Solidarity with Kessie Nair // poetry for the crosstitution rips

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2nd February 2019

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powerful and vivid, enjoyed this:

For friend and kin and darling love
For the unlearned doors slammed shut,
Of How the movement went awry and why
About the lies lying deep within a man we spy

In the darkness hide no more the silent plight.

Never hide what is in plain sight....... Wars are started that way.

GREAT poem and meaning!!

Thank you, @snook. Kessie is to my mind, a prisoner of conscience, a man who erred no doubt in ways, but not in this one incident. in this, I believe he has done something significant to jolt his friends and foes alike. A man who, in Azania we may say, grew gatvol - it's a word with a similar meaning to being fed up. We have so many words that simply don't translate, because the things the words describe are somehow unique to our experience.

Trusting you are enjoying your weekend - may the RC's always be with you.

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