You Are- Poem by eduard

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For a long time in my heart
Storms and hurricanes are of big part
Clouds always are signs of heavy rain
I once hoped for the sun to come to me again.

All I can hear is the frightening thunder’s rumbling
Up above me, the flashing of lightning seem to be dancing
I dried myself from the painful rain
But then all of its memory still remain.

For a moment I told myself I’d never get to leave this place
In one way or another I should get used to facing all this distress.

But after all of those dreadfulness and fright
You came up to me just like a ray of light
You filled my world with happiness and bliss
You came to my heart and stayed like this.

You are that light that came upon me
You are that dream that every night I always pray
You filled my life with an actual beam of sunshine
You even colored this once empty and dull lifeline.

Now I’m not afraid to face the coming hurricane
Now I got no fear being drenched in the dreadful rain
Because I know you are waiting for me under a shining rainbow
I know you’re smiling at me, waiting for me to get through.

Cause you are that person I’ll willingly reach my hand out
You are that person who taught me what watching the vast night sky is about
You are that light that warms my heart and will always be beside me
You are that distant star that I could catch in reality.


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ganda ng laman. siguradong kikiligin ang sinumang pinaghugutan nito hehe

haha thanks bro!

Nice piece Eduard!

Nice... Upvoted

thanks bro! ;)

Sweet poem .. its really nice to have someone to shines up your heart ..

Nice poem you got there. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Done upvoting your blog. kindly visit mine and don't forget to follow, upvote and leave a moment.

Good job kuya Brad! :)

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