📄Poetic-Dreams Featured Poetry Contests🌟

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Our Aim✍️

The aim of @poeticdreams is to support and bring together the undervalued poets of Steemit by helping them to share their poetic dreams with a wider audience. In time, we hope to be the heart of the poetic community, so if its poem related, we will be first on the forefront, whether that is a new poetry contest or a new poet that needs celebrating, or something else that is poetically exciting.

📄Poetic-Dreams Featured Poetry Contests🌟

Hi lovely poets.

In our quest this week, we have found some purely poetry contests and some competitions with an avenue for poets for your attention .

See the individual posts for rules and how to submit and be sure to support the competitions with an upvote and/or a resteem for the encouragement of all involved.

Purely Poetry Contests

@robyneggs with the Poetry Dice Challenge 3000

What to do: Write a poem inspired by the poetry dice and however you interpret what is on each of the dice. This weeks throw looks like this:

Deadline: Saturday 14th October Midnight PST (UTC-7)

@hopehuggs with Poetry Contest: RUNAWAY RHYMES WEEK 12 - Anything that has lines and rhymes

What to do: Write a rhyming poem about anything

Deadline: end of Monday 16th October

@lymmerik with Lymmerik's Limerick Contest #2

What to do: Write Your Original Limerick About Your Favorite OR Least Favorite Teacher in School, Any Grade!

Deadline: Midnight MST (Phoenix Arizona Time), Saturday October 14, 2017

Creative Competitions that Include Poetry

@juliakponsford with Art Explosion Contest

What to do: Any form of art (including poetry) with the theme of Imaginary Worlds

Deadline: Friday 13th October before post pays out

@goodguygreg with the Story Cubes Contest

What to do: Write, photograph, paint, sculpt, or otherwise create something based on three (3) or more of the symbols shown on the dice

Deadline: Entry deadline is 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Monday, October 16th

And for something a little bit different...

...why not try to decipher one of @cathi-xx's haiku contests: https://steemit.com/@cathi-xx

..or join in with @improv's Happy PUNday!

Be sure to watch out for our poetry contest post on Sunday, as there are a couple more poetry contest opportunities that will be available for you to enter, that have just finished today and new posts need to be put up.

Of course, there may well be some we've missed too, if that is the case please let us know. We'd like to be able to share all the opportunities with you, as contests are a brilliant way of getting your poems out and about in the world of Steemit.

Bigger Rewards 💰 Bigger Contests ✍️ Bigger Opportunities 💪

Organizers : @Marialin & @Hopehuggs

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