientists are finding great promise with reducing cell overgrowth associated with Cancer. Studies are still ongoing, but wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Nothing like fresh peppers!

They can be eaten fresh, (although be careful, they’re hot!) placed in oil and used in dressings or dried as I’m doing today! Dehydrating can be done either with a dehydrator, air/sun dried or on the lowest setting in your oven. They’re usually quite plentiful at farmers markets so take advantage when you get a chance! They’re beautiful when they’re dried. Dry them until they're crispy. Then they’re ready to be processed.

Special Note: Be careful when processing these peppers, don’t touch your face or eyes while handling the peppers, be sure to wash your hands!!!

DSC_0009 (2).jpg

Snip off the stems and caps...

and fill the blender.
DSC_0016 (2).jpg

Rich pepper powder…

just don’t inhale! Isn’t it beautiful?
DSC_0019 (2).jpg

With another batch to process, this will definitely be enough to keep the Bird’s nest hot and spicy and healthier this winter!

DSC_0035 (2).jpg

To me, spices are the “icing on the cake”! We all use herbs and spices in soups and salads, entrees and desserts. Any time I have the opportunity to process fresh and healthy herbs and peppers straight from the garden I do it! The result? They taste better and they’re better for your health! I hope you’ll try drying your own some time! Big hugs and thanks to my sweet daughter @mountainjewel! She left several other treats by the way. I’ll be sure to share with you. Thanks for stopping by today!

And as always, blessings to you all!





Wow you are so lucky to have your own batch of fresh Cayenne pepper Mrs Bird! My mom has a book called God's Pharmacy and the author Herman Uys tells about the amazing health benefits of Cayenne pepper. He even mentions that it's cured stomach ulcers. I often sprinkle it over my dinner, your fresh batch must taste so much better!

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That sounds like an amazing book @lizelle, I'll have to check it out. :) I love drying my own herbs and spices. I really think they are better, obviously so much fresher. I love the hot spicy dishes, Mr. Bird is a bit more tentative but he's coming along, lol I know you have that wonderful spice market you visit which is amazing, no need to do it yourself. So glad to hear from you my friend!

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i'm so happy to see the full scope of what you did with these medicinal treasures :) i love you mom and am so happy that i can share stuff like this with you and mostly that you appreciate it! XOXO!

oxoxoxox i do miss not having a garden! Thank you for your sweet gifts, I know it was not easy to bring them, how could I not appreciate them :) I love you and miss you! You'll be enjoying your dehydrator more and more with the bounty you harvest.

You have exactly the same dehydrator as me! I love hot peppers and actually any kind of peppers. Have you ever tried berbere spice blend?

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lol great minds think alike right? I haven't heard about berbere tell! Funny you should say that, as I was typing my post last night I was just thinking about making some spice blends, lol I love rubs for smoking and such and I do make those but there are so many more I'll have to do a bit of reading a research to see which spices blend best. Thank you @riverflows, brilliant!

Wow I never thought of pulverizing my own peppers! That is clever. I do love peppers, and I keep forgetting about all of their health benefits. Thank you for the info!

Yes! I started doing it years ago when I had a large garden and too many peppers, lol I had peppers and spices drying all over the house, lol Now without a garden I don't get to enjoy it as much. With the bounty brought to me I've been dehydrating up a storm :) I hope you'll try it @jayna!

We keep bags of dried chili at home for many usage... I guess most Asian family does...

Aren't they wonderful @roselifecoach? They keep so well, and they're so easy to prepare. When I had a large garden I had so many I didn't want them to go to waste, this was such an easy solution. Thanks @roselifecoach, so glad you stopped by!

So glad I read this post too!

I never knew it was so good for you I have never been a fan of it, or most spicy things but maybe I should try it

Yes it's true! Go easy on it @tattoodjay :) I found starting with small amounts was the best kids always tell me how I used to hate spicy foods, lol Now watch out;)

Trouble is my wife cannot have many spices and definitely not pepper but i an separate out mine and start as you say small

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Thanks so much @c-squared! Truly appreciate the cuartion :)

Lucky you to get a share of the bounty!
You will have a great store of Capsicum for the winter!
Thanks for sharing the benefits!
Keep warm and healthy!

I love that you do all of your own stuff like dehydrate peppers to make your own cayenne. It’s brilliant. I also have used cayenne when I have a sore throat, although Dandays swears it just numbs everything since it’s so spicy rather than actually helping but whatevs. Haha

Good to see you still rocking it on the blockchain @birdsinparadise. Maybe I’ll catch you in the food fight kitchen this week 😉

Hmmm... I've never tried cooking with Cayenne Peppers... I have a jar of powdered Peppers... but I only use them to try and get rid of Aphids! Maybe I should try them in cooking... but the kids are chilli wimps....

That is a great way to have peppers ready at hand all the time. We don't have cayenne peppers here but we have an abundance is Bird's eye chili. Maybe it could also work with Bird's Eye.

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