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Friday Invitation - Poemchallenge by @margaretwise

The one who writes a poem writes it because the language tells him or simply dictates the next line. Starting a poem, the poet generally does not know how he will end it, and sometimes he feels a great surprise at seeing what came out, because often something goes out better than he expected, often his thought goes further than he expected.

I wish you a great surprise and unexpected lines of your poem.

(I am looking forward to read your emotional words. Let's get started:)


Poetry is a writing straight from the heart.
Poetry can hear the beat of your pulse.
Poetry is like wonderful wind that surrounds your thoughts.
I invite you my dear Steemians to participate in this unique Friday at Poemchallenge;))

Share with us your deeply emotions and awake our dormed joys.

Hope you liked it !!! Thank you for reading my post and support. Follow my link below to see my posts.


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@margaretwise mam...
I'm already enter for this contest today...
Wel done mam...


Very good, i like your post

Sounds like a great challenge! Do haikus count?

Really poetry is inner peace of grope. Here is my entry... 😊

good news
I share with great joy my contribution for this beautiful event, congratulations to all for their great talent

Nice Contribution.

Happy Steeming.

If only I had stayed up a little later, I could have caught this when you posted it, here is my offering to your friday selection - hope it isn't too late - thank you so much for the invitation!

Hi dear, thanks for the opportunity, will join you. Thanks again and good luck.

yeah u are right, sometimes things happens better than we expect. Poetry is something which is not in me. it is a gift from GOD.
awesome and cute lines dear @margaretwise

The invitation that steemit poets expected, let's read every beautiful word