Christchurch Attack (Like Many Others) Had 'Training Session' Underway, with Special Forces Teams and Armed Police Exercises

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Like many prior events, the Christchurch attack has hallmarks of a false flag operation, even if it isn't and it's just another 'coincidence'.

When there are planned drills, training session or exercises going on at the same time as a 'terror attack', one has to think about the apparent coincidence of a criminal executing their actions at the same time. Is it really a coincidence?

The New Zealand Herald reported that, by happenstance, luckily, "Some of the world’s most deadly sharpshooters were in Christchurch when New Zealand’s worst ever terror attack unfolded on Friday".


Some of the world’s most deadly sharpshooters were in Christchurch when New Zealand’s worst ever terror attack unfolded on Friday, with NZSAS taking to the streets to help hunt the rampaging mosque shooter.

Snipers from the New Zealand military, as well as professional snipers from Australia and Asian countries, had been at the Defence Force shooting range at West Melton, 25kms west of the city, the Herald has been told.

When the massacre unfolded, they were sprung into action and understood to have been granted special powers to take up arms in order to protect the public.

Apparently, after 36 minutes two officers caught the 'lone' suspect. Although there are reports of multiple suspects at the time, they are little traces of the suspects in the investigation, as everything is being blamed on one person, perhaps rightfully so.

The Herald mentions how the armed professionals were seen moving through the streets at the time:

NZSAS soldiers were photographed with weapons and balaclavas masking their face near the Al Noor Mosque by Hagley Park where a gunman stormed Friday prayer and shot dead more than 40 people.

One photograph, which has appeared on social media, appears to show an NZSAS soldier with an army sniper rifle or designated marksman weapon outside the Deans Ave mosque.

Others responded to a callout at Papanui High School which was feared to have been under attack too.

Heavily-armed masked officers were seen travelling in civilian rental vehicles with police on Friday afternoon.

New Zealand Police special tactics group (STG) officers were also on the frontline.

The Defence Force and Police have been approached for comment.

After chasing around town, it apparently took only 36 minutes to catch the suspected 28 year old shooter, Brenton Harrison Tarrant. That's pretty quick. It took only two officers, and only one had a gun, to bring him down after the rampage. Seems pretty easy considering he had so many guns.

Normally the response timer would be longer, but luckily, a training exercise was ongoing that day, like is the case with many other traumatic incidents and events. How quick were they to respond? 4 minutes, acoording to the NYT:

The police said a special armed tactical unit arrived at Al Noor Mosque four minutes after the first officers, or 10 minutes after the initial emergency call.

Mr. Cahill said it normally would have taken longer, with team members summoned to a police station to suit up. On Friday, though, they happened to be in a training session in the city center and wearing their gear, he said.

These guys were already preppesed in full tactical gear, with their guns ready, and got there quicker than any normal response team would have in the world:

"Any police force in the world — to get to the scene in six minutes, a specialist team there in 10 — that would be a success."

Also of note, were the reports of an armed Arab man who chased multiple suspects from a shooting

"chased the shooters and fired two shots at them as they sped off."

The New Zealand Herald first reported this, but then scrubbed the info from their site. Tweets still exist talking about the scrubbed info:

BREAKING: The New Zealand Herald reports that the shooting at the second mosque was stopped by an armed Muslim who "chased the shooters and fired two shots at them as they sped off."


Why would they scrub this info? because it's counter to the establishment narrative that guns are evil and need to be removed from the publics' hands. A third mosque shooting was allegedly planned, but never carried out. Maybe this guy who was chasing after the suspects and shooting at them changed their mind? I don't know.

But here was a gun-bearing individual who, like others could have done if they were carrying firearms, was able to use their weapons to stand against attackers. If more people had firearms, rather than be looked upon as taboo or crazy, maybe there would be less people killed when these shooting happen, whether the attack is legitimate or a false flag operation.

The instances of planned drills, training session or exercises going on at the same time really have to make you think though. Are they just coincidences, or are they planned?

They result is the same. The agenda to push for the removal of guns is underway with fervor in New Zealand after this attack. The terrorist's actions play right into the hands of the disarmament agenda to further make citizens docile and subject to the weaponized authority of the state without the equal means to stand against the increasing tyranny of the state gang thugs and their weapons.


Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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I was unaware of this confluence of ongoing drills and simultaneous terrorist attack, that has so often occurred in the past that it is impossible to simply ascribe to coincidence. Particularly the 7/7 London bombing attack and 9/11, these 'coincidences' are utterly unbelievable.

Censoring the evidence of the attack, as is ongoing and particularly desperately in this attack, only contributes to certainty that this was a false flag.

Thanks for strengthening my grasp of the facts relevant to this terrorist attack, and my certainty it was another false flag intended to effect increasing oppression and tyranny on free people. Let us hope that the experience of independent journalists who have witnessed evidence being scrubbed in prior attacks has prompted many to archive critical evidence that is probative of corrupt government colluding with terrorists to oppress their citizens for profit.


Completely agree, how can this happen over and over again? I haven't been paying close attention to this story as I tend to see them as emotional distractions but from the little I have seen I have to agree that the 10 year sentence for possessing the shooter video and now this information about yet another "drill" happening simultaneously... makes it far more suspicious in my mind as well.

" can this happen over and over again?"

It seems to me people are trained to a news cycle. They are roused to emotional outrage, pacified by some rhetoric and promise from government, and then trained to forget it ever happened. IIRC Noam Chomsky (or someone. Don't remember atm) analyzed some evening talk show and pointed out how carefully it was designed to entrain audiences psychologically.

I know massive funding is devoted to very carefully using psychological methods to manufacture consent, and I believe this is one of the fruits of it.


Always a drill happening at a convenient time. Glad another armed citizen chased them off! These people don’t bother assailing properly armed citizens they go after the ‘gun free zones’.

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We must restrict guns to protect everyone. Obey.

Do you guys remember, was it the London 7/7 attacks? Where a Brazilian guy overhead a conversation in an apartment building right before it happened and was chased and shot dead before he could warn anyone?

Yes, there's always a drill occuring when these things happen. Makes you wonder...

What's scary is how many people are willing to give up their right to bear arms for the illusion of safety.

Posted using Partiko Android

This right to bear arms...

It seems like a loophole for mad people to have access to weapons and commit brutal crimes.

Believe me, I understand. In a perfect world, no one would need to be armed, but we don't live in one.

Innocent people deserve the right to defend themselves and their families from criminals (and an overreaching government) who will always be able to get weapons.

Instead of being sitting ducks...

With 3D printing, they can even make their own, leaving law abiding citizens defenseless.

Our constitution has a 2nd amendment, which gives us the right to bear arms in self-defense.

I'm glad we have that option...

Those that wish to live in a country where the populace is disarmed can live somewhere else.

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How do we know he overheard something if he ended up dead and not able tos peak about it?


Wow... Incredible info! Shit I hand no idea. And some insane things went on that day.

We will see what happens for sure!

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Yeah, usually sketchy shit around this types of events.

Excellent article, as always, krnel.

Did you happen to notice that Congress has been waiting since the Dems took the House to have hearings "on the rise of white nationalism??"

Now, they are really moving that plan forward.

Convenient, or...?

Those evil white people... privilege everywhere! :P

Yep. It's always our privilege to have a "drill" going on nearby whenever we pull off every new false flag attack, too.

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