My Official Witness Declaration Video & Post

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ValorForFreedoms Witness Declaration

This is my official witness declaration. This is also a call to all my supporters, friends and my brothers of the Berserkers tribe to vote for me (just takes 5 seconds). This is the time to show me that you hold your word and give me your vote.

This is what Steemit witnesses do: They process blockchain data blocks on their servers and ensure their integrity. The blocks that are processed on their servers contain important data for posts and transactions that Steemit & other sites can interact with. They also add additional security to the network and establish changes to Steem, for example, things like setting the SBD interest rates, account creation fees and setting price feeds.

Every Steemit user has 30 votes that they can give to witnesses and not more, however, they can also "unvote" witnesses for example when they are inactive or add no value to the community.

To vote for me as a witness simply go to, it only takes 5 seconds to give me your vote.

These are the guides that I used to learn more about Witnessing:
@Someguy123 simple as fuck guide to install a Steem witness server
@Krnel guide to secure your servers
@JerryBanfields guide to get votes
@JerryBanfields Witness basic training

Shoutout to: @Humanearl & @Jatinhota & @quochuy that helped me in the process of becoming a witness!

Shoutout to my friends & best supporters: @Booster916, @Hopehuggs, @Teutonium, @Humanearl, @zakludick, @flauwy, @jist, @nainaztengra, @callmefib3r, @Heimindanger, @peggyhazelwood and @dnews. I love you all.

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Why I Have Decided to Become a Witness

1. I have decided to become a witness because Steemit is my workplace and it is very important to me to secure that "job", that is why I want to further support it by becoming a witness.

2. I want to reward exceptional authors as they are drowning here in the masses as it has become very hard to stand out here on Steemit.

3. I want to SEO and mobile optimize SteemSchool so that people have easier access to all guides (that costs a lot of money).

4. I simply want to become the #1 witness, I am a very competitive person and I need challenges. Being average ain't how I roll.

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Why You Should Vote For Me

1. I have written 2 posts per day for over 5 months now.
2. I have created
3. I write a Steemit tutorial every day.
4. I answer all comments & replies and I am very active on Discord.
5. I haven't worked in a 9-5 for 2 years now.
6. I practice self-improvement on a daily basis and I share what I learn in every post.
7. I have a ton of discipline & willpower.
8. I learn more about Steemit every day and share that.
9. I Inspire people to create a better life for themselves.
10. I work and participate in the community every day.

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Why I Believe in Steemit

1. The community itself promotes Steemit with word of mouth and offline & online ads.
2. To make money on Steemit is 10x easier than on your own website (Bloggers will come here).
3. I was able to quit my translation business thanks to Steemit (without investing into Steemit!).
4. You get paid to post and comment (and you will get more the longer you do it).

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My Server Specifications

Witness Server
Intel i7
64GB Ram
2x240 GB SSD
1GBit/s network
Germany Dedicated Server

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I Take Steemit Very Serious

As a witness, I see it as my duty to improve and promote Steemit. Besides that, I also see it as my duty to keep adding more and more value to the community and being active in it.

You guys know that I do what I say. I live my life with discipline and with passion, to live is to struggle. I will be in the top 20 witnesses soon. If you read this and want to help me to get there then please vote for me as a witness to show that you support me.

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Vote for @ValorForFreedom

Just click on this link to vote for me in 5 seconds:

Or just click on the upvote button if I am in the top 50.

Thank you for support! You can contact me in the comments, on Discord, in the Steemit chat (in the Witness & Witness Social chat) and via E-Mail!

Contact me on the SteemSchool Discord server:

Write me an E-Mail: [email protected]
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Vote to Increase my Witness Rank: Witness Vote

Get More & Higher Upvotes: Steemfollower

SteemSchool Website: Website

SteemSchool Discord Community: Discord

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▶️ DTube


Click on this link to vote for me as a witness in just 5 seconds!

I wish the best of luck for you :^D

to be honest you got a great job on your work here at steemit, I really admire how you express and share yourself in your daily life as a steamian, you really proof that you have a competitive spirit in doing your task as a blogger and helping all people here at steemit as much as you can, keep it up!

Thank you very much JZRoa.

Congratulations, Philip! Great job!

We may not see eye to eye on everything, but I've long respected your work ethic, and you've been working hard to promote Steemit and to help new Steemians for as long as I've known you.

You have my vote.

Thank you for the nice words Cop!

You're welcome!
With your dedication, I know you'll do a great job.

Go for it! I have cast my vote for you. Why? You have done great work already and I want you to do more! You've been a great, no huge, benefit to the Steemit community and that is even obvious to a newcomer like me. But above all to me, you played a part in helping @hopehuggs and she is my portal to being here. The universal laws of reciprocity mean that I owe you for that. ;-) Thanks for doing what you do and blaze that trail brother :-)

Thank you very much Powerfulwonders. I am glad to hear that, thank you for your vote and enjoy the upvote on your comment.

I just voted man! Good luck to you. I'm always looking for solid people to vote for!

Thank you very much reseller!

All the best @valorforfreedom. You have my vote!

Thank you very much D-Pend!

Hey Valor!

I've been quarreling with myself for not finishing up a post I've been working on. You are one of two Steemians I'm featuring and wrote that you were setting up your Witness servers. But I didn't know you were READY for peeps to start voting for you!!!

I'll edit it after I grab some sleep and put both Witness voting links in. The straight one with instructions to insert your name like I just did and the one you gave. I couldn't use the latter since I'm not yet in SteemConnect... voting didn't work when I used it. So I searched down this one:

HUGE Congratzzz!!! Will get that post out and have already upvoted/resteemed. So excitingggg!!!! ;)

1 vote is enough Angela.
Thank you for your nice comment and resteem.
I wish you a nice day!

We all are thankful to witnesses. Thanks for joining as a witness to make Steemit stronger forever.

Seems like some disappointment for a few weeks as it gets less upvotes even on successful authors' posts and decreasing value of STD. But because of witnesses, it boosts our belief Steemit will be much better and stronger soon.

I also checked your Fiverr profile and you paused your gig and it is only because of the success you earned on Steemit.

Wishing your readers will reach the success level where they can join as witnesses in future. Thanks for being a witness and coaching about Steemit.

I vote you regularly to make you one of the top witnesses.


Thank you very much RKM!

You have my Axe!

Zak Axe.jpg

Thank you Zak! You were the first that voted.

That's awesome! I have never been more sure of anything on Steemit.

The whole way you have been saying what you are going to accomplish and you went and did those things.

Now you say you will be a top witness. The only way to get there is support and I do believe that you shall get there. So my vote you have. I have not used all my witness votes because I need to see people in action somewhere before I do.

you have my vote.
congratulate on witness. will be interesting and read about

Thank you for your vote NorwegianBikeman!

I know that you have what it takes to be a top tier witness here on steemit. You are more than qualified to take on this new challenge and boost your steemit game to a new level.

You have my vote.

Thank you Hermod.

Welcome to the league and Good Luck. mate @valorforfreedom

Thank you Jatinhota, let's climb the witness ladder!

I have voted for you because I think you are always honest and tries to educate your community.
Wish you the best of luck with getting in top 20 witnesses

Thank you very much Anderssinho!

I think your proposal is very good. As you say here today, it is very difficult to stand out as a writer I study and I give 200% every day to publish quality content, but my publications are only seen by 2 to 4 people ... It seems unfair to me that a publication that only has 1 meme, earn more votes than my publication.

It got harder to stand out but don't quit. It took me 3 months of posting daily every day till I got some good cash!

I understand, I have 80 days here, and little by little I have been able to make some friendships that help me with what they can, just as I help them with what I can .. since my vote is not worth anything .. my steempower is very low .. but here I go little by little .. I have a big goal that I think is here in steemit.

Just don't quit.

thank you.. my friend.. I try every day to give 200% of my every day .. here in steemit.

That sounds good, never do less.

thank you .. change and out lol ... until the next post ... and good luck, I hope that this in the top 50 witness of steemit.

hahaha what the fuck...
This is funny...
Well actually...
It is not funny...


@valorforfreedom Congrats! I am sure you will make it to the top as a Witness. Thank you for the Steemschool, there's a lot of quality information in there. Upvoted you at the witness page. Cheers!

Thank you for your regular support WitnessLife!

I voted for you. I tend to vote for witnesses who are active and who interact with me. You match both of those, so you've got my vote.

I hope it goes really well!

Thank you very much! I named you among my supporters on my newest road to post!

All Best with your project Man! :)

Congratulation on all your hard work! I gave you my vote.

I think it worked that time. I refreshed the page to make sure.

Cool. I will vote for you right now.

Keep up man

Thank you very much Norseman.

I understood you are german?

Er have the same lingua familia. It's the germanic lingua family. I am not sure thats the right way to say it in English.

I also speak german. I Actually went to å german school in Oslo, Norway and i spoke and wrote german very Well. Im a bit rusty right now but i practice it everytime i get a chance.

Cool you are into the northerm believes.

Norway is a strong place with many portals. The Norwegian military also use the death sculls of some northerm god when we are in war.
At least i wear my protection on my right arm!


Yes, I am German.
Glad to see someone else run around with the Thunderers hammer!

Wunderbar. Habe sie einer guten wochenende.

Sehr interessant blog und ich fühle gutht nach deiner posten geleshen.

My deutsch is so rusty. LOL


Your German is hilarious haha.
Time to work...

It was great

10 years ago.

Aber ich Hadet noch nicht alles vergessen

Good luck mate! I just voted, you deserve that! I hope that someday I could afford running server for a longer time too. :)

Hi Stardoge! Thank you very much for your vote!
If you want to become a witness in the future just ask me.
I will help you for free.

Thanks man! I will indeed get back to You in this topic! :)

I just voted for you as witness. So good to see this!! I'm behind you and know you'll do a great job as a Steemit witness!!

Thank you Peggy, good to know that you support me.

Congratulations @valorforfreedom you already have my vote :)

Saw that, thank you Boba!

Ok now you is mi witness bru

Voted my friend. You have lot of responsibilities going forward. Wish you Good Luck and Success always

Thank you very much Nainaz, with more power comes more responsibility.

Very true, and it also proves that you are ready to move to next level :-)

Indeed! The journey goes on.

Can't vote for you atm, maybe it's because of those errors? Tell us when you finish working on them Philip!

Now you should be able to vote for me fam. If you still get problems please write me on Discord.

Haven't read up about witnesses yet, guess I should do that when I get time.

I recommend you do that.

Great indepth explaination, you are straight to the point!

Great goals, Perfect message, Welcome to the family!
You are the first witness to join our community, absolutely fantastic!

You have both @OneLoveDtube & @d00k13 witness vote.
Furthermore welcome to the @OneLoveDtube curation trail, we will support you!

We hope to help your reach your goals!

Aim High,


Thank you Direwolf!

Congratulations man :D I wish You all the best and I hope You do great things here for our community man :D

Congratulation on all your hard work!

Wow !! This is very cool

Thanks for sharing valorforfreedom
Your article is well written, and I will continue to pay attention to you.


nice video share, Your words are very beautiful, nice post

What would you say was the beautiful-est part about this nice post?

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