The Game

in poetry •  last year  (edited)

Game of the heart,
Is all they wanted on planet earth
Been beaten once and twice have been shy
Don't know if I should keep on with the fight
I was rendered powerless in sight
Oh! With a loud voice I cried
The game has done me bad
Putting me in a bad shape, making me sad
The tears was hidden in the mask of laughters
Coming bit by bit like chapter
Making the heart of man scattered

The game, You're suppose to she'd light in darkness
Why putting confusion mixed with pressure
Making the heart cry for help
Caging all rooms of love with the act of weakness
The game never will you loose
Once have I been captured in your spell
Going ahead making your own rules
At first it came appearing cool,
Bringing spears, stabing me with such an heartless heart
Taking heart by force an unexpected law
Sucking bloods and slamming emotions.
Originally written by @h-unit

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