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From every indication, it does seem that I am now writing poetry. I can say that it's great catharsis. @katrina-ariel, thank you for listening to me rage and vent, and for inspiring me to poem (which apparently is now a verb.) Our conversations are pulling some very startling words out of me, in a very strange format for a confirmed author of prose. "Moving energy around" contributes, too. Lots and lots of energy to move these days. . . .

Thank you.


I was born under the inanimate sign
Zodiac seventh is without a breath of life.
The task of respiration falls on me.
I live, and I give, and I care until I’m empty.
Burden bearer, sometimes sharer of smiles
But not without my own share of need.
I wonder who will care for me
Who will worry when I disappear?
Who’ll put back the blood that vampires take?
Invisible, scars unnoticed, I face my truth alone.
I’ve done my share but learned that there’s no refund
For concessions that I make.
How long until there’s nothing left
Until the hope I spend is not replaced?
Am I wrong to care what happens to me then?
I am finite. I am torch light, not an endless flame.
I am tired and I am broken, years of kindness left unspoken.
Yet I will sleep, and then I’ll wake, and breathe again.

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This is so lovely and sad. I'm glad to know you are turning some of that inner fire and angst into art. It's a beautiful outlet. Just keep breathing, my friend. You have more support and love than you know. Ultimately, we each walk our journey alone, and it's in that space that we must either live in torment or find peace.

So true, everything you said. "Finding peace" is my life mission at this point. Lots of ghosts to banish, but I'll get there. Thank you.

Wow. First of all, I love that you're expressing yourself like this, because the getting out of words is a healing thing. Also, poem is totally a verb now. LOL!

This one is difficult in its truth, yet beautiful because it's so raw. The exhaustion, the going it alone, the giving and giving and giving until you're empty. We have to recharge ourselves, and I know you're doing some of that but it can be a challenge (sometimes near impossible) to nourish yourself enough to replace the depletion.

there’s no refund
For concessions that I make.

Ugh. Ain't that the truth. Keep keepin' on, my friend. You're worth the effort to rebuild yourself and reclaim who you are. (((hugs)))

Words can never express what you mean to me, and how much I treasure the ability to walk certain miles of this journey with a friend who gets me the way you do. Love and hugs right back atcha! :-)

Aw, so sweet. Thank you! I feel the same. You're amazing, never forget that!

I can feel your pain, which means job well done with your poem-ing (new verb). I hope that helped to relieve some of the angst you're feeling. Take care of yourself, and even though I'm new to your group, you have my support. If there's any way I can help, just let me know!

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