Am I happy?

in #poetry4 years ago

Sometimes we need to ask ourselves: 

Is this the life I want to have? 

Am I happy? 

Where am I supposed to be? 

These questions can make us sad, 

Or happy, 

But they make us think. 

And thinking makes us want to move. 

We can be accommodated, 

Or we can become better people. 

We live in this duality. 

What do you will choose? 

 Author: Daiany Nascimento 

Steemit Blog: @daianynascimento  


It is good to reflect on our lives once in a while. Then we can decide how to move forward.
I write poems too. Do check it out.

Nice Words !
Thanks for sharing with us !
I have also shared a poem on steemit topic 'Virginity' in 3 different Parts!
Check out

Money is not happiness

It is true what you say about #money. It is not happiness in itself, but it sure helps. However, one must have a purpose and someone to share it with. "Nobody wants to be all alone in the world." - Prince

Awesome post - upvoted and resteemed. Also, great photo - where was it taken?

Wow! I am just speechless how deep it makes me to think about my life.

thanks for this poem, beautifully written!

I chose to move! This is a great piece. The greatest answers in life come from searching for the hardest questions. Thank you for sharing.

Quanto tempo não via o seu post :)

Love it. :) Remembering we always have the freedom to choose, and no one can ever take that away from us, is one of the greatest, most freeing, liberating realizations in the world. Choice is freedom, and we always have choice.

unsplash photo right?

Happiness is not the end goal. We were created for an eternal purpose. Happiness is also not joy - joy sustains. Happiness is temporal!

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