Bundo Kanduang at Kapalo Banda's Custom Feast

Bundo Kaduang Portrait.jpg

The photo is a portrait of a Bundo Kanduang in Nagari Sirukam who participated in a traditional feast held once in three years. She carried a delivery above the head containing betel leaves and other custom properties in a Carano

CategoryPortrait Photography
CameraNikon D7000
Settingf/4.2, ISO-200, 1/125 sec, 112 mm
LensNikkor Af 70-300 mm
LocationNagari Sirukam, Solok District, West Sumatera - Indonesia

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Hafizol Gafur

Note: For more photos and informations about arts, culture, View, food and etc of Minangkabau. please visit our MSR Team:

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Oi segeh nyo lai....


Terimakasih pak guru.

Beautiful photo! I specially love the colorful nature of it. ☺️


Thank you @arosebunch. The photograph was taken at one of village that has a beautiful view. Next post i would share the view of where this photograph has taken.


It’s is a very beautiful photo! I love the style, so vibrant and honest 😊



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