Prose Poem: Spring in the Air

in poetry •  11 months ago


The spring is in the air, still imperceptible, like a subtle smile, like a fresh young voice barely audible above the buzz of the crowd.

We don’t know what we’re asking for, but the Spirit himself pleads for us silently, in a breath which has yet to find the right words, as the soul finding the body.

The voice of the Spirit is heard from afar, a song with only scraps guessed: the time has come to heal the brokenhearted, to set free the oppressed, to return sight to the blind.

Just as mountains rise on the horizon at a sudden turn of the road, so too a time comes in life when the hidden becomes manifest.

Thank you for reading! By pure chance, this is is my 1000th post on the Steem blockchain (counting the comments). And the first harbinger of Spring, the Carnival, is already here in our town today!


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Your first stanza is absolute magic, Vitaly, your similes are spot on and immediately had me challenging the air around me to see if I could feel the tenuous threads of Spring upon it.

Your last stanza can't help but find me thinking of pieces like this one here. They start with an idea, barely a developed thought or feeling, then you round the corner in the road and all of a sudden come upon something as special as the final piece, the majestic view of the mountainscape looming before you!

Thank you so much for the share, good sir.


Thank you for the feedback and for the help during writing! I really appreciate it man!

The truth of writing very well I always read your posts with pleasure


Thank you!

Photo and article is perfect. Thanks for sharing


Thank you!

Cool! I follow you.