Ten Reasons I Don't Trust the Police

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  1. Atatiana Jefferson,
  2. Otto Zehm,
  3. Pastor Scott Creach,
  4. Philandro Castille,
  5. Justine Diamond,
  6. Charles Kinsey,
  7. James Hall,
  8. Anthony Hill,
  9. Oscar Grant,
  10. Kenneth French.

This is just a short list, and these ten aren't even a drop in the bucket when it comes to police abuse and brutality. No-knock raids are bad, but far worse when they happen at the wrong address. SWATting and other forms of false police reports are a threat to innocent people everywhere. I have even been the victim of police misconduct and a trumped-up traffic ticket that may have been a quota-filling exercise, and was definitely a car search fishing expedition. It must be immeasurably worse for urban minority communities. It cost me $100 and a day in a kangaroo court. It costs innumerable people like those listed above their very lives.

The police are not your friends. The police are there to enforce the laws according to their own interpretation. The US legal system with its law codes, implementing regulations, and tangle of precedent decisions is so byzantine that no one can possibly be sure they aren't already criminals just waiting to be caught. It is suggested that people probably commit an average of three felonies a day. All it takes is someone watching you long enough. That isn't the mark of a free society. It's a police state in the most literal sense.

The law doesn't exist to defend the innocent, it exists to ensure that everyone is guilty of violating something. "A few bad apples spoil the bunch," they say, but the bunch is rotten through and through. What should we expect from an extortion-funded monopoly? The police and courts can't be reformed. The legislators built this system through either blind negligence or sinister malice. The courts uphold bad laws and protect corrupt cops. Throw out the whole rotten bunch. Take your Thin Blue Line bullshit and shove it where the sun don't shine. They rob more through so-called civil asset forfeiture than do burglars. They rape. They murder innocent people like those listed at the start, usually with complete impunity. That is the only way I will ever see them, and that is their own doing.

[/insomniac rant]

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I couldn't bring my self to read all the stories of these murders... After less than half of them, and after reading that the murderers are still on the streets, my stomach just turned.

Despite all the TV shows glorifying the profession, my take is that police departments attract a high percentage of psych profiles who have a built-in lust to lord it over others.

"The law doesn't exist to defend the innocent, it exists to ensure that everyone is guilty of violating something."

Yep. And just because we're paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get us...

Thank you for a hard-hitting article with great supporting documentation that everyone ought to read.



I think it was a comedian, and he said it best

When you see a cop car behind you, you think, oh shit.
You don't think, ahhh, i feel safer.

And that, is the core of the issue.

That is what we, as a society, need to demand of police.

Now, the core issue of why the police are an evil organization is that their actual tenants, what they actually are not what is said on the tin.

The are "police officers"
In other words, officers of the court.

Police and the courts should be separate.
One has to judge on the actions of the other.
Of course, the police and judges see each other and work with each other daily, but our current system is that the two are in bed with each other.

And the court has decided it is a money making operation.
And, that is what it has always been.
The court is an area in which the banks play their game. (like a basketball court)

So, the police, and the judges can never be what we expect of them, what the PR tells us they are. They are evil, by their very nature/structure.

I don't think there's really anything to the various theories about maritime law vs. common law, courts as a game, etc. It's just corruption and abuse through and through, and they do whatever they want.

The proof is in the pudding.

You learn a theory and then see if it applies in practice.
And, if you follow the money, ALL the money, you find that it runs back to the banks.

So, i choose to use that model, because it works better.

Else, i would have to try to believe that something that started off as justice, turned into anti-justice through and through in every way.
Its easier to believe that the things started off corrupt, and just grew into what it was designed to be.

(The story of the FED is a lot easier to follow and along the exact same lines)

But, what this gets to is that the system doesn't need a little tweak, it needs a ground up rebuilding.


Make them prove their standing to bring you to court, imo.
Me and you can't write our rules down and force them on anybody.
How is it that they can do it to us?

The sleeple are gonna be angry once they wake up.

They won't wake up. The "From My Cold, Dead Hands" blowhards are the first to say, "He shoulda obeyed the cops," and condemn people who armed up to face off the Feds for the Bundy Ranch or who joine dthe Malheur Occupation protests. Even after video came out that showing unequivocally that Lavoy Finicum was murdered in cold blood in a deliberate ambush, they tried to excuse the cops.

The tighter the grip of control the more folks slip through the gaps.
We are getting closer to the day we win.

Barcelona is burning.
Honduras is burning.
HK is on fire.
Ecuador just refused the imf edicts.

We are winning!

Cops don't enforce law; they enforce legislation. They are a parasitic gang.