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Namibia is a giant country in the south west of the African contintent. It is 820.000 square kilometers big which is about the size of Italy and France combined. So it´s pretty massive. It´s very accessible by car or bus, but driving is always a part of the journey :)


It has a long coastal border with the Atlantic Oceans in the West, a massive desert just next to the ocean, green patches towards Zambia and Botswana and some stunning wildlife.

What is truly amazing though is the size of the country and the consequences on daily travel. With a population density of about 3,2 people per square kilometer you rarely meet somebody on the roads.


This is quite surreal if you can travel for extended periods of time without actually seeing anybody. Exept maybe the occasional wildlife on the side of the streets.


If I were an alien landing in the desert of Namibia, I would leave and tell my superiors that this planet is uninhabitable, because it really does seem that way for us humans. On one of the daily visits to the Sussusvlei basis, I drank about 10L of waters, didn´t feel any sweating at about 49°C in the shade and didn´t go to the toilet for about 18 hours straight.


What struck me most is the sand. And it´s absolute stranglehold on it´s environment. I was driving in Etosha when in the East I saw thunderstorms with lightnening and thunder and in the West I saw another massive cloud approaching. I soon found out that they weren´t rain clouds but a giant sandstorm. And it approached with an incredible speed. Seeing a wall of sand approach you ist pretty amazing and pretty intimidating at the same time.


The sheer vasteness of nothingness is incredible in Namibia. I had some of the best moments there and was surprised that this seemingly scarse country had so much to offer.


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Photomag brought me here. Fantastic post. Some stunning shots.

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Thanks Mark. Really appreciatet it... And the idea of a photo magazine is amazing!

Best regards!

Thanks Mark. Really appreciatet it... And the idea of a photo magazine is amazing!

Best regards!

@colingrzanna, Namibia is mostly desert, hence the low population density.

Thank Marius,

i knew that when I travelled there but it´s still quite surreal for a "city slicker" to actually see this emptiness. I really enjoyed Namibia. Beautiful country...

Best regards.

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