Poemchallenge Invitation by margaretwise :) 🗝🚪✍🏻 Poetry is self-expression, it is our real interior

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Friday Invitation - Poemchallenge by @margaretwise 👩‍💻✎🏆

Poetry shows something extraordinary, through its multidimensional comparisons, metaphors. Feelings poured onto paper penetrate our imagination and allow us to personify the author.

"Poetry is the shadow cast by the lanterns of our imagination."

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

(I am looking forward to read your emotional words. Let's get started:)

Thank you for your support for poetry. This is very important because your generosity opens the way for wonderful people whose words surround our sensitive hearts.


Poetry is a writing straight from the heart.
Poetry can hear the beat of your pulse.
Poetry is like wonderful wind that surrounds your thoughts.
I invite you my dear Steemians to participate in this unique Friday at Poemchallenge;))

Share with us your deeply emotions and awake our dormed joys.

I hope you have enjoyed !!!

Thank you for visiting and support my work. My heart is deeply appreciate .



Copyright © 2017 by margaretwise , All Rights Reserved


The poetry the wonderful world of the letters, the artre of transmitting feelings so that another one feels identified, magical life through the poetry, a world full of the color of the poems, I greet his initiative, my respect and that this very well

I love your very kind words :) Thank you

Greetings friends lovers of this poetic world! I wish good luck to all the participants, A hug blessings.

Greetings friends! Again with our creative writings learning new knowledge in different angles, I wish you good luck poets.

hello this is my entry, I hope you enjoy reading my poem


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