Yacht spotting in the Tyrrhenian Sea - The world's fourth-largest motor yacht

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After our encounter with the world's largest sailing yacht we were lucky to spot another monster of the seas just the day after and a couple of bays later:

At first glance, it appeared as an admittedly big but rather typical motor yacht. With maybe one floor more than usual...

However, the closer we got the more apparent the hugeness of this yacht became.

See this whirlybird on the roof floor? Right, that requires a bit of space...

How long is it? Just right, 156 meters!

The world's fourth longest yacht. And the world's biggest in volume.

So here is a little quizz for you: What's the name of this swimming statement and in which shipyard was it built? First correct answer in the comments will receive 3 SBD.

Speaking of 3 SBD, that was about the cost for our dinner that day. And no matter whether it's pasta or caviar on the table, it's the company that counts.

Good night Steemians around the world!

Thanks for watching and 'til next time!


All photos were recorded by myself with a Canon EOS 7D. All rights reserved.

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That’s really a giant monster.
Her name is Dilbar. It can be read very good on the photo where you have written the length. And after a little bit of google, I know that the shipyard is Lürssen. ;-)


Am I really the first? If yes, we can change the rules of the quiz... You keep the 3 SBD and you grant yourself a beer or a wine. 😊


On the blockchain, rules are immutable ;) 3 SBD are on their way to your wallet. Congrats!


Thank you very much @shaka
Well received the 3 SBD.
I would have given you the beer really. But I think maybe I find another opportunity 😊

I am not going to compete in the quizz as I can see it was already answered correctly by other (faster :D) Steemians but I stopped by to say I have never seen a yacht like this (even though I have already spent a few years living by the sea). That is a monster indeed. But like I said before, it is just too much engineering and modern technology for me :) I will always find those old little wooden boats,hand-made and painted, more beautiful than these gigantic modern beasts. I am a bit old-fashioned I guess :D

The name I think is, "Look at me! So, so much money."

Dilbar - in Bremen Fr. Lürssen Werft

Was für ein Schiff!


Richtig, @astrophoto.kevin war allerdings einen Ticken schneller :).

What a pity:
The Dilbar didn't get its own video on Lürssens YouTube-Channel

Incidentally, Bremen is my hometown and I was a true Bremer Butjer (Wikipedia; only in German or Dutch)

Die Dilbar ist auf dem YouTube-Kanal von Lürssen leider nicht zu sehen...

Bremen ist übrigens meine Heimatstadt und ich war ein waschechter Bremer Butjer.


Danke für den Link, in Bremen ist ja einiges spektakuläres vom Stapel gelaufen.

Das ist ja ein nettes "Boot". ;-)
Auf der hätte sich Spectre's No. 1 in Thunderball auch wohl gefühlt - oder von mir aus auch Klaus-Maria Brandauer in Sag Niemals Nie, was ja ein sehr starkes Remake ist.

I love the last shot!
lucky you ;)

dang!!! It has a helicopter! You have such a good eye!

when steem moons

Wow I have never seen a yacht this big.
This one is freaking huge and absolutely wonderful

What a beauty. Damn!! She looks cool. I hope to get something like her someday(smiles)

Nice pictures @shaka

Hello friend, so I read this boat is the newest in its category, the first has a long history since the first Dilbar belonged to a Russian tycoon named Alisher Usmanov, The most impressive data of Dilbar's flagship include his manga of 23 meters and its deep draft of 6 meters. According to the shipyard, 3,800 square meters of living space were built. Being this ship one of the largest in the world, it is an oasis for the tourists of the nautical world. It is the most luxurious attraction in Barcelona.
The shipyard Lürssen was in charge of shaping this spectacular ship. I liked to investigate about this beautiful Vessel, greetings @Shaka


Thanks for participating, your answer is correct. Another Steemian was a bit faster though.


Thanks Shaka, the important thing is to participate, while we learn new topics that you always share with your followers, I am pleased to know that the research work, echo with my granddaughter was right. A big hello to you, friend @shaka...

Krasse Länge! Ich war heute auf nem Kreuzfahrtschiff zur Besichtigung. Die MSC Preziosa hat eine Länge von 333m also etwas mehr als doppelt sp lang wie diese Yacht... Ich stell mir das grad mal vor... Wahnsinn!

Shaka, how are you? investigating a bit I found that this boat ranks fourth in the list of the longest motor yachts and is currently the largest yacht in the world. It was built at the Lürssen Werft shipyard in Bremen, Germany.

This is Dilbar with a total interior volume of 15,917GT

Wow really is gigantic! If you have room for a helicopter to land I can not imagine how it should be inside the boat, it must be fantastic to go on vacation in the :D I would love to see more photos of as it is inside thanks for sharing

Great shot with excellent details looks fabulous :D

ok du Angeber, ein bisschen Luxus ist ja gut, aber das riesen Teil geht jetzt aber gar nicht, haha.


Ist ja nicht meins, von mir war nur der Nudelsalat...:)

Espectaculares fotos amigo, un sueño viajar asi y disfrutar de la vida. Saludos

156m long! That's bigger than my house!

Damn... That yacht is huge

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Really so awesome place and your photography is also wonderful☺️

@shaka, Great to know about the world's fourth largest yacht. And for sure this is so huge and in my opinion exploration of the motor yacht will going to give awesome experience.

Wirlybird is great to watch and in my opinion it's adding the beauty aspect to this motor yacht. And for sure it's reflecting as big yacht world. Yes, it's reflecting as water monster for sure.

Pasta is reflecting really delicious and those sliced lemon are making it more amazing appearance. And i hope that you've enjoyed the pasta stuff.

That Good night picture is breathtaking to watch and i can say that you've captured an perfect picture and whoever will watch these kind of view will going to get the refreshing essence.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Yacht owners are quite rich i hve heard that somewhere lol 😂

Sea giant. Attractions and fun in one ;) Greetings

What are beuatiful yacht ,i really like your beutiful pictures,thank you for sharing.here is your animated GIF gift ,i got from here http://awanderingsoul.com/

So the heat is a great excuse to enjoy, so take advantage of these days Shaka ... Greetings!

So costly trip may be.
But yo wanna enjoy your day.
And see the nature of sea and largest motor yacht thats great.
Thanks for sharing @shaka.