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What is the color of the World, Black or White?

Does Humanity has color or Race?

But man created one for it- segregation!

To satisfy our ego and superiority

Behold the howling of crying daughters in slave camps,

Watch the son dressed in sackcloth on a slavery farm

All because of the color of the skin

Father and Mother sold to distant kingdom

Children and Sucklings marked with Zeal of ownership like a pet.

Fear of the skin color has driven out man back and forth

Sending the children of men into captivity.

The wanderers gathered none to eat...

...the feeble perished for lack of wants.

Earth rumbled, Ocean splashed at the chaos created by skin color.

Distance agony of the fallen is heard in the Abyss.

The mighty spreads their wings as Eagle to devour it's prey.

Same water, same blood, same bones, same tendons, muscles and tissues.

Made up all race of the World.

Skin color might be the slight difference

Eye colors might be the distinctive feature.

But humanity doesn't care, it never demarcates nor discriminates.

Same birth, same death.

Humanity waxed stronger without racism or ethnic discrimination.

"What is good for the Goose, is good for the Gander"

It never matters if you are black or white

What matters most is Humanity in Unity!

Enjoy the video below by Micheal Jackson: Black or White

Video Credit; Jackson Petrus

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Please Note: Image is an old picture taken from a friend phone, the image is meant to provoke thoughts and not to dehumanize the kids in it!

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I can feel your expression in the poem and you have spoken the word that needs to be convey across to everyone.



I have more bottled up inside of me, thanks for reading!


Really? then let it out for the benefit of others.


watch-out for more of it's kind here...

Nice poem @oluwoleolaide

Good arrangement and wonderful expressions

Our colour doesn't matter, what matter most is our understanding towards each other. With unity we can achieve big. With understanding about both colour will answer to the same call of death. No discrimination.

Regards @maintain4real-eu


Thanks for reading through sire

Good poetry, with this photo you have given a very deep understanding, although different tribes or skin, but togetherness will be maintained, it shows a very good friendship, thank you for sharing, do not forget to upvote and follow me, I willfollow you back, if you also wish please see my post maybe you like it.. By @muchtarudin


Heading there my dear friend


Steady, if you do not mind you try to see my post, maybe you like it, thanks for your reply. .

Very nice post 👍👍👍😙😙😙😙

The King of Pop. There can only be one Michael Jackson.The entertainer extraordinare


Why do you like everything i love, are you my twinie?🤣😂😁


I listen to a wide genre of music and I like dancers. I even watch James Brown who is MJ's role model.


Mehn, you just so dope...James Brown i love too

Great poem bro, I wish more people see how irrelevant "black and white" is when the whole world is gray as can be. Much love.


Good to read from you dear @clayboyn

I woke up in the middle of the night seeing that image on my phone inspired me to write the short piece...


Humanity waxed stronger without racism or ethnic discrimination.

This is it.


There is no man in the world, black is white, what do you say?


oh its a good poety. i like it.

Thank you so much for sharing your poem and the Michael Jackson video. I really was uplifted this morning by your post.

Have great week! Respectfully @sgt-dan (sargento)


Most welcome dear @sgt-dan

welldone sir, thanks for sharing this awesome video.

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