Love for traveling part 6: Old town "Podaca"

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Ok, I know the title was about something else ok so here it goes.
For the first time, Podaca was mentioned in the Turkish document in 1477 and leather in the Venetian documents of 1571, when the coastal villages were under the Venetian rule, even the church in Podaca is dated back to 11/12 st.

2018-04-08 18.29.42.jpg

Podaca is a village located in the southern part of Makarska Riviera, beneath Biokovo, 35 km away from Makarska.

New Podaca
2018-04-08 18.25.21.jpg

Nowadays, Podaca as a part of the Makarska littoral is completely oriented towards tourism. There are about 660 inhabitants living at Podaca mainly engaged in tourism.

Old Podaca
2018-04-08 18.25.49.jpg

Podaca was founded on the rocky slopes of Biokovo, on a defensible location, and there are traces of human habitation since Stone Age, like a stone mallet for mixing grain, which is kept in a Franciscan monastery at Zaostrog.

2018-04-08 18.31.52.jpg

In the old Podaca is the old Croatian church of St. John the Baptist, which dates from 11/12 century.
2018-04-08 18.33.20.jpg

2018-04-08 18.35.07.jpg

Middle Ages were marked with a constant struggle between Croats and Venetians. Croats were at the peak of their naval might during the dominance of Kacic dynasty, with their decline (1280) Croatian naval dominance also declined. One of the remains from that period (11th-12th century) is an old Croatian church of St. Ivan with tombs of Kacic family at Gornja Podaca, which were Kacic ancestral lands.

Not far from the church of St. Ivan, built in 1492, stood the church of St. Stjepan, which was razed to the ground in the 18th century to make room for a present-day church built in 1762.

2018-04-08 18.32.14.jpg

2018-04-08 18.33.13.jpg

And a bell tower
2018-04-08 18.35.21.jpg

Bell tower has an entrance \(^o^)/
2018-04-08 18.36.58.jpg

Even tho I should not, I will climb it.
2018-04-08 18.42.49.jpg

2018-04-08 18.38.12.jpg

Automatic bell mechanism
2018-04-08 18.38.04.jpg

2018-04-08 18.39.01.jpg

2018-04-08 18.41.05.jpg

2018-04-08 18.38.57.jpg

2018-04-08 18.38.47.jpg

View from the bell tower (new Podaca)
2018-04-08 18.39.15.jpg

2018-04-08 18.39.46.jpg

View from the bell tower (defense tower)
2018-04-08 18.38.38.jpg

2018-04-08 18.39.53.jpg

View from the bell tower (old church and cemetery)
2018-04-08 18.39.18.jpg

2018-04-08 18.39.24.jpg

View from the bell tower (towards Makarska)
2018-04-08 18.40.20.jpg

View from the bell tower (village)
2018-04-08 18.41.27.jpg

Old tumbstone
2018-04-08 18.44.17.jpg

2018-04-08 18.44.31.jpg

Very rare locals that greted us
2018-04-08 18.34.14.jpg

2018-04-08 18.34.18.jpg

2018-04-08 18.47.31.jpg

After an earthquake in 1962, the almost entire population moved to the coastal area where a new church was built (Church of Lady of Annunciation) and the old Poadaca was abandoned (only a few people live here now).

The defense tower
2018-04-08 18.57.48.jpg

2018-04-08 18.55.14.jpg

Wife and daughter near defense tower
2018-04-08 19.01.34.jpg

2018-04-08 18.57.13.jpg

2018-04-08 18.52.58.jpg

2018-04-08 18.56.04.jpg

2018-04-08 18.33.45.jpg

And that is it.
2018-04-08 18.49.06.jpg

Until next time (⌐■_■)/

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