Openness in Society - PC vs PSI

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Openness in Society - PC vs PSI

In modern times we are taught to be correct and obedient. To use the right words, say the right things and do nothing that will offend someone else..... well... that's bullshit.

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Not only is it completely impossible to go through life and not offend someone, it is also detrimental to the good behavior of people in society. How do I come up with such a statement?

Hear me well... to understand let's evaluate the basis of the above heading.

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PC - Political Correctness

I could have included this term and frankly, that would have chased away half the readers and the other half would put on their boxing gloves before they have even read till the bottom of this post.

Foaming acid in the back of their throats as they get ready to slander statements that take away the biggest lie society has built for people in this modern time.

The Cambridge Dictionary online gives us the following meaning on the term "politically correct".

Someone who is politically correct believes that language and actions that could be offensive to others, especially those relating to sex and race, should be avoided.

A politically correct word or expression is used instead of another one to avoid being offensive: Some people think that "fireman" is a sexist term, and prefer the politically correct term "firefighter".

This was the initial thought behind employing this term and philosophy. Though it has changed and warped over time.

Since the 1980's it has come to mean avoiding all language and policies, etc that would possibly insult, marginalize or oppress any group, especially groups who are thought of as being at a disadvantage or discriminated against.

And now in the 2010's is has gone from shield to crutch and from crutch to weapon. Now it is being used to discriminate against someone who as an unfair advantage and the whole philosophy and motivation for employing the term has come full circle and imploded on itself.

So being PC has become a meaningless morass. It is now a game of seeking advantage by attacking those who have an advantage and milking the fact that your group has been oppressed by that other group until someone will give you something for free.

I am sure there are still many groups that are using PC correctly and do not get me wrong - I am not painting everyone with the same brush. What I am saying is that the way PC is being used more and more is twisting the concept until it no longer brings any value to you.

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PSI - Pounds per Square Inch

This is a unit of measurement to determine the pressure of a vessel or container.

Simply put, I am using PSI as an analogy for what happens when we are no longer able to express or vent ourselves to the open air. What we have is a society where there are eggshells to walk on.

You cannot say this or that to the wrong pair of ears or in public for fear that you will be labelled a bad person for not being "Politically Correct".

But most people already have such a lack of empathy that this just causes more and more unvented frustrations to build up.

Even when taking regular stress considerations of work, finances and environmental conditions into consideration, the chances of someone eventually breaking down their nice exterior is inevitable.

People are like a hose. They get under pressure and then blow up.

  • Quote from a ordinary laborer at the docks

Simple wisdom. Didn't need much in the way of words to explain what he thought of some people.

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The PSI affect of PC

So people are bad at keeping calm and then you throw a major throttle into the mix in the fact that they cannot use most language and they cannot say a number of things and those things may cost them their jobs.

I did a course on Stress, Conflict and Anger Management with E.N. Corporate University. Anyone out there that has studied Psychology? Weigh in with me here.

Bottling up that anger and frustration turns into resentment and loathing. Turning basic little things into bigger, more toxic situations in the brain all because their mouths are shut.

Because we are not allowed to say something to someone because they will turn it into a PC issue is bad on a number of levels. However, the only way that you are going to be able to get around this is to fix your attitude regarding PC in the first place.

So instead of dealing with a situation with the person causing you some ire, you bottle it all up because the PC card is going to be used. Instead you take the anger to someone who is more like you than the others.

So this means if the annoying/frustrating person is a woman and you are a man, you will tell another man. If you are black and the other person is white then you will tell other black people about it.

This causes society to have even bigger holes and trouble in the long run. Also, it stopped you from dealing with the other person as an individual. if Sarah is being a bitch, then its Sarah being a bitch, not all women being bitches. If a white man does something to upset you, it's probably because he is an asshole. Neither are representatives of their entire demographic group.

Don't believe me? Fine. Remove all the people that are not in your specific Demographic group. Be as specific as you can. Eg: White, American, Christian, Beer Drinker, Non-Smoker, likes rock, likes booty over boobs, enjoys pepsi and not coke. Right... find yourself 10 other people that also fit the example categories... If this is you above, do these 10 people all represent you?

Are you responsible for any action they may or may not do? Must they take responsibility for your actions? If you push into line at a take-away restaurant then you are an asshole anywhere.

But say you pushed in front of a Asian, woman, atheist, doesn't drink, smokes, likes boobs over booty, enjoys coke and not pepsi... So now we have 8/9 major differences in demographics. Does this person now start hating men? White people? etc etc.

Do you expect them to say nothing? When they do say something they may say something like: Damn White people.

Right... not politically correct.

Or she might say: Jerk, don't cut in line!

And your response could be something that is not politically correct in return.

Neither are a good use of the PC term. There is racism and sexism afoot in this example but what is important to note is where did it come from? You didn't wake up one morning and decide: Today is the day I piss off an Asian. or Today is the day I pick a fight with a woman.

There is usually some sort of build up before hand. You couldn't talk about how Sarah at work can't do her job. She got Jimmy a written warning for saying something about her incompetency and she turned it around saying that Jimmy wasn't being PC.

Now you stand before some other woman and you have been wanting give Sarah a piece of your mind. So you generalize and now its not a Sarah problem. Its a woman problem.

Now she has a white male problem because of you and the wheel keeps turning.


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When is PC supposed to be used?

A. When there is a policy that rejects individuals based on anything other than ability. This is discrimination and therefore not PC. This is a correct use of PC.

B. When language is used to personally attack someone in a unsolicited derogatory fashion. When language is used to oppress and shame someone. Especially in a professional and social sense. This is a correct use of PC.

PC is now used again as a Shield and not a Spear or a Crutch.

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When is PC not to be used?

A. To make excuses. IE: As a Crutch.

No, you cannot get preferential treatment to get a job when you are just not capable of performing the task required. Regardless of what this job might be, if there was a certain demographic of people who currently occupy these positions.

Thing very carefully about how you answer to this. I know people will have itchy fingers to reply to this one. However there is almost always an exception out there who despite issues have succeeded in whatever field they wished to succeed in.

By using the PC Crutch stating that "Insert Group" has an advantage over "Ground you represent" because they have occupied all the roles due to being identified as said Group... then I would have to ask that you change your statement and bring it back to ability. If your capabilities are rival, equal or better then this then become a PC Policy issue as above.

B. As a Spear

Any time you have warped PC into a weapon then you are being a hypocrite. I have seen where instead of attacking a policy that stops a Group from gaining position, that there is no blocking policy at all. Instead they want a new policy to be written that specifically gives their Group easier access. What nonsense is this?

The problem is that because of this tactic, adults are having a harder time being adults and not behaving like spoiled children. It is stunting young people from becoming adults as well.

People need to learn how to handle confrontations like adults because as I said earlier, life is impossible without them. It is impossible to go through life without offending someone or being offended. What is important is how you deal with the confrontation and the offense given/taken.

How to deal with these confrontations and how to turn them from closed minded PC and non-PC moments into dealing with another adult on the level I will have to leave for a follow-up post.

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When everyone is concerned about being Politically Correct, important issues get swept under the rug. For example immigration policies. If you are for new immigration policies in the US, you are often called a racist.

For over 40 years, the US just applies bandages to the problem as it viewed by the government at the time. This just adds to the problem. What we need is long term solutions that help immigrants while balancing the needs of citizens.

I don't have the answers. The solution lies in calm discussion with both sides. The free exchange of ideas is the best way deal with hate and fear.

Agree with that, sadly it won't get far as people will quickly start labeling making politicians afraid to speak out and instead side with the labelers to increase their reputation.

This is the sane way to approach the PC topic - looking into what it used to be ( a shield) and how it's changed today (into a weapon).

PC in itself is not the problem, but how we use it, with what goal in mind.

Kinda like upvote bots at steemit - they were created for a good cause, but are now being missused and that's creating the problem, not the bots themselves.

People always seem to turn things into weapons or a bastardized version of what they were initially.

That is why I believe in presenting myself as outright as possible. Even though I am still subtle and polite... I am not about to turn myself into something I am not for the sake of others.

I also believe in teaching reality to people living in illusions. If people present me with a new perspective on reality then I will consider it with logic.

You have articulated it very well. Perceptions play one role here, when one faces some unpleasant experience they pass on the same to other with their own views and judgments.
Also the part where one feels suppressed to be vocal due to whatever reasons. I have observed these type of people eventually vent out in wrong places.


Indeed. A good example of the same behaviour in statutory behaviour is when you are frusterated at a supervisor, but then take it out on your junior.

Same goes as you say with the PC. Misplaced anger and frustration.

Not only misplaced but built up over time and then suddenly released. Hence the PSI analogy.

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There was some dude giving a speech at a university the other day about 'The Importance of Free Speech on Campus'. Student protesters of course went in there, and suppressed his free speech by shouting him down.

At one point, one of the student protesters shouted "F*ck the law!!".
The scary thing here, is that this is at a Law School...

So we're talking future lawyers, and potentially future judges.
That thought is extremely troubling to think about.

In regards to PC being used as a shield...
These people believe that Free Speech is being used to shield White Supremacy.. That's a scary belief for future Lawyers & Judges to have.

This whole PC culture nonsense is spiralling way out of control, all throughout western culture. It's a sad thing to watch.

The fact that free speech is being supressed by protestors is fucking hillarious. They all deserve the pepper spray and batons they may one day reap from such nonsense.

When the education facility is overrun by idiots then I would definitely hate for them to get qualified... I mean... what are they going to to the law?

I don't know where you are from, but where I am and what I see in other countries then PC definitely does not protect white supremacy. Quite the oposite. White males are the most hunted animal in the PC zoo.

I can do an entire post about why this is but also why it is not applicable to my experience as a human being. If you knew me then you would not paint me with the same brush but then there is another valid topic - generalised anger... this is an effect of the PC vs PSI I discuss here.

People do not have the go ahead or the balls to say: YOU are wrong. I think that what you said is utter rubbish. Here is why...

Instead they add it on the pile of things they do not like about insert demographic people. Soon it becomes a thing owned by all insert demographic people.

They turned the issue into a racist or sexist issue... because they are a cowards and they don't want to offend someone specifically.

I would rather be offended specifically than have you lump together whatever I did into something all white men do.

This Mantra could be used to sanitize the decaying morals of the electronic music scene:

Any time you have warped PC into a weapon then you are being a hypocrite.

At least someone has some balls in this network.



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