It is getting better, Watch "Brendan O'Neill: In Defence of Free Speech" on YouTube

in political •  6 months ago

He has nearly worked it out. It is the real enemy, psychopaths and sociopaths who want to end free speech and create a totalitarian system using victim culture/cultural marxism so they can HAVE ABSOLUTE power and money.

When their last great power system ended, feudalism, their think tanks came up with national socialism/facism, socialism and communism which they used to killed 100m people last century. It worked better than feudalism by simply promising the useful idiots everything (living wage, free everything, equality of outcome), they got their totalitarian governments and mass murder. Stalin, hitler, the kims pol pot, Mao, charvez, Castro etc..

Now the psychopaths have found a new system, the religion of submission, islam and you do not need to be half smart to work out that they now really really love it. This is one step better again than socialism, it promises the useful idiots nirvana and heaven on earth and even 70+ virgins for the really mentally deranged victims, sorry i mean muslims. Lol

And you can easily identify who the psychopaths consider who is blocking to their ambitions to create a totalitarian system based on islam and cultural marxism, white men.

Note how the SJWs panel members consistently blame white supremacist men as the problem so you can see who the psychopaths want to first populate the concentration camps, re education centres and gulags with.

So it is easy to work out that under labours/greens cultural marxism philosophy it is now not about protecting the workers from the owners, it is about protecting the victims from the oppressor group, WHITE MEN.

It is history repeating itself with a slight variation which tricks the useful idiots to repeating it again.

Maybe the pyschopaths and sociopaths will kill more people this century because cultural maxism mixed in with islam will take it nuclear.

Please explain.
Regards from,
Number one first victim.
Head of the first peoples, transfluid, non cis gendered, muslims womens council.

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Good publication, especially with the useful idiots, who are the basis for all their plan, without them, what would they have?

Thanks for sharing buddy.

Thank you to have shared with me

Thank you for the information

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This white guilt/bashing has got me fucked mate, I have done some posts on it. Get ready for feudalism 2.0. Report to the nearest diversity officer for more information.

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Happy Easter 2018
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