The Flying Dinghy

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During our cruise in the Tyrrhenian Sea we were lucky to spot some of the world's hugest yachts. And yet, while size often impresses, our most peculiar catch was in fact a very small one. Small and, well, unusual.

We were lying at anchor in a Sardinian bay when a sudden and very loud roaring made us pause from our dinner. We were looking around for the source of the intense noise, expecting to see something really big. It took a while but then we finally spotted it. A little something ascended from behind the tip of a headland, loud as a departing 747. I grabbed my cam and zoomed in to capture more details of this difficult-to-identify flying object. And then I could see what this thing really was. A little rubber boat with a hang glider and a propellor mounted on it. It reminded me of these famous Everglade hover boats, just with wings. Crazy stuff!

The flying dinghy was ascending a few hundred meters and then started to loop over the bay. What an amazing view it's pilot must have had from there. Still, wild horses couldn't drag me on board of it.







Has anyone of you seen something like this before? Who of you would dare to board this aircraft for a little round trip?

Thanks for watching and 'til next time!


All photos were recorded by myself with a Canon EOS 7D in 2017. All rights reserved.

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That is great, I want one of those!


Really? Looks quite unstable and potentially dangerous

omg, that looks EPIC. yep, i'd definitely try that.

in fact... i live near a lake ( see blog for sunset photos upon aforementioned lake ) maybe i need to find a friend to make me one. surely it coulnt be that hard... right?

whats the worst that could happen? XD


It's really a cool construction. The worst that could happen? Well, crashing on the water from a height of 2-300 meters. That would be pretty much game over. However, I'm sure this guy knows what he is doing and the actual risk is probably very low.


being an inflatable though, there'd probably be a little give as it hit the water ( as long as it stayed flat, u may be ok.

also, its over water, so u'd probably only bre.... yeah, imma stop now before i ruin it..

cool pic XD


This is definitely one of the coolest vehicles I've seen.

That is so weird. Looks like there's a propellor, but that still looks super unstable / dangerous / makeshift. Still awesome that whoever owns it attempted to make it and was successful at it

How cool is that, I have never seen something before.
A normal hang glider with some kind of "lawnmower engine" are flying here a lot. But I've never seen one with a rubber boat mounted to start and land on the water.
With the additional weight of the rubber boat, maybe the engine of a 747 is not that wrong and well motorized. :-D


Yep, that's quite a ballast and not a very streamlined one. According to the noise it made the motor seemed to be pretty strong indeed.

Thank you for posting this futuristic type craft @shaka.

You do seem to be in the right place at the right time.......these are excellent photographs.

We thank the experimenters for their excellent sense of that you had this fantastic opportunity to catch both a lovely seascape at sundown and this unusual conveyance. it?.....that is quite a deterence in itself. ^__^

All the best.



Not really futuristic I'd say, weird and unique definitely!

Wild horses wouldn't drag me on one of those either!! Granted those massive yachts are in another league that I couldn't be tempted to be dragged on one of those either. But a small, cosy sailing boat now that would be an experience. Especially with such a spectacular sunset!

oh wow
it looks like an amphibian glider

since it looks like that
I would dare try it
cause even if it drops off
you'd still be able to float and if it's on rocks
it would somehow take time before that deflates imho

I love the first pic!
the tones of the mountain
almost like a painting!
that's something new - that flying dinghy

I'm sorry, but my attention was distracted by breathtaking sunset shots...

Astonishing photos as always! :)

Looks like a weird James Bond gadget


Hehe, absolutely. But one from his early years, before Q equipped him with rocket-driven Aston Martins and such ;)

How are you my friend @shaka I have not had the opportunity to get on a flying boat the truth is that first time I see it like this with this structure and its built-in boat

I think it would be a great experience to get up and fly away. I like this. Every day we learn something new. I hope to get on one soon.

I would accept the challenge of being able to board a flying yacht like the one in the photo, although I think I'd have to think about it a little bit (I'm a little afraid of heights), and I think it might be a lot of fun. I've never seen one of those, by the way, the shots are spectacular from the sunset.


I think I would reject the offer although it would certainly be unique and fun experience. I don't even feel comfortable when boarding normal planes.

Great photos, @shaka !
From afar it seems a small point, and near a very interesting design!
You managed to take a good picture of a flying ship!

I wouldn't risk flying like this.

My best wishes to you!


I wouldn't risk flying like this.

Me neither.

Wow that extraordinary... The technology does advance.
¡¡An adventure like that would be great!!

Hi shaka how are you? how impressive the images are really beautiful, I have never seen a flying boat but it is a pleasure to see it through your wonderful photos.

If I wanted to go for a ride if I would and it would be a great experience for me because I have never climbed a plane or anything that looks like

Thank you for sharing your experiences I feel lucky and it is a pleasure to follow you and see each of your publications

I send greetings from Venezuela

I cant skip a Shaka post, can i? 😀
I think its the photos and the fact you didnt flag me when i poked you for not taking the bet and yelling CROATIA!! during the world cup.
Ill be at 1000SP soon hopefully so when Euro 2020 comes you will have to take that bet because the SBD i waggered wont hurt me much. 😁

Anyways great photos like always. Im looking to buy a new camera for recording (using a LG G5) and your EOS really does it for me.


I'll think about taking the bet next time :)

Verrückt:-) auch noch nie gesehen sowas- was es nicht alles gibt

Hahahaha all this while I thought it was a seagull trying to catch fish lol

OMG that person is brave!!


I thought that, too.

Incredible I have seen them but only in the movies or videos I have not had a flying boat these impress me always even I like these boats are one of my favorites and the truth I have always dreamed of going up to one of these must be a unique experience @shaka

Hello friend shaka, first of all congratulate you for those excellent shots, great adventure if you had planned it does not go so well, beautiful seascapes, I had no chance to see something like that, and today thanks to you I can enjoy that rubber boat in the air. If I would like to live that adventure in the small plane, greetings @shaka😜😜😜

Cool thing looks like it won't work without an engine. So doping! My dinghy flies also but only briefly from wave to wave, gust over gust, I love it. One-handed dinghy sailing in the wind is almost as good as sex, i made a post about some days ago.


Indeed, Dinghy-Surfing is one of the coolest things to do :)

hangliding boat that can fly?! this is amaazing i want one! i have made a vote and shared this!

Beautiful scenery of beautiful results. photo the natural beauty that has brought you to get a beautiful dream every night.You are a very lucky person, because you have seen what I can not see in my life.I have never seen this scene it's amazing. Thank you guys for sharing, I hope someday to visit such a beautiful place even if it is not possible for me
Thanks for this @shaka

never seen this before! You have such a good eye.

I'm love adventure, and I think I would be up for it! :)

How feeling of flying ? I really want to tough this feeling.

This is like a bat ,I think It will be a good experience.

Wonderful photography & amazing place.☺️

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beautiful sunset photography

Stunning shots cool to spot that thanks for sharing this glorious shots

Cool, mit so einem “Fluger“ würd ich auch gerne mal abheben und die Aussicht genießen🤗

Wow amazing photography.
I am impressed.

My attention was completely taken by the sunset.
I am a huge fan of photography and sunsets.
Those are some pictures

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Awesome photography i have ever seen, all the best bro.

some amazing scenery ... good jobs @shaka :)

This is some nice photography buddy.
Which model of iPhone?
have a nice day

You are Peter Pan under a setting sun.

Ok that's something you don't see every day! A flying boat that is this GTA? Hahaha that unexpected

Wow incredible photos, this mix of seeing a machine so creative and the beauty of its landscapes, make your photos worthy to enjoy them in detail.