Is The War On Balloons Next?

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We have recently seen a growing crackdown against plastic in places like the United States and the UK, for items such as plastic straws, bags, packaging etc. But what about the balloons?

A recent study suggests that balloons are one of the most dangerous types of marine pollution for birds today.

When ingested, the balloons or even just pieces of a balloon can increase the likelihood of the bird dying by 32 times. It isn't straws or single use cups, but balloons and balloon fragments which are reportedly most likely to cause mortality.

We've seen how quickly things can escalate over one viral video of a turtle and a straw, is it only a matter of time before a war is launched against balloons in the same way it has against single-use cups, straws, and more?

Most people might not consider the consequence of their choice to go with balloons instead of a better alternative and maybe if they were more aware of the potential damage that such a choice could inflict, then they might opt for another route. Banning balloons isn't the only option available to address this problem, there are alternatives to balloons that are available and there's also the option of encouraging people to voluntarily make choices that might be more "environmentally-friendly" for their community.

There is the option available to attempt to solve or decrease the problem in a peaceful manner, rather than rushing to resort to violence to try and achieve the desired outcome.

Alternatives that are frequently cited as better options than plastic balloons are items like paper flowers, banners, non-toxic bubbles, tissue ornaments, and garland.

Unsurprisingly, many states and cities already have legislation on the books to prohibit things like mass balloon releases and there have been suggestions made previously that releasing balloons and sky lanterns should be criminalized.

Balloons have previously caused issues with power outages as well and state authorities took to passing legislation in places like California which strictly regulated the helium-filled foil balloon market.

In California, they've already considered a ban on the sale and distribution of balloons in places such as Malibu City. Balloons have also been banned in Palm Beach. The rising concern for plastic could soon prompt more regions to follow the same path.

Where might they be banned next?


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I generally think in terms of regular consumables as areas we can change our habits and stop the plastic killing the planet.

Never occurred to me that balloons would be such a big part of the problem but it is definitely obvious.

Water balloon fights as a kid were definitely fun but I am going to come up with a fun alternative. Best part is she will probably go on a campaign to spread the word. ;)

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Thank you for an interesting post, the plastic straw issue has even reached South Africa, although they are not banned yet, most restaurants now use paper straws. The balloon issue has not reached our shores, yet, but I suppose it is only a matter of time. (Your steem post has however reached South Africa, to start sowing the seeds!!)

Wow, this is a new low. It's like some sort of a suffocating way of parenting your children..... perhaps this is one of the ways the relationship between governments and people can be defined as these days.

Ban humans and all problems will be solved.

@doitvoluntarily hello dear friend, thank you very much for spreading this news, manufacturers of globals will have to manufacture biodegradable or cassava products as they are now made bags if they do not run out of business
I wish you a wonderful weekend

Looks like the balloon manufacturers business is going to be bad but balloons are really not environmentally friendly.

Letting balloons into the sky is such an emotionally driven action that no thought or regard is made regarding the negative effect on the ocean or the animals. I think criminalising this is going a bit far. We only need education and alternatives. I feel that most people would definitely not continue if they find out the detrimental consequences.

They will not get our colorful globos!

So, latex rubber, which most balloons are made out of degrades both in sunlight and in dirt. Compared to plastic bags, they are much better in this regard.

But, we have to think of the birds now?

This only ends when there is no more fun a human can have.

But, since the articles sited do not distinguish between latex balloons and foil balloons, its hard to tell what they mean.

Foil balloon are almost impossible for birds to eat, and they almost never pop into pieces. However, they, along with certain ribbons, are the bane of power lines.

In the end, i am just confused.
And it is probably just sea gulls who are dying (because they are large enough to eat balloon pieces) and i really don't care for that group of beach picnic predators.

beach picnic predators😂😂😂

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apprec the stats!

Though it is going to be hard to pull it off, especially here in Asia, a total plastic ban is the only way to combat the issue... And then there is still the issue of micro fibers which are causing major problems for marine life.