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in poetry •  7 months ago

I'm tired of the drama, attention seeking bullshit
You wanna be my equal, yet acting like some hoe trick
Trying to be my lover, I cannot respect or trust you
Simply looking for that handout, intentions just be see through

This life is not a free ride, you get what you put in it
Them tits and ass you got there are depreciating assets
The quest for sugar daddy, no real man would allow it
Your life amounting nothing, but on your knees, so suck it

The search on for a real man? Self value, independence
Seems status quo and goal of some broads, aims for co-dependence
Demanding strict equality, with no attempt to earn it
Domesticated breeding stock, consumer spawning vermin

If you're upset this moment, you are the fucking problem
Shut your legs, go learn some shit, avoid the label coined "mom"
Only morons make babies when they haven't got prosperity
Simplistic fucking plebeians feeding tax paying society

And now some trap / rap from Borgore (NSFW):

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That sums up today's world.


At least a fraction of it anyways.

Interesting. I know who you are but I've never actually read one of your post before today for whatever reason.

I've dated a few gold diggers in my day and I can tell you that the things you talk about as being depreciating assets...... definitely are.

Nothing lasts forever......except gold baby. Can you dig it?


Heh, I've just recently become something sought after by those types of chicks and frankly it's disgusting how fast a woman will try to throw herself at you in hopes of pussy whipping a few dollars our of you..

hahaah, your terrible joke earns you a follower. Welcome to my blog. Hope you like degeneracy!


Fantastic. I love degeneracy. I look forward to reading more.


Omg how can you have not known about him till now!!!!! You have been missing out :)


Your display of fan-ism of KLYE makes me smile, thank you for the smile and boost!

Part of me hopes this is another bait blog to bitch slap some comment spamming plebeians! I guess they are already on their knees begging for crumbs they might as well sucky-sucky lol.

I don’t know who the lady in the red is but stay strong man she’s got some nice “assets.”

Either way it’s nice to see some poetry out of you. To many people having kids and expecting the system to cover everything these days. Might as well put some of them in cages the way they breed.



I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that is slightly bothered by the way we basically allow women in north america to monetize getting knocked up without proper way of caring for offspring.. <_<

This is a far cry from having found your winter wife...


I've had 2 winter wives so far this winter, the first one was absolute snake with tits garbage and the second one is my roommate and still in good standings with me..! Which is good because she's seemingly wifey material (probably not going to get married personally.. but you know)

I wish I could say this was about just one person I've encountered in my day to day but truth be told a number of the females I've run into would perhaps be better off after reading this poetry. hoe poetry.. hoetry.. lmao

This life is not a free ride, you get what you put in it

like this sentence very much !!
I am astonished because the sentence choice is ripping !!
great job !!


I'm glad it resonated with you. :)

feminists be like
All men are pigs
Women are equal to men


Women are certainly stronger in some respects than men are..

Others are weaker, not everyone is created or will amount to equal sadly.

why you gotta tell it like it is my dude? Didn't know your such a refined hoet. Keep this up, and who knows what types of beatnicks will be snapping their fingers to your words.


Just sharing thoughts that I have sitting here that I figure will either resonate or trigger.

I love poetry. Also like to read poetry.
Great to share.

Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable post....
Carry on next
Best of luck..
I will still wait for your next post....

That is good writing....
the poetry is great...carry on

nice post👍👍👍.i like your writing and blog.please keep on your writing and sharing.
many many thanks a lot for sharing...

Veri nice funny wkwkwkqk

Great poetry dear

Keep it up..I appreciate your post..Thanks for sharing...

This nice post i like it thanks for sharing blog..


Is actually piece of a song I'll end up writing.. Granted I'm a shit lyricist and rapper. XD


yer one of the realest OG's around, lol. you don't write too much serious shit... don't make too much noise what so ever... who are you? lol idk but you crack me up... really hard not to just like you.


I'm KLYE.. Here for a good time, help some people, fuck some shit up and ultimately draw a whole bunch pf dicks on MS-paint.. Because that makes me happy. :D

Jesus xD Pretty sure those words hit some people like a sledgehammer. Very refreshing to see some people calling it as is. keep it going :)