World elephant day

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I love these gentle giants. To me they are some of the kindest yet most powerful beings on the planet!


So caring and protective of their young one’s, they form close family bonds and are incredibly loyal!


It is a sight to behold to see a large group of mammals like this move quietly around the African plains and then disappear in a heartbeat behind the smallest of bushes!


I especially enjoy watching them play in water after what must be tough times in the African heat.


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It breaks my heart to know that these magnificent creatures are being killed for something as stupid as ivory. Thanks for sharing.

I know what you mean. Human interferance in the natural habitat is a huge problem. But places like Botswana with around 200.000 elephants show that conservationism has it´s limits... Thank you very much for commenting! We just need to try to live together on this planet I suppose! Without animals, what would this world look like... pretty bleek!

I have no doubt this will be resteemed. In fact I just did. Wonderful post.

Thank you so much! Really appreciate the support!

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