Aerial View of Bamboo Fish Farm Cages in Danau Batur, Bali

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This is an aerial drone view of fish farms in lake Batur near Mount Batur. The local staff at the lakeside hotel next to Lake Batur (the volcano and the lake share the same name) were pretty chill. They have a swimming pool that is fed by hot springs and generally a chill view of the lake.
I flew my drone a little bit around the lake and liked the way the bamboo fish cages looked from straight above. The staff told me that a decade or two ago the lake was a brilliant blue and clean and increased development and massive amounts of fishing and fish farming have turned the lake a strange green hue from all of the algae blooms.
The last few years of traveling has showed me mad pace of destruction and change human's (and tourism) are causing to oceans, lakes, mountains, reefs and basically everywhere. When was the last time you went somewhere, "wild," and didn't seem some fuck-heads trash in the middle of nowhere?

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Germany is actually a place where people don't trash as much, but on the other hand, there is not really a wilderness here, either!
That color looks indeed strange, but it makes a great picture!
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