Massive list of channels removed from YouTube #The1984IsREAL

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I go through a list of some of the channels, that were removed from YouTube - the ones that people and my subs made me aware of - if you know of others, please post in comments section, so others can find them.

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Hi Ed, thanks for the list. It truly shows that the corrupt establishment is now getting very panicky and trying to suppress the info that is coming out about their actions.

I wanted to share my large post showing that the students chosen by the media to push the antigun narrative all appear to be in the school Drama Club Troupe 4879. The post has now entered into the Steemit top 100 viewed posts of all time at 65th place with over 33,000 views.

Extensive Post Reveals Drills, Anomalies and Child Actors Involved With Parkland School Shooting in Florida on February 14, 2018 (N.S.F.W.)

Here is also a condensed version if you'd like to have easier access for sharing student acting related images juxtaposed with media stories.

Reassessment of Students - Hopeful Actors, Reporters, FilmMakers Placed on Camera by Mainstream Media For Antigun Campaign Messages After Parkland Shooting Event

Thanks my friend! I had a quick look, and it looks pretty through - I will take a look at this tonight! Thanks so much - will read and resteem tonight!

Cheers Ed. My wife and I always enjoy your daily videos. Kind regards.

I upvoted !

ed you rock i have finally got a steemit account so will persue my ed addiction here from now on
i do thread you consistantly at reddit r/truthleaks and r/coincidencetheorist you may remember me from some random thoughts .... yours is my favorite bedtime fair ;0

The internet ain't what it used to be... It's turning into a psychological weapon more than an entertainment and information platform...

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They really are stupid, thinking those censored will disappear.
The more they ban the truth, the more people will really hear.
The fightback has started, daily more are starting to see.
The truth will win out in the end and it will set the people free.

Hi Ed. I have been listening to you for over a year on youtube and was happy to find you on here. I wanted to say I meant no harm by suggesting another site to spread your word. Since there is so much censorship I think the more truth tellers there are the better and spreading the word on many sites. I have always shared your posts to my followers on twitter and facebook. I think it is about all of us standing together and getting the truth out versus getting the yoga panties in a bunch and acting like a Nazi judging everyone and spreading their negativity. Possibly a yoga class might be helpful to change that kind of attitude. I am so sick of those politically correct communists.

If 1984 is real then you must be Winston Smith :)

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