DRONE - God's paintbrush in French Polynesia

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God's paintbrush has no equal. Drone overflight of Iles aux Recifs, Rangiroa, Tuamotus, French Polynesia

Location: 15°13'54.16"S 147°39'20.97"W

Aircraft: DJI Mavic Pro
Pilot: TEXAGONIA.com

Sound courtesy of Alucidnation.

All content is mine, and original.

地点: 15°13'54.16"S 147°39'20.97"W

航空器: DJI Mavic赞成4K UHD
飞行员: @Texagonia
电影配乐: Alucidnation


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Truly no equal, in fact all the masters are just drawing their inspirations from God's handiwork....

Wow what a great work of perfection, nature at its best

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Selamat pagi, @Teukuyusril - you take wonderful photographs. Thanks,

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