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The Golden Cobra

I jusssst want a little... BITE.. issss allll. ;)
This is a reminder that I am up, running and ready to ssSSTRIKE! ;)


I want to help you little plankton and minnow grow!

Delegation will increase in scale to how many people use this to retain profitability!


I have put a new maximum bid in place so that those who wish to bid a bit more to contribute to the bot to help with growth, can. I however, did not make it so high that profitability will be compromised.


These limits are in place to ensure each vote is more equally shared among the bidders. No "High Roller" bidding to suck up the vote value here! ALL bids will be PROFITABLE! :)


Voting rounds:

1 Hour~

I have set the voting power to 42%~ for now so the voting rounds happen more often.
This will produce less payout, I AM aware.. but in the long-term, as I continue to buy more delegation and invest more of my own money into SP for the bot, that 42% vote weight will become worth more and more. If I see that there are more users using my bot than it is allowing profitability for, I will simply increase the vote weight and the rounds will just happen slightly less often, temporarily, until I can delegate/buy SP in amounts enough to resume the faster voting rounds.



88.88% Return! :)

This means that the delegators get distributed 88.88% of the earnings of the bot. If you use the bot as a delegator, you're basically getting discounted/free upvotes! As the money gets returned to you based on whatever percentage of delegation you possess! In other words, it's GOOD to delegate AND to use the bot! :)

Proof of this. Some people LIE to get delegations, I do not. You can also check my payouts and see who gets paid out what daily to see for yourself what percentages are going to who! :)


A first-timer...

Round 1: FIGHT! * Mortal Kombat music *

Bear in mind, this is MY first bot period, not only just for steemit, but for anywhere at all!
Help me help you grow! :)
It benefits ALL of us when you use The Golden Cobra!



This bot, again, is to HELP GROW THE SMALL!

I set limits that I believe would deter big spenders from even trying to get a piece of the pie, as they'd have to simply share an equal slice with everyone else involved!
(Something that usually people looking to abuse, avoid.)
More ability to suck up the value of a vote for themselves, more enticed they will be to abuse. Take that away and you've got a FAIR sharing bidding bot. One person can't just come in and bid as much as 40 people have and gain half the vote!

I also set them at the levels I have to ensure that even if people are betting at the max bid, you can still afford to place a max bid yourself and get an equal share of a vote, as a new user. :)


Thank you for considering the use of my voting service!

I simply want to help those that are joining the community, daily, begin to reap their first rewards and get on their feet, while deterring abuse of the bot system and what it was intended to do. <3

My Creator: @kainmarx

Code Creator: @yabapmatt

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