Tragedy In Human Form {An Original Poetry}

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What do you do when you can't let go?
Today my mind seems shattered, and my voice sings a note.

I find it so hard to let emotions off the hook
A long glance as i stared uncertainty in the eye, a threnody on pitched tenor construed.

Why would anyone want to keep pain company
Do you certainly enjoy this distorted symphony or you just fake it?

I longed for some saviour to absolve me of the lies
To help keep my deceitful lips at bay at all times.

If memories did serve some men, it never did me
No matter how hard I tried, resources expended means nothing.

My memories only reeks of hurting, not a happy beginning
Why do i feel so obsessed with a happy ending?

What difference does it make, to someone with strayed emotions
Regardless; life moves on, so I learnt to ride the horse of remorse and sing a song.

My mind waivers, depression crept in, so was death feeding from within
I'd learnt to sing a song in prep for my end; this song, my eulogy.

So, when you see the sun rise from the east and set in the west
Just know I did too, and in like manner was I laid to rest.

The moon travels the night like a sojourner fulfilled,
Day unravels, so this, a duet with the yodelling breeze and morning dew.

But each day ferries unto the next, dirge only to be sang in a lifetime
No remembrance of me any longer, indeed, something died with me that night.

A soft music on silent tracks, now I understand
Tragedy in human form; my relevance fades away with the rendered dirge.

My relevance fades for the umpteenth time.

Written and Compiled
By @aduragbemi
Erinkitola A. Aduragbemi
31st January, 2019.

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"I longed for some saviour to absolve me of the lies
To help keep my deceitful lips at bay at all times."


"No remembrance of me any longer, indeed, something died with me that night."

I resonate deeply with these lines.. This entire piece actually. I hope you find rebirth. Even then, walking through life as a newborn child can be just as painful when you've forgotten the pain of your first fall. But we eventually learn to run again


Yea. It is really painful to find one's self in a compromising situation, whereby people treat you amidst all your worries and pain as worthless, irrelevant, but still we manage to forge ahead to make a new figure, something to be proud of. Yea. We probably start from the root which is never easy and we try as much not to go down the same path we threaded before.

It happened to me....and now am all over it but it took a great deal of effort to finally overcome. Thank you @amethystmidnight for the encouragement and your kind words. Am honored by your presence on my blog.

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