Syrian Civil War Report / 11-11-2017 / The Assault Episode

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Is The Syrian War Really Over?!
I do not think so..
Below you will see why!

Syrian Civil War Report 11 Nov 2017

The continued siege of the Eastern Ghouta kills more children; tens of cases need immediate treatment outside the besieged area..

61 were killed yesterday including 11 members of the regime forces and loyalists and 17 other civilians..

Renewed targeting of the northern countryside of Homs within the framework of escalation on this countryside..

Regime forces shell Hwyjet Katea’ in the 9th day of the siege of tens of its civilians and Russia continues its intransigence insisting on handing over its captives in exchange for facilitating the exit of the besieged..

The regime forces shell areas in the countryside of Homs leaving casualties and injuries and airstrikes target areas in the northeastern countryside of Hama..


The storm of Deir ez-Zor lasted 12 days. The first days were the hardest. This short episode illustrates the atmosphere reigning after the breakthrough of the terrorists' defense lines.


6 years now..
465,000 Syrians have been killed in the fighting..
Million injured..
12 million Syrians have been displaced from their homes..
Syrians are refugees everywhere in the world..

If you like to know more, feel free to read Syrian Civil War

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They won't stop.


Never will take end

Thank you for update Syrian Civil war report and terrible video @lordoftruth.

Sad to hear news update. Do the needful for delete terrorism around the world.

Thanks for the post .This was not a civil war .... mercanaries and terrorists have been funded to remove Assad . Sad as the true victims were the people . Thanks for sharing

Totally disappointed Civil war. Lot of assets destroyed.

dengers fire

This is what happens when the good do not do good any more. But the night doesn't stay forever, it has to end.

Thanks for the update Syrian Civil War. Its a pretty good report.


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I can't stop shedding tears each time i read or watch videos about syrian war, i really feel for this people. Thanks for the update and video @lordoftruth

Daily Learn some new from your post. Love to read it.

wow nice post and good work

i don't like this.