Original Poem: "She Was Already Gone"

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"She Was Already Gone" - @therockman

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She was already gone....
Before the moon waned and the sun rose up over the hills.
Before you stumbled out of bed, springing into action to start your day.
Before you even realized that something was off, something missing along the way.
Before you felt the depravity of being alone, feeling like you had turned to stone.
You couldn't even say one last goodbye.
She was already gone...

The last remnants of your hopes and dreams, fading into the past.
You prayed that it wasn't true, hoping she would come back to you.
You desperately attempted to remember the days before she left.
Was it something that you had done, something that you had said?
Everything seemed fine at the time, while you lay together in your bed.
No conflict, scorn or sorrow. No longing for tomorrow.
She was already gone...

You thought you knew her deepest thoughts and desires.
All of the places you two had been, together and intertwined.
All of the moments you thought you two would share until the end.
It all seems just like a story now, a fairy tale you thought was true.
You really didn't know her at all, you set yourself up to take the fall.
You realized that in the end, it was only you, your only friend.

She was already gone.

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Excellent poetry! I really like it a lot!

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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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