I’ll Walk With You Some More (Original Poem)

in poetry •  2 years ago  (edited)

I’ll Walk With You Some More.jpg

I wrote is poem for my Service dog that recently passed away. The photo was taken of us in Washington DC.

Credits: Image is owned by the US Dept of Veteran Affairs, however I am the author of the poem.

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Sad and beautiful. I still silently talk to my baby-girl (my cat/companion). I tell her we will be together again when it is time. May you find peace in your heart as time slowly heals the pain.

Thank you for your kind words! It's tough!

Yes it sure is. It's surely never easy. Those who are animal lovers understand it fully well.

Thanks again.. I gave you a follow :-)

Thank you :-) I hit follow after reading that poem. :-)Honestly it almost made me tear up.

very well done and heartfelt. that is when you know you did it right and that it came from the heart. Thank you for caring and sharing. @mylittleblurbs

Thank you for your wonderful thoughts! Followed!

What a beautiful tribute to your friend. Animals are so selfless. They help us without even trying. I'm sorry for your loss, but the memory will always help you through some difficult times. I hope in time you can find another friend as great as the one who passed. <3<3<3

Thank you very much! So true. Yes, I plan on a replacement , It just takes a lot time and money. He cost about 20,000. USD Anyway, hopefully within 3-6 months.

I didn't realize that a service animal cost that much. I bet it takes a lot of time for the initial training. Than you both learn and grow together. I hope you get another one very soon.

yes, many properly trained ones cost that much and more. I got Adonis when he was 2 1/2 yrs old, after his training. Thank you again!

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