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in #poetry3 years ago

Wow. First of all, I love that you're expressing yourself like this, because the getting out of words is a healing thing. Also, poem is totally a verb now. LOL!

This one is difficult in its truth, yet beautiful because it's so raw. The exhaustion, the going it alone, the giving and giving and giving until you're empty. We have to recharge ourselves, and I know you're doing some of that but it can be a challenge (sometimes near impossible) to nourish yourself enough to replace the depletion.

there’s no refund
For concessions that I make.

Ugh. Ain't that the truth. Keep keepin' on, my friend. You're worth the effort to rebuild yourself and reclaim who you are. (((hugs)))


Words can never express what you mean to me, and how much I treasure the ability to walk certain miles of this journey with a friend who gets me the way you do. Love and hugs right back atcha! :-)

Aw, so sweet. Thank you! I feel the same. You're amazing, never forget that!

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