Is Assange hurting the credibility of his own success? WikiLeaks is compromised from within.

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WikiLeaks has provided the world's media with a huge volume of lip-smacking content.

The feeding frenzy has been insatiable.


Pizzagate is the latest smorgasbord which could barely be better dreamed up for the headline hunters: Politicians, Paedophiles, Prostitutes and Plenty of illicit cash!

There is a problem with the man whose name is synonymous with WikiLeaks, Julian Assange.
Protestors, inadvisedly, call for his release.
Well researched posts explaining the reasons behind his being in the Ecuadorian Embassy are of little or no interest to the protestors, it seems.
WikiLeaks has asked for people to stop harassing the organisation as to his whereabouts.
Truth is sometimes inconvenient, as the saying goes.

If you demand transparency from others, why should that spotlight not equally be applied to you, Mr Assange?


Julian Assange is not an easy character.

The formative years

From a broken family he lived in thirty different homes by the time he had completed his teenage years. In his early twenties he was charged and pleaded guilty to over 20 charges of computer hacking.

Things really changed when he discovered that the NSA were using software to tap into international phone calls. He knew then that the internet was capable of being used to create a totalitarian world.

In 2006, WikiLeaks was formed. Assange serves on its Advisory Board and is editor-in-chief.

Whistleblowers, such as Assange, deserve a great deal of thanks and praise. The abusive capabilities and actions of governments and their ministers and agents are very difficult to convict. No meaningful charges have been made against the horrendous behaviour exposed by WikiLeaks. The world is, however, a better place with organisations such as the NSA being put on a proper leash. Meanwhile, Manning is in jail.

Assange has an arrest warrant and charges of rape to be answered in Sweden.
He is quite at liberty to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy in Central London.
The UN has said that his detention should be ended. It never even started!
Yes, he will be arrested immediately for breaking his bail conditions and transported to Sweden.
Should there be anyone who feels that he should be exonerated from these charges with no investigation, please see me in my office. We need to talk!

There is a rotten fish in all this drama and the smell is getting stronger. Mr Assange needs to stand under his own demands for transparency or risk losing his credibility and that of WikiLeaks, which has been such a valuable servant to freedom from the sinister workings of governments.

Following a few well phrased and structured questions, please ensure that you have read the primary post before a question is raised. I believe the primary post has much detail which is relevant to the current question of Julian Assange’s possible whereabouts.

For a fuller explanation, please refer to this explanation of the situation: Julian Assange - hero/villain


Very good post @ebryans. Julian Assange has been trying to save our tails for some time now. We get all of this secret info and we let the media discredit it, and him. To be honest, I would hope he struck a deal to disappear with his family and live the rest of his life in peace. He should pass the torch...and I believe he already has. If I ever see Julian Assange again, it will be too soon. A big Thank You to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

We started PizzaGate-Trail to attract others from social media outlets that have been censored, and give a place for discussion. Right now, we are organizing to get out to those outlets and bring in those displaced by censorship. You can join us there and place your posts for curation there as well. We will have a website up shortly to assist in bringing new information to light.

Thank you @instructor2121 but I believe you may have forgotten to read the post! I hope you are not advocating that he is exonerated from his rape charges!

No. Wasn't commenting on that charge. Only his contributions via WikiLeaks.

@ebryans I'm not happy about the post because he has done much good and is in considerable danger if not dead.

I suggest we not keep repeating rape allegations that have been denied until we know the truth. He doesn't seem to me to be the type to rape. he's an attractive, gentle man. Gentleness is a hallmark of his personality.

And it should be obvious to everyone that Sweden has sufficient reason to smear him for political reasons. Sweden is completely compliant with the outgoing US government's wishes.

Hi @gizmosia, I am not happy about the situation either. Please do re-read both my first and second posts. In these posts do I suggest that he is guilty of rape? In fact the words say the complete opposite, hence the posts. Assange is a very strange man but I do not believe he is a rapist. I stated quite clearly that the allegations centred around the use of condoms.
Furthermore I am full of praise for his service to the world in exposing government behaviour. The conflict within us all is that we want him to be exonerated but cannot allow him to bypass judgement on such charges. Please see that, I hope, we agree. If you read the words with that in mind, I hope you will see that I have been balanced.
I suspect that you did not read the first post. It is important in the context of the arguments.
Both women were WikiLeaks volunteers and both tried to drop the charges.
I am very interested in what you say about Sweden being ccompliant with the outgoing US government. Are you able to give a fuller understanding of this? I believe it would add substance to the conversation.

Hi. Glad we agree we doubt the charges. The Swedish government is a complete sellout to the NWO. For speed's sake I recommend Black Pigeon Speaks short docs on Youtube. I don't want to give time to this because we have fish to fry with pizzagate which is more urgent.

See my next post - we can all start digging from it. More hands on deck needed.

Ok, let's follow each other on this! I did watch the Infowars video and I hope this is wrong!
We are all surmising here because we do not know with any certainty. There are a few things which ought to be considered:

  1. Assange has been free to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy for four years in the knowledge that he would be arrested by the UK authorities for contravening his bail conditions and extradited to Sweden to face sexual molestation and rape charges. For over a year now he has been able to the same and face a single rape charge which would be impossible, in my opinion, to make stick. It would be quite possible for him to make an agreement including the UK and Swedish authorities to guarantee his safe passage and secure accommodation in Sweden during any trial. He could even insist upon a journalist to accompany him as insurance - send Oprah for goodness sake! The US is not that stupid!
  2. The Swedish government interviewed him very recently. We do not have, unsurprisingly, details of that meeting or any possible deal which might have been made. Is he being tried in the Embassy right now? Possible. More plausible than him being kidnapped/murdered within Ecuadorian sovereign space!
  3. Assange is more likely to have a contract out on his life from an NGO agency or terror group having their security compromised than any government. He is probably being kept from any visible location within that Embassy for that very reason. I know that part of Knightsbridge in London. It is about 100 yards from the back door of Harrods, the department store.
  4. Given all the above, which is, I hope you would agree, far from unreasonable, what is the true situation? We do not know. What I can see is that Infowars is looking to gain huge audience through inflamed reporting. Given that Fox, CNN etc are the true fake media, organisations such as Infowars ought to be exercising journalistic responsibility and gain respect through integrity. This video cites circumspection as truth. Not being seen for a month does not constitute kidnap, murder or incarceration as suggested.
    If any publication endorses Assange as man of the year before his name is properly cleared of sexual assault charges, that publication will be held in contempt by the world. I do not doubt the passion of the people at Infowars, I do doubt their ability to work out what I have explained above.
    They do not even know that the two women in Sweden were WikiLeaks volunteers. Assange was in Sweden for a conference. Ignoring contributing factors to a story like this is hardly going to cover any journalist in glory!
    I hope we can agree.
    I look forward to your next post

I think it is tricky. If it was a regular case I would say that Assange should face up to the charges for sure but there is a strong risk he will get shipped off to the US. That's not an excuse for getting away with rape though.

It is hard to know where to stand on this because his claim is that these are false charges and some of the circumstances suggest that it is not straightforward rape either.

Do you think there is something completely separate that he is hiding that has nothing to do with the rape charges?

Why would the victim of rape invite the rapist to stay afterwards? There is a skeleton in Assange's closet is my supposition. There is nothing to keep him holed up. The UN statement was a load of tosh. The US has asserted that they are not interested in him, probably because they are using him with a steady flow of 'fake news' dare I mention the term! I was close enough to the situation a couple of years ago. He is dodging something of serious weight I believe; let's see!

What do you think it could be. Maybe some kind of underworld connection - organised crime maybe?

I really do not know. His remaining where he is makes no sense though. It is all a bit strange. You would not give up so much of your life just for publicity! He may have unearthed a contract if you get my drift!

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Alex Jones on Assange missing.

My reply to this video is above, under other replies to @gizmosia whose contributions are considerable. Thank you again !

@ebryans my understanding is that, were he to have ever left the embassy, Sweden had already said they could not guarantee him safe passage. Sweden would hand him over to the US.

But before any passage, the likelihood of him being murdered is/was 100%.

This is why he stayed.

Either he has been murdered or he has been spirited away to a safe house.
He hadn't released all documents yet. He warned he was going to.

I think parties friendly to the new Trump administration have taken him to safety. Look to Erik Prince & his private army or the usual suspects ;-)

His unreleased documents are needed by Chaffetz et al in the Clinton Foundation investigations.

Jordan, Chaffetz et al would not want to start anything before Obama leaves office. To prevent pardoning.

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