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Seaweed balls drifted stranded on the beach that looks like velvet. Its a type of green algae, Aegagropila linnaei, known as marimo. At certain times, the beaches in Aceh are often seen Marimo rolling around swept by the waves.

In Japan the marimo has been a protected species since as early as 1920, defined as a natural treasure. Small balls sold as souvenirs are hand rolled from free-floating filaments. The marimo was given a status of protected species in Iceland in 2006. Both Lake Mývatn and Lake Akan are protected, the former as a nature reserve, the latter as a national park. credit

Photoshoot at Lampuuk beach, Aceh Besar

Taken with:
Camera: Canon EOS 7D
Lens: Canon EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM
By @vannour

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Great pics and thanks for the extra explanation!

Exquisite capture, an unforgettable image! Congratulations!

Maybe I do not often go to the beach so I have never seen Marimo, in Japan marimo on sale, even protected species, whether in Aceh there is already selling it.😂


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Very nice, in Aceh Language top markotop & krak

Upvote me please :)

hopefully someday i have the camera like you had. i want to create some pictures like your

Really great shots @vannour, always doing great work :D

Mi favorita es la primera foto. Me gustó tu post, gracias por enseñarme algo que no conocía. Saludos

beautiful seaweed balls @vannour . good post..:)


Photo yang luar, Biasa semoga bisa jadi Pemenang dalam Kontes ini,...........

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Nice shot. Like the contrast between the green seaweed and sand/water.

Keren photonya...

Really great work! Congratz. It looks a bit like you dropped it there :-)

I’ve never seen seaweed or algae like that. Very informative.

Hi @vannour, very great work :) Congrats for the contribution at the top 10 of abstract style in @photocircle category! And wanna thanks for your continued support too, really appreciated :)

The first photo is dynamic and still at the same time!

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