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Is the mainstream media panicking? Look at them go. Almost each day new articles come out trying to blacklist the idea of certain news topics from being discussed by people.



Like the BBC a few days ago with the title: "The saga of 'Pizzagate': The fake story that shows how conspiracy theories spread". I suppose it's not surprising they would take more shots at decentralized information with the recent shooting at the pizza parlor.

The power of the internet is reaching more and more people, and the establishment power is fearing a loosening of its grip of control over the minds of the public. The fears from the mouthpieces of pundits and figureheads is becoming more evident.

They can try to label people as spreading "fakenews", or say that the internet is to blame for the era of "post-truth" we are living, which happens to be the new word-of-the-year for the Oxford dictionary. I covered this new-speak term corrupting our use of language.

They are even trying to bring back the "conspiracy theorist" derogatory and dismissive label to make fun of people talking about serious issues the establishment would prefer to be kept hidden under the rug. This is in light of the research last year that those who think about conspiracy theories question things more and have less blind trust in the official narratives spun by the government and media outlets:

Perhaps the world's conspiracy theorists have been right all along
The conspiracy theorists are right. Research shows nations really do go to war over oil.

But back to the main issue, the internet and the fakenews... now the media is trying to target the internet itself. Imagine if instead of having to pay more for access to information by having to pay for internet service, you could get the internet cheaper, if not free? Well that is the future that Elon Musk is trying to create, and one the establishment fears coming about.



Elon Musk wants to develop a satellite network of 4425 base-stations in orbit, that will be able to broadcast wireless internet to the whole planet. That is a grand goal! Good for everyone, right? Not for the media who are looking at the internet as a leaking faucet of information they would prefer to keep in their mainstream control. Think about it. When the internet reaches more people, then more people will have access to be influenced by "fakenews", and then then mainstream media won't be able to dictate what is and isn't "real" news.



Articles are trying to cast the recent "problem" with internet freedom as a "brief wave of uncontrolled internet access", so "imagine" what a global internet outside the reach of the government will do?

They portray the new "post-truth" era of the internet with "fakenews" they can't control, as all of us being a "cacophony" of voices seeking attention, out-competing each other by yelling louder and more outrageous things than the other person. This enables us to spread "false news" like a demagogue holding a captivated audience on their emotional tippy-toes. Of course, they allude to Trump getting people into a voting fury.

The stories are trying to portray the internet, not as unifying force for freedom of information, but as a force for deepening biases and ideological conflicts. As if we left to seek out those who think like us, and keep preaching to the choir about our common worldview we all are attached to.

The global internet is not only a threat to governments and information "honesty", which apparently the delude media still lie to themselves and believe they are the "watchers" of truth and reality. The media wants you to see the other threats on the net, but amplified. They want you to fear a global expansion of spam, virus, trojans, scammers, and hackers. All of the new internet users that come on will be ripe for threats they say, because they won't have the cybersecurity to go with the access.

They aren't calling for outright restriction of the global internet access, but they sure want to put ideas into our minds that the global internet is going to bring more lies, deception and "fakenews" to our "post-truth" reality.



As much as there are positives, they want to emphasize the short-term "threats" of political disruption and technical chaos that results from information upsetting the social norms and cultural stability. They admit a global internet is good in time, but they still stress the chaos and disharmony that free information access brings, as has been demonstrated in the recent US election.

Broad stroke claims of "fakenews" and "post-truth" will continue to be applied in the coming months, if not years. These buzz words popularized by the media, and one officially a word-of-the-year in the Oxford dictionary, means we might end up having these words solidified into our language for a while.

I wonder... did the Oxford dictionary put in the word because of popularity, or because it serves a social engineering agenda to shape the minds of the public and how they see the world and counter-establishment information. Now we have "fakewnews" and "post-truth" to go along with "conspiracy theorist" and other labels used to dismiss information.


Thank you for your time and attention! I appreciate the knowledge reaching more people. Take care. Peace.

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2016-12-06, 4:56pm

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What I find so remarkable about the whole Fake News/MSM dynamic is rather than face the fact that they got caught lying, they (MSM) launch a smear campaign against "Truthers" instead of just quitting telling lies. I may not be that bright, but when your narrative is proven false and your livelihood depends on credibility, it just might be time to start telling the truth. Also, if we spread "fake news" why do they call us truthers? We are the Fake News Truthers (has a nice ring, No?)

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

[...] and your livelihood depends on credibility [...]

That's the issue, though. The MSM's customers aren't the people. The MSM's customers are the political elite. Thus their livelihood depends on deceiving the people for the political elite. A business will always serve its customers, and its customers are the people who pay it. How foolish it was to give the government access to a printing press of money which operates without transparency, accountability, or limits. So foolish, in fact, that the constitution explicitly forbade it, forcing the creation of the Federal Reserve System to circumvent the constitution.

The FRS created a loophole, which is that it allows anyone to print new dollars for any reason (every swipe of a credit card prints new dollars to pay the bill, rather than borrowing pre-existing ones), including the government. The deal is that the principle need never be paid back (and mathematically cannot be paid back, as the debt exceeds the total sum of all dollars in existence, and did from the moment it was first created) so long as the interest payments (aka the federal income tax) keep rolling into the Fed's pockets.

Technically, the average joe gets the same deal, but he doesn't get to sic the IRS on the public forcing them to make his minimum payments for him; only the government gets to do that. Oh, and average joe has credit limits, which don't get raised unless he demonstrates fiscal responsibility. The government, on the other hand, has debt ceilings which get raised because the government demonstrates fiscal irresponsibility.

Very well put! I wrote an article about the Frd a few days ago (A Bankster's Wet Dream) Upvoted and followed!

Thanks, I'll check it out! :)

Not understanding why the MSM are doubling down on their lies has nothing to do with not being bright. The pathological lying behavior will always seem like a mystery to the average honest person because of the fact that compulsive liars operate from a different mind frame than you and me do. The reflex to produce new lies to hide old lies results in a continuous stacking of falsehood piling up on top of each other. This ultimately creates a bubble which will burst when dishonesty reaches a point of saturation. It happens when the overabundance of contradictions can, in all logic, only lead to the conclusion of revealing the liar for what he/she is. Any person paying attention to the media in general and thinking for themselves are seeing the cracks in the MSM deception bubble, but all others will realize the fabrications, innacuracies & misrepresentations only when it will pop in their face. I was thinking about writing about, but in a nutshell, that's about it.

You should write about it. The more info out there, the more people will understand. maybe you'll provide a perspective somebody might not have thought about! One other thing...I've noticed that most pathological liars are very intelligent people- not very smart, but intelligent!

Great article! Up voted, resteemed and following. 👍💥

Thanks for the support :)

Nice post.

Head of Engineering for Google & Biotech giants alleged to be molesting kids in Eastern Europe with Google Founders' support!


I enjoyed reading this. Thanks again @krnel, always entertaining. I consider myself a skeptic of mainstream pretty much everything and am particularly irritated by the BBC constantly using the term 'so called Islamic State'... So called? I've only ever heard this term said BY THE BBC!!

Sorry to shout but it winds me up and I agree with you completely that the mainstream media has been manipulating the 'news' and by extension the population, or populations for decades.

The advent and ever growing reach of the internet is very much a threat to their quest to maintain control over the dissemination of the fear which it seems is used to influence just about everything these days.

Anyway, rant over. Thanks again Kris

Thanks for the feedback. Yes indeed, decades before, and probably decades ahead of more manipulation.

That's what is really getting to them...nobody is buying into the manipulation any more!

Enjoyed very much! Followed.

A few months ago there were a lot of young supporters of candidate Bernie Sanders in the US who noticed-- with their unreported record numbers-- that the mainstream media was a sham.
Now though, if those disenfranchised supporters were to dare remember and point that out, they would be skewered again by this more recent 'fake news' spin. Fascinating to behold.
Thanks for addressing these things, as always, great article

That could indeed happen, just brush aside their issue as a post-truth fakenews unreality...lol. Thanks for the feedback.

People who use this terminology (conspiracy theory, et cetera.) help save me time by indicating themselves to be people with whom i need not associate, as they can provide no insights to life other than how to be a mind slave.

If you consider, you may remember these are the people who repeatedly revisit the question of "why do things that happen to stupid people, keep happening to me?" I know why, and I'm not telling.

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