the one i love

in #poetry6 years ago

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He kept his heart hopeful
knowing all will be well
he was deep in thought
wondering when he will see her again
the distance was big
but their heart was connected
his heart lonely yet alive
that their love was true

she felt sad leaving him behind
but the situation forced her to
knowing that in her heart
she would miss him and his love
but work came calling
and she had to respond to her calling
looking forward to the end of the assignment
so that she could return to the one she love

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Beautiful your writing skills...and hope to see more of them

thanks you will

Real love naver end....Nice post...
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this is Lovely you have Good writing skills. i would learn one thing or two from you. Following :-)

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Wow, I think it's a great poetry. Through this poem you get full expression of love.

Nice write up! But I don't know if true do real exist apart from God. I have been searching to no avail. Hope to find that special

one i love

one day. Thanks

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